Pet Tao Dog Food

December 18, 2009  
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Pet Tao Dog Food

Pet Tao Dog FoodPet Tao is a manufacturer of premium dog food based out of Fairview TN, USA.  The company was  formed by veterinarians Marc Smith and Casey Damron.

Pet Tao’s mission statement:

“The mission of Pet-Tao is simple: to formulate, develop, and offer the highest quality pet foods available in the Western world today allowing pets to live longer, healthier lives. This longevity will strengthen the human-animal bond. Our education, dietary innovation, credibility, and ultimately, the performance of our products, strongly support our mission.”

Pet Tao offers a line of four “human grade” dog food formulas, each of which contain no preservatives, and no animal or grain by products.

Each of Pet Tao‘s formulas are based on combining “Western Nutritional Sciences” with “Eastern Medicine & Food Therapy”.  Simply put, this means that the foods are designed to be both convenient and meet the scientific nutritional requirements of your dog, while still promoting balance and body healing.

Of Pet Tao’s four dog food formulas listed below, only the Canine Balanced Diet does not require a prescription from a veterinarian.

The Pet Tao Formulas:

  1. Canine Balance Diet
  2. Canine Blood Diet
  3. Canine QI Diet
  4. Canine Yin Diet

Pet Tao Dog Food Consumer Rating:

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21 Responses to “Pet Tao Dog Food”
  1. Jess says:

    And Antonio you could feed your dogs a a half pound of real meat a day, plus red as a filler, LOL. 16 pounds for 95 bucks is what they charge, plus shipping because I live on the “west is the best” coast. So that is 6+ bucks a pound, crap I get steak for less. Actually I get real meat for under 2 bucks a pound. This dog food is a total and complete rip-off, only a fool would buy this. It is also frozen so you lose some of the nutrients. This and the de-hydrated stuff is all over priced.

  2. Michelle says:

    That is ridiculous-you could feed your dog fresh food that you made yourself for less….

  3. Antonio says:

    Jess & Michelle, I agree and agree, heck for the cost it would take to feed both my dogs on this formula, I could afford to hire a part time culinary chef to come over a couple days a month and cook for them LOL, but on the real I find it pointless to pay for this I mean leg quarters generally are only about 0.50cents a pound in my area but I didn’t have a good experience when I tried that raw diet w/ my dog a year ago anyway so i’m pretty sure I’m not going to try it now. Michelle btw, my area now carries Merrick :), I saw some of the formulas today they offer a nice variety of products and lots of options.

  4. Scarlett Jones says:

    Pet tao is the Cadillac of Petfood. Sorry you think it costs too much but no one can deny it is a great food.

  5. Fred Jones says:

    Pettao pet food has changed my Boston Terriers life. Highly recommendit!!

  6. Doug Parillo says:

    Pet Tao has literally transformed my two dog’s health and vitality. My wife and I have two pugs who were dealing with obesity and respiratory problems. With Pet tao, they are now weight proportionate and have no problems with breathing- and we have no more expensive vet bills. Corky and Puggy are happy and energetic. I recommend Pet tao.

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