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December 9, 2008  
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Solid Gold Dog Food Review

Solid Gold dog food brand is counted among the first pet food companies in the United States which uses all-natural ingredients in their products. The product line is formulated and manufactured by Solid Gold Health Products for Pets, Inc. based in El Cajon, California.

There are currently 9 Solid Gold dry dog food formulas in the market, the newest of which is the Sun Dancer Gluten-free dog food for dogs with food allergy issues.

Our team recommends Solid Gold, we believe it is a high quality dog food containing premium ingredients.

Solid Gold dog food formulas use these quality protein sources ocean fish meal, beef, lamb, lamb meal, bison, beef, and beef meal. Most Solid Gold dog food formulas combine a fresh meat source and a meat meal to maximize protein levels. The problem with fresh meat sources is the amount of water it contains which is lost during cooking or processing. More than 80% of fresh meat is water and when evaporation occurs during processing, the original weight is down to almost 20% leaving only a small protein source. Thus the need to pair a fresh meat source with a meat meal is very important to provide sufficient protein in the diet.

It should be noted that fish meal which is used in Solid Gold dog food products are ethoxyquin-free.

The carbohydrate component of Solid Gold dog food products comes from one or two of the following sources of complex carbohydrates— potato, potato protein, cracked pearled barley, millet, brown rice, and oatmeal. All of these possess low hyperglycemic index which is necessary to maintain the stability of a dog’s blood sugar levels.

Barley is also a rich source of fiber while millet and oatmeal are gluten-free grains and naturally rich in B-vitamins and other essential minerals.

Other important ingredients include canola oil, flaxseed and salmon oil which are viable sources of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

There are two ingredients which are seen as controversial because of some negative comments.  These controversial ingredients include tomato pomace and canola oil.

Canola oil is seen by some people as unhealthy fat. Tomato pomace is a by-product yielded when tomato is processed into juice, catsup, or soup. Although it has a high fiber and nutrient content, there are those who see it as cheap food filler which may contain pesticides found on tomato skin.

Although Solid Gold dog food products contain chelated minerals, there is no mention of the incorporation of probiotics into the individual formulas. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that enhance the functions of the digestive and immune systems, while chelated minerals are chemically attached to amino acids for easier absorption and assimilation in the body.

Customer Reviews

Many positive reviews come from dog owners who claim that Solid Gold dog food formulas gave their dogs healthier haircoats and increase their energy levels. There are also dog owners who reported that their dogs which suffered food-based allergies were cured when they switched to Solid Gold dog food.

Negative reviews about Solid Gold usually arise from digestive upsets associated which arise when switching from other dog food brands to Solid Gold.

Overall, we highly recommend Solid Gold dog food and think that it is a great choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Please visit the links listed below for Solid Gold dog food reviews by formula.

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Solid Gold Dog Food Reviews

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Solid Gold Dog Food Consumer Ratings

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60 Responses to “Solid Gold Dog Food”
  1. Susan says:

    Just an FYI on what may be happening with doggie diarrhea. In humans, sometimes the good and bad bacteria is out of balance in the gut and some people try probiotics. Initially when they start the probiotics they may get diarrhea or constipation as the gut bacterias get back in balance. They can also experience flu like symmptoms. I am not sure if this is what may be happening in dogs if fed a new good quality food with probiotics in it. In humans, the diarrhea and constipation can take a few days to work out.

  2. Babs says:

    Loose stools…for 10 months I have been searching for a food that does not cause our boxer to have loose stools. Rx Purina EN seemed to be the only food that worked, but I was determined to find a better quality food. I did not feel that the Rx food was the right long term solution. I was hoping to find a grain free formula, but her digestive system was not cooperating. I sought advice from nutrionists at the food manufacturers to assist me in finding the correct formula. Each food transition was done very slowly and by the time the mix became 75% new food the loose stools reappeared. Then it would be back to 100% Rx food for several weeks.

    A month ago, the nutrionist at Solid Gold suggested the MMillennia formula. I am happy to say that our boxer has gone beyond the 75% MMillenia mix without loose stools! Also, boxers have the tendency to have gas. Thus far, she has not had a gas problem.

    My advice to others…just because a particular premium brand food is recommended by others or is great for one of your other dogs, it may not be the formula for all of current your dogs. Be patient, transition them slowly, be on the lookout for food allergies, and be prepared to try different foods until you find the right formula. Cost may be a concern for some. However, cheap food = poor nutrition & more vet bills.

