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October 4, 2008  
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Wellness Dog Food Review

Wellness is a dog food brand produced by the Old Mother Hubbard Company based in Massachusetts, USA.  It produces both dry and canned foods which are tailored to satisfy specific nutritional profiles of different ages and special nutritional requirements of dogs. At present there are three Wellness Core product lines—the Wellness Core Ocean Formula, Wellness Core Original Formula, and Wellness Core Reduced Fat Formula.

The Wellness Petfood website states that the “Wellness CORE is based on the raw feeding philosophy of providing nutrient-rich, high-quality meat to a dog’s diet”.

The basal ingredients of Wellness dog food is a grain-free formula that incorporates only meat from deboned chicken and turkey, chicken meal, turkey meal, and chicken liver.

Like any raw meat incorporated into feed rations, turkey and chicken meat which are the main sources of protein possess 80% water in its raw form. Upon processing, the water content is lost and what’s left is meat which is about 20% of its original weight.

However turkey meal and chicken meal are considered meat concentrates and are better sources of animal protein because they contain almost 300% more protein compared to their raw forms.

Potato is a good source of complex carbohydrates. Chicken liver when incorporated in sufficient levels is also a good source of additional protein and important nutrients.

Among the Wellness dog food ingredients, canola oil and tomato pomace are considered quite controversial. Tomato pomace is a by-product when manufacturing tomato catsup, juice, or soup. Although it has a high fiber content it is often treated as an inexpensive filler which may be laden with pesticides. On the other hand, canola oil which is considered high in omega-3 has also been deemed an unhealthy fat by some people.

The minerals which have been included in the Wellness dog food formulas are chelated thus the body can better assimilate and use the minerals in the different physiological processes in the body.

Probiotics have also been added after processing to infuse beneficial bacteria which have been lost during processing.

The Wellness dog food series have met the AAFCO nutrient profiles for maintenance of adult dogs.

Customer Reviews

There are a lot of positive reviews from satisfied customers of Wellness dog food products. Aside from the high quality ingredients, owners love the grain-free formula which is good for dogs which are constantly experiencing bloat and other digestive abnormalities. Many owners reported that their dogs had better appetites and more energy.

As for negative feedbacks, some owners report about digestive disturbances when making the switch from one brand to Wellness. This may be attributed to the failure of some owners to gradually incorporate the Wellness dog food into their pet’s diet.

Other owner said that his dog refused to eat unless his dog was really starving and it made the dog’s stools soft.

There are also reports bags which had insects and cobwebs inside but these incidents are probably due to the storage conditions of wholesalers and distributors and not during the processing and packing of the dog food.

Please visit the links listed below for Wellness dog food reviews by formula.

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Wellness Dog Food Reviews

Wellness Dog Food Formulas:

Wellness Core Dog Food Consumer Review

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81 Responses to “Wellness Dog Food”
  1. MontysMom says:

    To ChienFriend:

    I opened a can of Wellness dog food (Lamb & Sweet potatoes) and discovered green/blue pieces of plastic. I’m going to call Wellness customer service the first thing tomorrow morning. I’ve noticed a piece of plastic in a can a couple of months ago, but did not make much of it. Now, this is the second time the plastic was found. I’m really mad!

  2. Kelly says:

    I had my chihuahua on Iams for her first 4 years she is a very picky eater and the fact that she would actually eat a bowl of Iams made me happy so I didnt want to switch her. I went to a local natural pet supply store cause I was running out of food told them about her the suggested a few samples. My dog seemed to like Wellness enough and I liked the ingredients better so I decided to buy a bag. Ever since switching my dog is less anxious, has less separation anxiety, is calmer to visitors, and the list goes on. She has been eating it for 2 years and I am happy with it. I have seen some complaints before but for me it works.

  3. L. Angeli says:

    I found little blue pieces of plastic in Wellness Lamb/Sweet Potato two years ago and it was in every one of the 12 pack cans.

    On another occasion I opened Wellness Lamb/Sweet Potato to find nothing more than a sickening brown liquid and it was in all 12 cans of that pack.

    Needless to say, I stopped buying and feeding Wellness to my Westie as I don’t intend to jeopardize her health and well being.

    Home cooking is the way to go.

  4. holly says:

    i just bought a bag of wellness dog food and a bag of wellness cat food. the first time i gave my shih tzu the food, he experienced diarrhea. the second day, diarrhea again. I’m returning this food to petsmart.

