The Honest Kitchen Embark Grain Free Turkey Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen Embark is excellent for dogs that require a low carbohydrate or gluten free dog food. It is suitable for all life stages ranging from puppies to adult dogs. Embark Grain Free Turkey Dog Food is high in protein and fat, plus it is created with high-quality ingredients such as apples, spinach, celery […]

Dried-N-Alive Chicken Formula

September 5, 2014 by  
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Dried-N-Alive Chicken Formula is an interesting food. It’s not so much dried (like a kibble) as it is dehydrated. While you can feed it dry, you can also soak it in warm water for half an hour to rehydrate it, which makes it an economical alternative to feeding your dog canned foods. Just 3 pounds […]


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Dried-N-Alive Dog Food Review Dried-N-Alive is a Texas-based pet food company that was founded by Ken Wilkes. The company is more commonly known by its initials DNA. While DNA foods are dried, they’re not your typical dried food, more accurately they’re dehydrated. The company aims to make products with a high protein levels, which some […]

N-R-G Maxim Dog Food Formula

July 13, 2010 by  
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First off we would like to point out that with dehydrated dog foods it is very difficult coming to a conclusion on how much of each ingredient is actually in the product.  We are unsure if they use chicken, buffalo or salmon or a combination of all three. It only states that it is available […]

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