  3. Darlene says:

    Hello all, I have a collie mix who thrived on regular purina for most of his life until they changed the formula and then it didnt agree with him. I have a groomer who sells Wellness and because the collie mix has three coats I was constantly cleaning up hair. After 2 mths on the super 5 mix I only have to clean floors 2x a day with very little fur. 4 mths ago I got a maltese. After a visit to the vet found out he is allergic to all poultry so tried wellness lamb (the collie mix is allergic to fish bad farts) well after only a few weeks the maltese had bad farts on the lamb. I tried Natural Balance Bison/Sweet Pot but after hearing about recall decided not to use. Today I bought Solid Gold Bison little bits which can be fed to both dogs. So far so good and also the only time I had a problem with loose stools was when I first switched collie mix from Purina even though I mixed it with wellness. I also have 2 cats on wellness and recently their stools have been loose so I think they have changed formula. I am trying chickensoupforthecatloverssoul lol what a long name. thank you all for the great info here on this site. animals rule 🙂

  4. alex says:

    Hi, i have a 2 yr old shih tzu, he has always been a picky eater but recently i found out he has allergies and not with his bad appetite and his allergies I don’t know what to feed him…I am a vegan and I don’t eat meat or cook meat and I would be very scared to cook for him only because I would have no idea what i am making, and would have no way of tasting the food …I’ve been looking online to see which dog food brands are the best for dogs with allergies..i don’t know exactly what he is allergic too but i am trying to stay away from anything and everything dairy, grains, poultry, beef, eggs…which most dog food contain at least 1 or more of these ingredients..does anyone know what would be the best brand of dog food with the least amount of allergy causing ingredients?

    if anyone has a shih tzu with itchy pause and who vomits bile (sensitive stomach) please let me know what you feed him!!!

    I am thinking of trying Solid Gold Wolf King Adult Dog Food and maybe Wellness Wet Dog Food but he hates wellness i literally have to feed him by hand or else he wont eat it! PLEASE HELP, what other options do I have???

  5. Jess says:

    You need to forget what applies to humans AND YOUR DOG NEEDS MEAT, people don’t. What you need to stay away from is CORN, WHEAT, SOY and other crap like that. I doubt he has and issues with beef, poultry or eggs maybe milk or cheese. You need to rethink your thinking about the meat thing, with your dog. Geez, the teeth should be a big clue. If I were you I would take a look at First mate or California Natural, I used to feed Ca. Natural but since P & G took over he has had bad poo with Ca Natural. Go and Now are other pretty clean dog foods.

    The A list
    1. Orijen
    2. Acana, Harvest, pacifica & grassland Only.
    3. Horizon Legacy
    4. Taste of the Wild, wetlands & prairie, ONLY.
    5. Wellness Core
    6. Blue Wilderness
    7. GO, grain free and Endurance Only.
    8. Acana, the rest of Acana products.
    9. Fromm, 4 star.
    10. Merrick, before grain Only.
    11. Artemis
    12. Merrick

    The B list

    1. GO
    3. Evangers
    4. Timberwolf
    5. Instinct
    6. Wellness
    6. Now, Grain free.
    7. Solid Gold
    8. Precise Holistic Complete, ONLY
    9. Canidae, Grain Free ALS, ONLY
    10. Natures Logic
    11. First Mate
    12. Kirkland or Natural Domain, Costco!
    12. Now, the rest.
    13. Evo

  6. Sally says:

    We have been feeding our 3 dogs Solid Gold Hunden Flocken for about 5 years. They still love it and look forward to dinner (used to feed IAMS). Our 2 13-year old ladies are like puppies, where before I think they were being poisoned. When we first started feeding Solid Gold they had an occasional soft stool, now all the time, with accidents. I think Solid Gold has changed something in their production, so it is time to try another brand. Has anyone had problems with Taste of the Wild diets?

  7. Maggie's Mom says:

    We fed our small dog Solid Gold Wee Bits for a few months and she virtually stopped eating. We like the idea of feeding her a holistic healthy food, so we tried the lamb recipe and she still won’t eat it. She gobbles up other dogs’ food, but won’t touch Solid Gold. Any ideas on why she won’t eat or other brands to try?

  8. Alpha Dog says:

    First off, Maggie’s Mom — some dogs just have strong preferences for their meats. A friend of mine has two who do not care for lamb and one other meat and will turn their noses up at anything with those meats in it. Mine are not particularly fussy, but then they also have the added incentive of a large Shep-Dobe cross who will Hoover up anything they leave or that he even thinks they might leave! (And he’s fasssst!) You might see if the store has any of the sample size packs. That way you can trial the different formulas as a treat to see if your baby says no thanks instead of investing in a bag of it.

    We put our dogs on Solid Gold Hunden and Hundchen Flocken about 7-8 years ago because our Springer Spaniel had recurrent ear infections. Every time the treatment ran out, back it came. This was true on any other food we tried, and I am talking high quality foods, not junk. We tried a bunch! Finally, our favorite pet store owner, groomer, and breeder in MD suggested Solid Gold. What a relief! The ear infections cleared up with SG, they loved it, and their coats were so soft, we kept them all on it. Now she gets an occasional infection if she gets her ears wet or something, but NOTHING like before. They do not hurt her now, whereas before you could not touch her ears without her freaking out and yelling to high heaven. She also gets what we call “a case of Spaniel tummy” if too many other things are introduced into her meals, so we keep it pretty limited to the SG with the odd bit of veg or fruit. I make our own dog treats for them.

