Royal Canin Dog Food

October 12, 2008  
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Royal Canin Dog Food

Royal Canin Dog Food is made and manufactured by, Royal Canin USA.  Royal Canin dog food is marketed towards people looking for breed specific dog food. We believe that Royal Canin is an average quality dog food and would be comfortable recommending the right formula that fits your dog’s needs.

Royal Canin is attributed as being the first dog food manufacturer which produced a diet exclusive for large breed dogs and being the first to become ISO-certified. Today, Royal Canin lives up to their standards of excellence by formulating specific formulas for different breeds and ages of dogs as well as prescription diets.  Each Royal Canin product comes with a number at the end of each product name that denotes the amount of protein present.

Among the different recipes designed for different breeds, age and medical conditions, the basic ingredients include chicken meal, rice, chicken fat and whole grains. Since chicken meal is a concentrated form of meat compared to fresh chicken, it provides the main source of protein that dogs need.

Brown rice provides a complex carbohydrate component to the formula, although there are Royal Canin formulas that list down another “rice” ingredient aside from brown rice.

Chicken fat is rich in omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid which is a quality fat component of the diet.

Oatmeal and wheat gluten meal are both whole-grain products. The wheat gluten meal is a source of inferior protein from grains which however can boost the protein levels of the dog food. This however is a point in question because this would suggest that they are using lower levels of animal protein which is what the dog really needs.

Aside from wheat gluten meal, there are some controversial ingredients which have also been incorporated in most Royal Canin formulas such as dried beet pulp, soya meal, and dried brewer’s yeast extract.

Beet pulp is a by-product of sugar beet processing. Being high in fiber, the dog’s digestive system may have a hard time digesting it. Beet pulp is often used as an inexpensive filler for many dog food recipes.

The inclusion of soybean oil can prove to be a trigger for food allergies while the yeast extract has been used as a food additive because of its glutamic acid content.

There has been no mention of the spraying of probiotics on the surfaces of newly manufactured kibble, which is the usual trend in most dog foods today in an attempt to infuse beneficial bacteria into the food.

Customer Reviews

Favorable feedbacks from satisfied dog owners include reduction of flatulence particularly with the gluten-free formulas. Some also reported no more incidence of bladder stones and infections after they had started their dogs on Royal Canin.  Dogs also love the treat-size kibbles.

Although there are some owners who consider the “specific breed formula” as part of a marketing scheme, there are dog owners who saw a big difference when they tried it on the breed of dog for which it has been recommended. This goes to show that each breed of dog has specific requirements for certain nutrients in varied amounts and forms.

Dog owners whose pets have been given any of the Royal Canin recipes and suffered hypersensitive reactions and allergies point out that the dog food contains 4 common allergens—corn, yeast, gluten, and beet pulp.  It’s relatively high price is also another issue raised by some customers.

Please visit the links listed below for Royal Canin dog food reviews by formula.

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Royal Canin Dog Food Review

Royal Canin dog food comes in numerous different recipes geared towards your dogs specific needs. We are going to take a look at each formula and review the ingredients.

Royal Canin Dog Food Products:

Royal Canin Dog Food Consumer Ratings

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74 Responses to “Royal Canin Dog Food”
  1. Nichole says:

    Jess I’ll personally send you an email of my dog or not don’t believe me I don’t care! all I’m saying every dog is different even if it is the same breed!! I get compliments everywhere I go with my dog! I was feeding him Eukanuba before and that food did wonders for him too! My canine trainer that is a k9 unit cop feeds his dog that and has been feeding that to his dogs for YEARS!! And they all survive with no side effects and are some of the best looking dogs I’ve ever seen, with no health issues at all and live happy long lives. Like I said dog food effects every dog differently.. Just like people we all don’t react to the sames foods differently.. My dog eats this and is still GREAT!

  2. Nichole says:

    For the record: and he eats horse poop too and is great!!!! Not a single health problem 1 with this dog! That is all..

  3. Antonio says:

    I bet my Doberman has a slicker coat than both your dogs’ LOL. I was just teasing, I think this argument is pointless. The reason there are so many brands is b/c different animals respond differently to each food. There is no such thing as a perfect dog food formula or anything for that matter. I think each owner does what they feel is best for his/her companion. I personally stress the issue of spending more time training and excercising a dog more than I do about which brand of dog food is better., But that’s just my 2cents. I think everyone here cares a great deal about his/her dog, that’s the reason we are here to learn better ways to take care of the health of our animals. Jess, I do agree w/ many points that you make, however it would help if you explain it to users with a more gentle approach, some people will remain resistant to constructive criticism unless it’s done in a polite manner.

  4. Jess says:

    Nichole, I bet a thousand bucks you did not go to those links and do any reading. YOU CAN LEAD A HORSE TO WATER BUT YOU CAN’T MAKE HIM DRINK!!!

