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September 28, 2010  
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Tuffy’s Pet Food is privately owned by KLN Industries in Perham, MN. Brands include Tuffy’s Pet Food, Supreme Pet Foods, Natural Planet, Organics, Pure Vita and Nutrisource.

Tuffy’s Formula Dog Food Review

The major ingredients of Tuffy’s dog food formulas include a plethora of well known controversial dog food ingredients that include whole grain ground corn, soybean meal, poultry by-product meal, and wheat middlings.

Whole grain ground corn is a good source of carbohydrates however its presence in pet food particularly as a first ingredient is often controversial. Corn incorporated in any form in the feed has been linked to incidence of canine food-related allergies and hypersensitivity reactions in dogs. Another controversial point that has been taken into consideration with corn is the use of livestock feed grade corn, similar to the ones being used in cattle and hog rations.

The protein component of Tuffy’s dog food products is comprised of soybean meal, poultry by-product meal, chicken meal, and fish meal.

Chicken meal is made from fresh chicken meat. It is a good source of animal-based protein but since it’s fresh meat, a big part of it is still water. Fresh meat contains almost 80% water which can be lost during processing leaving only a fraction of the original ingredient.

Poultry by-product meal is made from parts of poultry which have been declared unfit for human consumption. These include the beaks, feet, and even entrails. However, the bright side of incorporating poultry by-product meal is that it is considered as a meat concentrate and it contains around 300% more protein compared to fresh meat sources.

Fish meal is another good source of animal-based protein. It is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are essential factors in different physiological processes of the body. However, when fish meal is incorporated as an ingredient, the source should be mentioned.

Soybean meal is a by-product when oil is extracted from soybeans. It contains about 48% protein and is a source of plant-based protein. The amount of protein provided by Soybean Meal can significantly add to the total protein present in the feeds.

Wheat middlings are also called “wheat mill run”. These are by-products of cereal grain processing and are usually collected as floor sweepings or milling dust.  When incorporated in the feed, it provides an inexpensive source of fiber to the diet.

Poultry fat is a generic term applied to fat which is obtained from rendering. Poultry fat is a good source of linoleic acid, a type of essential omega-6 fatty acids however it is more favorable if the source species is specified such as chicken fat. To make matters worse, poultry fat is preserved with BHA which is a alleged cancer-causing agent.

The incorporation of Brewer’s dried yeast is controversial because there have been cases of hypersensitivity reactions linked to the ingredient. Yeast has also been thought to cause bloat, a life-threatening condition. Brewer’s dried yeast is a by-product when making beer. It contains around 45% protein and a variety of other essential nutrients.

The manufacturer of Tuffy dog food formulas claims to incorporate probiotics which are beneficial bacteria that enhance the function of the digestive and immune systems.

There is no indication that the minerals which have been incorporated are not chelated which can be a factor that can affect the dog food quality.

Menadione is a form of vitamin which has been associated with incidence of hypersensitivity reactions, liver toxicity, and destruction of red blood cells in dogs.

Dog owners have misgivings about giving their food to their dogs which contains genetically modified ingredients including corn and soybeans. These genetically tinkered ingredients have been linked to an increase in the occurrence of digestive upsets in dogs that can have serious consequences if not addressed.

Overall, we do not believe the Tuffy’s dog food formula’s are of good quality and would not recommend it. However, we do recommend Tuffy’s other brands including Pure Vita and Nutrisource which we believe are very good formulas.

Company Information From Tuffy’s Official Website:

  • Over 45 years of experience in manufacturing dry and moist dog and cat food and treats.
  • A manufacturing plant in Perham, Minnesota, producing ONLY pet food. It is the only manufacturing facility that produces Tuffy’s branded products.
  • State of the art equipment to develop and produce carefully formulated products, providing sound nutrition, backed by extensive research and quality testing.
  • Animal feeding tests using the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) protocols substantiate that Tuffy’s pet foods provide complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages.

