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October 4, 2008  
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Wellness Dog Food Review

Wellness is a dog food brand produced by the Old Mother Hubbard Company based in Massachusetts, USA.  It produces both dry and canned foods which are tailored to satisfy specific nutritional profiles of different ages and special nutritional requirements of dogs. At present there are three Wellness Core product lines—the Wellness Core Ocean Formula, Wellness Core Original Formula, and Wellness Core Reduced Fat Formula.

The Wellness Petfood website states that the “Wellness CORE is based on the raw feeding philosophy of providing nutrient-rich, high-quality meat to a dog’s diet”.

The basal ingredients of Wellness dog food is a grain-free formula that incorporates only meat from deboned chicken and turkey, chicken meal, turkey meal, and chicken liver.

Like any raw meat incorporated into feed rations, turkey and chicken meat which are the main sources of protein possess 80% water in its raw form. Upon processing, the water content is lost and what’s left is meat which is about 20% of its original weight.

However turkey meal and chicken meal are considered meat concentrates and are better sources of animal protein because they contain almost 300% more protein compared to their raw forms.

Potato is a good source of complex carbohydrates. Chicken liver when incorporated in sufficient levels is also a good source of additional protein and important nutrients.

Among the Wellness dog food ingredients, canola oil and tomato pomace are considered quite controversial. Tomato pomace is a by-product when manufacturing tomato catsup, juice, or soup. Although it has a high fiber content it is often treated as an inexpensive filler which may be laden with pesticides. On the other hand, canola oil which is considered high in omega-3 has also been deemed an unhealthy fat by some people.

The minerals which have been included in the Wellness dog food formulas are chelated thus the body can better assimilate and use the minerals in the different physiological processes in the body.

Probiotics have also been added after processing to infuse beneficial bacteria which have been lost during processing.

The Wellness dog food series have met the AAFCO nutrient profiles for maintenance of adult dogs.

Customer Reviews

There are a lot of positive reviews from satisfied customers of Wellness dog food products. Aside from the high quality ingredients, owners love the grain-free formula which is good for dogs which are constantly experiencing bloat and other digestive abnormalities. Many owners reported that their dogs had better appetites and more energy.

As for negative feedbacks, some owners report about digestive disturbances when making the switch from one brand to Wellness. This may be attributed to the failure of some owners to gradually incorporate the Wellness dog food into their pet’s diet.

Other owner said that his dog refused to eat unless his dog was really starving and it made the dog’s stools soft.

There are also reports bags which had insects and cobwebs inside but these incidents are probably due to the storage conditions of wholesalers and distributors and not during the processing and packing of the dog food.

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Wellness Dog Food Reviews

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81 Responses to “Wellness Dog Food”
  1. Dana says:

    I went grain free within the same brand of dog food I was already using and the dog developed softer stools and had constipation. When I combined 1/2 grain free (lamb and potato) with 1/2 the lamb and rice I had been using, we achieved the harder stools and better elimination as well as better digestion. Compromise.

  2. sheryl goodfellow says:

    Wellness has always been a good food, but I noticed that they have had some recalls from a plant that makes it for them… Menu Foods … strikes again. That is a bad company with shoddy conditions in their plant. Actually, bugs can get into bags of food in the store if they do not spray for insects. I bought a bag of Science Diet once and it had meal worms living inside. It is the responsibility of the pet food store to store kibble properly.

  3. LabsRawesome says:

    sheryl goodfellow, Menu foods has been defunct for several years now. So I don’t know where you got your info, but it’s wrong. 🙂

  4. sheryl goodfellow says:

    Maybe it was Diamond, i can’t remember because i read so many websites. It was on the dog food recall list recently, that Wellness had some problems and it was blamed on the plant they had make the food for them in one area. Menu seems to be popping up in all the news so how could it be defunct. The plant in Streetsville. Mississauga, Ontario was sold in the last few years to another company. So maybe it is defunct, or operating under a different name. Raw is excellent food but my bouvier does not like raw for some reason. Its hard enough to keep her beard clean as it is.

  5. sheryl goodfellow says:

    it was sold to Simmons you are right, LabsRawsome. My point was that some foods are good but the plant that ends up making it for them can cut corners and make careless mistakes that make the food bad or contaminated etc. What do you feed your dogs?

  6. LabsRawesome says:

    Hi sheryl, I feed Costco’s Kirkland cuts in gravy canned (made by Simmons),and I add fresh eggs, canned sardines in spring water, various cheap cuts of meat.And small amounts of kibble as a filler. I have 2 large dogs, and go thru 4 cans a day. 🙂

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