The Honest Kitchen Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food

thriveThe Honest Kitchen is an all-natural, human-grade pet food. It’s a ‘just add water’ pet meal is made with dehydrated ingredients such as meats, vegetables, fruits and grains.  It is manufactured in an FDA approved human-grade facility.

By dehydrating the ingredients, the whole foods in their recipes maintain the raw nutritional properties, such as amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals versus a kibble which has been extruded or cooked under extreme pressure. To re-hydrate Honest Kitchen products, add 1-1.5 cups of warm water to the mix and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes.

They encourage adding additional items like raw meat and bones, yogurt, or vegetables. All recipes are free of fillers and by-products.

They offer six dog food diets, (four are completely gluten-free, grain-free) and one cat food diet.

The Honest Kitchen Formulas:

  1. The Honest Kitchen Force Dog Food
  2. The Honest Kitchen Embark Dog Food
  3. The Honest Kitchen Embark Grain Free Turkey Dog Food
  4. The Honest Kitchen Thrive Dog Food
  5. The Honest Kitchen Keen Dog Food

A Comparison of Each Honest Kitchen Dog Food Formula

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The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Consumer Rating:

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42 Responses to “The Honest Kitchen Dog Food”
  1. Joyce says:

    We switched to HK after our dogs reacted negatively to a trusted brand we’ve been feeding them for years. Possibly a bad batch. After about a month on HK, our 8-year-old dogs actually look and act younger. They even smell better – I thought dogs just smelled the way they did – no, it’s what they eat! We mainly use preference because we like to vary the protein but will likely try others so we can vary the base ingredients. We love how you respond quickly to customer questions and concerns. Keep up the good work.

  2. Judy says:

    I don’t see where any ingredient was made in China. I do see Thailand and Phillipines, not China, though. Please be specific. Which ingredient is made in China?

  3. Casey says:

    The Honest Kitchen does mention the origins of their ingredients (, but I’m not too crazy about the food. I’m sure Orijen is still better, with more meat content (all HK products at my local store looked like veggie powder). The only commercial raw diets I’ve seen that are really impressive are the ones from Ziwipeak; almost Prey Model-like. But, it would cost me over $5 per serving :P.

  4. chris says:

    “MY DOG IS DYING BECAUSE OF YOU” I switched them to your so called healthy food, and with in days they are both very ill I have been battling with one of the two in and out of the hospital with a serious case of pancreatitis for over three months now…And now I am at a point of no return for my dog, and may have to put him down..thanks..
    As long as I am living, I will continue to make sure that other pet owners know about this so called healthy food you are selling for pets..

  5. Heidi says:

    You should know that the honest kitchen uses cooked (steamed) meats and fish in their raw diets. Steaming is steaming and doesn’tt leave a meat or fish raw. Also, consider that nobody checks statements of a company concerning processing methods or ingredient sources (e.g., country of origin) – EXCEPT if we’re talking about a *certified* organic pet food (which the HK surely isn’t at all).

  6. dodo says:

    Honest Kitchen used to refer to their food as raw on their website, they don’t anymore except for one or two places, but a google search for Honest Kitchen + Raw will show that many retailers are still selling them as raw. Right from the start they have not used the term “raw” on their packaging, careful to avoid legal troubles. They clearly have the intent to deceive. The title of their homepage still states “All Natural Dog Food | Dehydrated Raw Dog Food | Like Homemade Pet Food”

    You have to dig around on the site to find out what they really mean.

    “Our fresh raw meats and white fish undergo gentle steaming at 140°F to 165°F”

    “The dehydration process for our meats and eggs takes place at temperatures above 120 degrees to ensure that any pathogens present are destroyed, and are not technically considered ‘raw’.”

    Lol. Not technically raw. Just like not technically honest.

    Even the plant material are not all raw.
    “potato flakes; these are dried using a slightly different process at 284°F for 5 seconds”

  7. Hildo says:

    I know this is well after you posted your comment but do you have any corroborative facts to back up your statements?

  8. Tiffani says:

    I have fed this food for 2 years, rotating among the grain free varieties. My dogs do wonderfully on this food! I don’t mind that technically the meats are “cooked.” The dogs are thriving. I also give raw meaty bones, organ meats, yogurt, fish or fish oil, etc. It is convenient to travel with, easy to mix up, smells wonderful. No complaints here!

  9. Tiffani says:

    I forgot to add that I also “grew’ my portuguese water dog puppy up on Embark and Thrive with the other additions. She never had the “puppy uglies.” Nice, slow, even growth. Also gorgeous teeth, no doggy breath whatsoever, clean ears, etc. My senior bichons who have had allergy issues for years are much improved. No yeasty skin, yeasty ears, hot spots, oozy ears.
    They’ve also been prone to pancreatitis, but have had no issues with them on THK.

  10. Samara says:

    We just switched our dogs to THK and we noticed a difference in a week. Our 3 year old has had skin problems since the beginning, we’ve tried a few different “high quality” kibble with no luck. Within the first week on THK her shedding decreased dramatically, she’s not scratching as much and I’m sure her coat looks whiter…it’s definitely shinier and softer. Probably the best food we’ve found so far.

    Dogs are like people, some foods don’t agree with some dogs…our dog has been on some great kibble that made her sick, while other dogs thrive on the same food.

  11. mstevens says:

    I’m very angry at The Honest Kitchen. I just found out that their meat is cooked. They say “gently steamed at 140 to 165 degrees on their website. That’s cooking! Any heat over 115 degrees destroys enzymes, vitamins, and minerals and is by definition cooking. How can they call themselves a raw food when the meat is cooked?

  12. Chris says:

    Switched my 10 year old Min Pin to HK Preference from the Rx diet – Purina OM. The RX food constantly gave him diahrrea & the ingredients were terrible. The only “meat” source was “animal digest meal” (whatever that is) and it came about 10th on the ingredients list. Only good thing about it was it’s very low fat and high fiber because my dog had elevated triglycerides and it really helped to lower them. When I saw the Preference I thought that I could feed him that and still be able to achieve approximately the same fat/fiber/protien percents with good quality food. He just loves it! Only problem is that it’s really expensive and I just can’t seem to find anyplace where I can get a 7lb box for under about $55.00. There are more and more great quality dog foods coming onto the market all the time now, so I’ll probably have to switch to one of those that’s not as pricey.

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