  5. Jess says:

    Antonio, IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER HOW, YOU GO ABOUT TRYING TO EDUCATE PEOPLE ABOUT WHAT INGREDIENTS ARE GOOD AND WHICH ARE BAD. If someone does not want to help educate themselves then they “can’t be helped”. I was the same way until I had to put Beno down with his tumor due to his CRAP food, then it was like a light bulb went off. I guess some people just have to go through that pain and guilt before they learn. I had no idea that all this info was so easily brought up here on the net. With all this information so easily accessible today on the net, their is absolutely no excuse for not learning. It is flat out stubbornness and stupidity when people don’t do the reading. I am done with these two, if they can’t hit those links and start reading, Oh well!! It well not be because I didn’t try to help and educate them. There are sites after sites with studies after studies backing these facts, you know it and I know it. If I saw my dogs reviewed like this crap I would be asking why. ONE star rating it can’t get any lower.

  6. Nichole says:

    jess this argument is pointless I agree with antonio and I have read the dog food journal in the mail I’ve read everything! Again agreeing with Antonio food is preference. I know what my dog likes and what works for him his obedience training, and exercise are of up most importance.. And he’s also right on another point… You don’t need to be so negative and rude when putting your “criticism” on here for you to say my dog is no better looking then yours is like me saying your kid or whoever in you life is a piece of shit and ugly.. Just a little food for thought on that. And you don’t need to preach “health” to me sweet heart I read and I know but I just know my preference lies much differently then some people and honestly that is something you need to see from everyone stating their opinions on here and not make all your responses so negative. Everyone loves their pets like their own family regardless of what they are being fed. Now I’m done with this conversation because I was just putting in my own review on this product, and you had to turn it into hateful and negative responses and no one responds well to that.. Good bye..

  7. Michelle says:

    Jess-you’re not going to change this girls mind…let her feed what she wants.We all know that RC is horrible food….but if that’s what she wants to feed,I say GO FOR IT!!!! I don’t doubt the fact that she loves her dog and thinks that she is doing what is best for it,but I would have to totally disagree with her.You know what they say-opinions are like a–holes-Everybody’s got one!!!! LOL

  8. Nichole says:

    By the way my other 2 goldens eat Blue Buffalo and it gives them rashes and terribly dry skin. thanks!

  9. Michelle says:

    Nichole-no need for name calling….I was actually agreeing with you.You have the right to feed whatever you want,regardless of what other people say.I personally would never feed RC,and I don’t like BB either.How many dogs do you have? Why do you feed them all different brands? I have 2 dogs and I do rotate foods,but I give them the same food on any given day….btw I use Merrick,Champion,and Fromm.

  10. Nichole says:

    I was referring to you Michelle 😉 And I also posted in the “forum” I was feeding Eukanuba then wanted to change it because his poo was green and smelled bad.. When I went to get the Eukanuba and another brand yesterday it was all sold out every store I went to, so I figured I’d try the Canin because it was comparable to the eukanuba… I was in the process of going to change his food after I found the right kind.. Which today I did.. I’m now “mixing” so his tummy doesn’t get sick the nasty stuff with the stuff I bought today which is Nutro Ultra Holistic for large breed brand very very very good stuff!! Much better then Nutro Natural something.. So he’s on better food now which was my intention.. I have 3 dogs I’m 24 still live at home with my folks, and the Shepherd is mine the goldens my families.. The goldens are fed BB because it was recommended to my mom by a sales rep, I have a retriever who has hypdysplasia (sp?) and was originally on Iams which was bad, then Avoderm, Now the BB… Now the Shepherd being mine well my choice to feed him whatever I want 🙂 I was recommended the Eukanuba stuff it did okay for a while but I just don’t like it for the reasons above and its been giving him really really bad gas. Like I said this stuff I bought today is much much better quality that every pet deserves.

    Now I don’t really appreciate and when I stick up for myself from previous posts being told I don’t care about my pets, which I saw that you were defending me on and I thank you, and to be told I’d have to loose a pet from bad food to know what it was like was extremely rough for me considering I lost a golden last year of old age and it ripped me apart. Now I will be civil keep everyone posted on this new food I got as there is no section for it on here. Have a good night!

  11. Jess says:

    Michelle, your right. I just feel sorry for the dogs. It’s like saying ford makes a good car.

  12. Michelle says:

    Nichole Hi,first let me say-I care about dogs,but I think that we all do.Because if we didn’t we would all just go buy Ol’Roy and be done with it.With that being said,I am going to leave you a few links,PLEASE read the pages.I’m not trying to push any brand of food,or tell you what to feed….just trying to share some knowledge with you.Okay here is a link to Nutro Ultra Holistic large breed.I am leaving this link because their is an ingredient that is not good in this food.It is called Menadione sodium bisulfite complex (source of vitamin k activity)Would you please look at the ingredient list for Nutro,this ingredient is listed near the bottom.Now after you see that this ingredient is in your dogs food,would you please go to the link that I provide and read the entire page that talks about the dangers of this ingredient,PLEASE.Okay first here is the ingredient list for Nutro Ultra: Okay now here is a link to The Dog Food Project,that talks about how dangerous this Menadione is,it really has NO place in pet food.Please read:

  13. Nichole says:

    Thanks michelle I’m actually switching him over to Taste of the Wild Praire formula later this evening when I can hit the bank and hit the feed store! I’m just gunna donate the other stuff I visited the regular forum and they were a heap of help!

  14. Nichole says:

    extremely friendly people there too which was nice.. I’m feeding him the prarie because we hunt so he gets venison and elk bones during hunting season any how. Plus it’s $3.00 cheaper then the other stuff any way at a local feed store not more then 2 minuets from my house..

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