Tuffy’s Dog Food Formulas

Tuffy’s Gold include:

  1. Adult formula for Active, Athletic dogs
  2. Adult dog maintenance formula
  3. Gold Premium Puppy
  4. Gold Premium Lamb meal and Rice
  5. Gold Premium Performance

Tuffy’s Supreme:

  1. Supreme High Protein Dog Food
  2. Supreme Mini Chunks Dog Food
  3. Supreme Value Pack Dog Food
  4. Supreme Dog Burgers

Tuffy’s retail/grocery

  1. Meaty Meal Brand Dog Food
  2. Golden Chunks Dog Food – Chicken Flavor
  3. Classic Hi-Pro Dog Food provides superior

Tuffy’s professional Feed/farm

  1. Classic Hi-Pro Dog Food
  2. Golden Chunks
  3. Professional 26/18 Dog Food

Pure Vita

  1. Pure Vita Chicken and Brown Rice Dog Food
  2. Pure Vita Duck and Oatmeal Dog Food
  3. Pure Vita Salmon and Potato Dog Food


  1. Performance
  2. Nutrisource Super Performance Dog Food
  3. Adult
  4. Large Breed Adult
  5. Nutrisource Small and Medium Puppy Dog Food
  6. Large Breed Puppy
  7. Senior
  8. Weight Management
  9. Lamb Meal and Rice
  10. Large Breed Lamb Meal and Rice
  11. Nutrisource Grain Free Large Breed Lamb Meal Formula Dog Food
  12. Nutrisource Grain Free Chicken Formula Dog Food
  13. Nutrisource Grain Free Lamb Meal Formula Dog Food
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8 Responses to “Tuffy’s Dog Food”
  1. Symphonic says:

    Nutrisource recently came out with two new grain-free varieties. The prices aren’t bad for the big bags ($40-45 for 30lbs, I think?) but for some reason they’re charging $5-6 for the tiny 1.5lb trial size. Ingredients look pretty decent at first glance but I’d love to see a review. Also, the rep told me that peas are a better-quality carbodydrate than potatoes, which struck me as odd… Can anyone verify that?

  2. Jess says:

    Peas are much better than potatoes. To be honest, potatoes are just a bag of carbohydrates and very little of anything else. Now, sweet potatoes are great. Peas are full of all kinds of Vitamins and fiber, 10 times better than potatoes.

  3. Antonio says:

    I guess it depends on the dog really, but for my own personal experience the potatoes in dog food have been more a nusance than a help. Potatoes to my dog are nothing more than a complex carb that during high stress work causes diahhrea and lack much if any nutritional value. I would rather go w/ a brown rice carb over the potato carb in dog food, it just doesn’t work well when I’m out working my dog.

  4. Jess says:

    Their is such a HUGE difference between Nutrisource/Pure Vita and the rest of Tuffys that I could never rate this food. Tuffys is just down right awful, while Nutrisource/Pure Vita are decent dog foods. I hope the administrator could find a way to split them!!

  5. Rhonda Melton says:

    I find it odd that the Tuffys brands were not seperated out with NutriSource, PureVita, Natural PLanet Organics, but the Diamond brands were. Taste of the Wild is made by Diamond. We do sell TOTW in our store as well as Solid Gold, and Nat Planet Organics as I feel these lines are awesome in the their ingredient line. I am looking in to NutriSource, PureVita and I have chose TOTW over Nutri Source Grain Free only because I like TOTW a little better and floor space in our store is always needed. I always like a site that tells me where the food is made and by who as many companies have others make their food. Even Solid Gold is made by Diamond. However Solid Gold does do their on independent testing after their food is made to assure quality. I am a distributor of SG and really think it is second to none in quality ingredients. They are still one of few that spend their dollars in thier ingredients and not in National TV Advertising.

  6. Tosha says:

    I am a Sales Rep For these Brands. We have the head office in Winnipeg Manitoba and are the main distrubitors in all of Manitoba, Sask. and parts of Ontario. I personally love NutriSource and Pure Vita I have never heard anything bad about them and I trust them 100%. Plus I would never sell the public something I do not believe in. I know of People that have turned to Nutrisource and Pure Vita and it did amazing things for their dogs/ cats. The Gold Line is a Good Quality too… but not the “Best” like Nutri Source and Pure Vita but it is not a bad brand. in our business we have “good, better, and best” so if you go for the Gold Line you are getting “GOOD” dog food… where as Nutri Source and Pure Vita are in the “BEST” category. If you want more information give us an email at [email protected] we can give you more information about our products if you are intrested in buying them plus send you price lists on our items. Or Call us at (204)475-5453
    Please dont hesitate to callor email if you notice your dog is having some issues.. example; yeast in ears, rashes, digestive problems, ect.. we can help.

  7. eddy says:

    Tuffy Gold is actually quite good. I use the 30/20 and really like it for very active dogs.

  8. Brenda says:

    Tuffy’s Gold Premium Lamb meal and Rice does not contain the items you criticize in the other Tuffy’s products (other than menadione). If you read the ingredients of the Lamb meal and Rice you will find it is markedly similar to the super premium lamb and rice products.

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