Whole Earth Farms Dog Food

Whole Earth Farms Dog Food Review

Whole Earth Farms is a subsidiary of the Merrick dog food company, which focuses on healthy, all-natural foods for your dog. The company produces both dried and canned products, some of which meet AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages, but others of which are suitable just for puppies or adults. The main aim is to produce natural foods that are free from most potential allergens and all unhealthy additives and by-products. The company’s website states, “At Whole Earth Farms , we take great pride in making a wholesome line of naturally nutritious dog food that offers all the goodness from the earth at a great value. Our kibble and canned recipes (including new grain free options) are made in our own kitchens in the USA with high quality, natural ingredients that deliver complete and balanced nutrition. Now with more high quality protein, our All-Natural ingredients help support: easier digestibility, less shedding, shinier coat, increased energy, stronger nails and healthier skin. We put in only the good and leave out the rest:  no corn, no wheat, no soy, no by-products, no artificial colors, no artificial preservatives and no ingredients from China. Whole Earth Farms  is the perfect choice for pet parents interested in exploring natural pet food.”

All but two of Whole Earth Farms’ foods are grain-free, which means that some dogs may find them easier to digest, especially those with a sensitive stomach. The grain-free formulas contain ingredients such as sweet potatoes and white potatoes as the main source of carbohydrates, which contain important nutrients, like vitamins A, C, B6 and beta carotene. Those foods that do contain grains, are filled with brown rice, barley and oatmeal, which are good sources of fiber and important for maintaining energy levels. The only potential problem is that all rice products do contain small amounts of arsenic and the FDA haven’t yet outlined a safe limit for consumption. As such, some owners may prefer to limit the amount of rice their dog eats.

In addition to the quality meat and plant products packed into these foods, they also contain a range of added vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins D, E and B-12, plus iron, zinc and manganese. Some of the range also contains flaxseed oil which is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

All in all, Whole Earth Foods produce good quality dog foods, made using natural formulas and with no nasty ingredients. It’s readily available across most of the US, making it a good choice for owners looking to try out a more natural food for their dog.

Whole Earth Farms Dog Food Formulas:

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One Response to “Whole Earth Farms Dog Food”
  1. Jtuck says:

    I have two large dogs, a black lab mix and a collie mix. They have nearly stopped itching and scratching on this food. They always have food available to them but only eat once a day, in the evening.

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