    As we tend to larger dogs, the Spaniel being the smallest at about 40-45lbs, I was very impressed with the history of how the owner came up with Solid Gold as a way to help her Great Danes live as long as those in Germany, where she got her breeding stock. (Check the site for exact story — this is from memory!) I was also reassured by the fact that they are very forthcoming about sourcing of ingredients and were in no way affected by all those recalls. I won’t feed any product from a company that was involved because I do not trust them not to cut corners somewhere else!

    The dogs all still love SG and are doing well. Our oldest is now 17, which is excellent, especially as she is a large sized dog who topped out at about 88lbs. She enjoyed it for many years, but when munching kibble got too hard on her, we switched to making her roasted chicken, doggie meatloaf, or turkey, all of which she loves and does well on. The others all get SG as does our very velvety cat.

    We also give our pups Fresh Factors supplement from Springtime, Inc., and they do great on them. We’ve been impressed with their products and used them for about 11 years. The Fresh Factors gave my parents about an extra 4 years with their rescued white shepherd after the vet had said she might need to be put down for pain issues. She had been badly beaten before they got her, and we think she probably had some arthritis issues come early because of the damage done. The FF did so well for her that when the vet saw her again, she said whatever they were doing KEEP doing it! This meant four more years of walks, pats, wags, and love for a very sweet pup. She died at about 11, peacefully in her sleep.

    Sorry for the book. Hope that info helps. Basically, I think you have to find the best quality food you can afford that your dog enjoys, and that is largely trial and error. (Maybe if you called companies to ask for small sample bags, even for a small fee??)

    Best of luck!

  9. Elle says:

    When we adopted our babies (we have 5 – a Shepherd, Husky, Pit, Boxer, and a Lab), we started all of them on Solid Gold. They all love it! And it’s nutritionally a great product. They all have amazing coats and not a single health problem. It is expensive, but we’d require the best for ourselves. So why not for our pets?

  10. julie says:

    I just switched my 4 dogs (3 cocker spaniels and a husky/shepherd mix) to Solid Gold Hunden Flockn mainly for skin issues. The 2 with the skin issues have done wonderfully and the itching has subsided. Hot spot is clearing up on my husky. Unfortunately one of the cockers (who was doing fine on Purina One) is having terrible, constant gas. She seems miserable. Am debating on whether to take her back to the Purina One or try another natural food. So expensive to feed 4 dogs natural food anyway, but having to buy 2 different types is crazy. Any ideas?
    Should I give her some more time, something I can add to the food for her comfort? I am lost.


  11. Mel says:

    I would suggest Royal Canins, Cocker Spaniel diet.
    By the sounds of it your poor little girl is having digestibility problems, when a company does not account for the denaturation (degrades the protein to a unusable form) process of an extruded kibble, you get alot of crap protein. So when the guaranteed analysis says 25% protein your dog is really getting 9% and the bacteria are doing the rest. This is not good, this causes the gas, and very smelly poo, because the protein is being fermented in the colon as opposed to digested in the small intestine. This is a common problem with natural diets they promote healthy ingredients, however, do not do the research on ensuring these diets are giving EVERYTHING that is needed by the pet. Basically you are paying them alot of money for these supposed healthier ingredients when the diet is giving less than a grocery store diet would. Plus this company has had MANY issues with the FDA for placing ingredients in their diets which have had NO research done to prove they either work or are not toxic. Many compounds alone may be toxic, but together with another product DO become toxic. I would NEVER feed this to my pet!!!! If you seriously want to know if the company is good look to see what research they are doing!

  12. bentley says:

    my puppy’s coat was vibrant and shiny until i fed him solid gold. he refused to eat it and everytime he did he had a loose stool, even though i slowly introduced him to the brand. after a few weeks of puttin him on this kibble, his coat became very dry and rough. i switched him over to origen puppy food and he loved it, his coat became very shiny and silky and his weight recovered back to normal. never again am i trying solid gold and i would never recomend it to anyone else due to MY own experience 🙂

  13. Greg says:

    What everone needs to realize is every dog is different what works for one doesn’t work for all pick a food that has a decent rating u have to find what works best for your dog i bought a bulldog from a breeder who fed them all during they did fine not that i would choose that we switched to blue when we brought her home she did ok but didn’t care for it we switched her to SG she loves it less gas and really good stools so do you research try something until your dog likes it and does well

  14. Greg says:

    My last post was supposed to say the breeder fed them purina and the did good

  15. cheryl ralston says:

    What you people don’t know is, the people that started making solid gold was for their Great Danes.they are prone to the condition, when the stomach turns or twists,it’s deadly if you don’t get them to a vet right away.Anyway I was living with a girl that had a Great Dane, and thats exactly what happened,the vet told us about this lady that lived close by,that was making her own dog food,to prevent that from happening.It’s caused from food swelling from water in the stomach.So we went to the ladys house,and started buying it from her,in brown paper bags,,,the ones you used to get your groceries in.That was in the early 80’s,in Santee, California.I now have an Anitoilian Sheperd,they are seseptible to the same thing,and I’m still buying the the same Solid Gold.I can’t say enough about this dog food.I just wish it was cheeper.I’d like to buy a years supply!!!!!! I wonder if that lady remembers me?

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