  5. sarah says:

    Holly- It might not be the food that is causing the diarrhea. Did you mix the food your dog was on previously before starting the wellness? by not doing this, your dogs stomach might be sensitive to the new food.

  6. Mrs. Tan says:

    My boxer developed really bad allergies that caused severe shedding and bald spots from back of neck all down his back to his tail. Also on his legs.
    there were days when he would wake up, look at his food and keep walking. Since changing his food to Wellness Core (Turkey and Fish mix) brand, he has eaten every meal given to him, actually he drools the minute he hears the can pop or smells it.

  7. Ann says:

    I recently purchased a bag of Wellness Lg Breed Super 5 mix because my gsd always did excellent on it, loved the taste and excellent coat quality. I was hoping to do a few months grain free then a few of grain inclusive. Well, it was a long month. I wonder if they changed anything about the formula because my dog didn’t want to eat it, he would sniff and try to walk away, I had to stand watch and almost force him to eat it. Also he began itching really bad. I ordered it online(expiration date was 12 months out) so I couldn’t return it and for the price I definately couldn’t throw it out. He didn’t have the stellar coat quality and had more stool than he ever has on it. By the way, he is used to switching foods. I have always liked the Wellness brand but now I’m not so sure. I am currently rotating BB Wilderness and Acana. Maybe in the future I’ll try the Wellenss Core.

  8. Vickie D. : Alpha's owner says:

    My owner has been feeding me, Wellness senior dog food and or weight control for a few months now and I like it. My weight is under control. I am a 7 year old AKC and UKC registered German Shepherd Dog and a trained guard dog so I have to look good and be healthy. So far so good with both. Thanks WELLNESS!

  9. Geoffrey says:

    Wellness Core Original dry no good anymore. Dogs don’t like it and it smells different. Stinks like cheap brand.

  10. Robin says:

    Wellness Core/dry dog/ is different now and I mean in a bad way. Just opened a new bag last week and my lab has vomited his supper for 2 days now. I’m looking for a new food to try. Please- looking for a high quality food is no easy task. My boy is part of my family and it makes me want to scream when I see all the poison that goes into dry dog food. Does one super dry dog food even exists out there? I know they changed their food here these past few months..makes me wonder what did they do? Sell out? My dog was raised on this..no more Wellness for us. Now to just find the “near perfect” dry dog food. My head hurts already. At the price I pay for this food I expect “the best”! Oh my dog does act fine other wise-just vomits around 4 hrs after eating. Are we the only ones experiencing this?

  11. Patty says:

    I switched my senior Doberman over to wellness, after the Iams food recall. All was going fine for a few months. Until I had discovered maggots in her food storage container, thinking that maybe I somehow left the cover off; and contributed to the contamination, I threw the remaining food out and started over with a fresh bag. After pouring some food in her bowl I noticed that something was crawling around in her food, maggots again, I returned the bag to the store, and the Manager informed me that this was a common problem with Wellness…. When he opened another bag from the shelf; bugs and maggots were squirming to get out. She is now getting homemade meals..

  12. Kathy says:

    I have fed my show CH. Gordon Setter Core Original and Wellness Chicken canned for a year. Recently had her blood checked and she was anemic. Low RBC, HCT and HGB. Everything else was normal. I added cooked liver to her Wellness for two weeks and rechecked her blood. All tests were back to normal and she has alot more energy. I’m switching her OFF Wellness immediately.

  13. Donna says:

    I recently changed over to Wellness Puppy food, and for the past 4 weeks my puppy has had nothing but extremly soft stools and at times diarrhea, since she was only 12 weeks old we did a slow transition from the old food to the wellness. Unfortunately, we are doing another transition to another dog food since the Wellness is not working for us.

  14. Merrian Cordero says:

    I would never recommend Wellness dog food to anyone. There were worms in a brand new bag that I opened. I reached out to them Wellness and they refused accept responsibility for their own food. Their response was there were no worms when it left our facility and cleaned their hands of it.

  15. Bndyn says:

    I recently switched over from Science Diet to Wellness brand and my dog couldn’t be healthier. Science Diet is a poor excuse for nutrients… the first ingredient on the back wasn’t even meat… So, I switched to a Wellness whitefish and sweet potato recipe and SLOWLY MIXED IN THE NEW FOOD WITH THE OLD until my dog adjusted, like you’re suppose to and she is doing three times better than she previously was on that shit excuse for dog food. Whoever has any complaints about Wellness brand is obviously doing it wrong.

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