Pet Tao Dog Food

December 18, 2009  
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Pet Tao Dog Food

Pet Tao Dog FoodPet Tao is a manufacturer of premium dog food based out of Fairview TN, USA.  The company was  formed by veterinarians Marc Smith and Casey Damron.

Pet Tao’s mission statement:

“The mission of Pet-Tao is simple: to formulate, develop, and offer the highest quality pet foods available in the Western world today allowing pets to live longer, healthier lives. This longevity will strengthen the human-animal bond. Our education, dietary innovation, credibility, and ultimately, the performance of our products, strongly support our mission.”

Pet Tao offers a line of four “human grade” dog food formulas, each of which contain no preservatives, and no animal or grain by products.

Each of Pet Tao‘s formulas are based on combining “Western Nutritional Sciences” with “Eastern Medicine & Food Therapy”.  Simply put, this means that the foods are designed to be both convenient and meet the scientific nutritional requirements of your dog, while still promoting balance and body healing.

Of Pet Tao’s four dog food formulas listed below, only the Canine Balanced Diet does not require a prescription from a veterinarian.

The Pet Tao Formulas:

  1. Canine Balance Diet
  2. Canine Blood Diet
  3. Canine QI Diet
  4. Canine Yin Diet

Pet Tao Dog Food Consumer Rating:

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21 Responses to “Pet Tao Dog Food”
  1. Bernie Goldberg says:

    I am an MD and the theory and detail behind these diets is incredible. Although i have not tried these diets on my own pet yet, i applaud the revolutionary thinking.Unbelievable!!!!

  2. Hardy Strausberg says:

    Arguably the best theory in nutrition ever conceived! I have used the Yin Diet and it is great. Great products!!!!

  3. Matt Hadley says:

    My vet recommended this pet food, and it has been great for my 9-year-old beagle, who was dealing with some age-related conditions. I highly recommend it.

  4. Jess says:

    I really like this food, but thier is just one big problem. My German Shepherd Puppy is 97 pounds and growing and on thier web site I need to feed him 121 pounds of this dog food a month. Well 92 pounds is 403 bucks, so I’d be looking at about 125 bucks a WEEK, sorry no can do. Thats more than I spend on myself.

  5. Regina Edwards says:

    I am so impressed by this food. I was referred to these products by my veterinarian. Without a doubt, these products are outstanding. My two dogs loved the food. It is a lttle pricey but the best usually costs more. The prices are however comparable to other premium frozen pet foods. I recommend with highest regards.

  6. Antonio says:

    I have to agree with Jess, this food is just wayyyyy to pricey when owning a large breed. I have a doberman pinscher and there’s no way I can try to feed this food. Although the thinking behind it is revoluntionary in canine nutrition, I’m doubtful about it’s long term effects as there is no proof of tests done on this feed long term.

  7. Sonya Capps says:

    In the past, my Shihtzu has been on dry dog food of all types..Orijen, Hill’s, Wellness..just about every type. We tried him on raw-diets and they also failed in addressing his chronic diarrhea. My friend and veterinarian in Florida recommended these Pet-Tao products as the new standard in canine nutrition. After being on Yin Diet for six weeks, the problem of diarrhea had resolved. As far as cost, the price is comparable to other premium frozen raw diets. Sometimes, the size of your pet may make the food too expensive. However, in my case, I would pay $400/month to resolve my dog’s diarrhea and have him in optimum health. I recommend Pet-Tao with the highest regards. I actually only spend $107/month ordering it on-line and again, it has been so worth it.

  8. Foster Johnson says:

    The Pettao products have been great for my two Bostons. My pets are thriving!!!!

  9. Toya Johnson says:

    The benefits of Pet-Tao Food are outstanding. My Corgi who does agility and competes in trials is on this food. It was recommended by my veterinarian who practices Eastern Medicine. Carlie LOVES the food and has performed like never before. I strongly recommend Pet-Tao Food for performance dogs!

  10. Toby Mason says:

    My two Labs enjoy eating Pettao Winte Diet.

  11. Sophia Morgan says:

    This is a new food and is absolutely wonderful. It is on the high end quality wise but it definitely delivers. My dogs were on the frozen diet but i switched them to the canned and they are both doing well.

  12. Antonio says:

    I still haven’t heard much on this food other than the few on here that posted comments.

  13. Antonio says:

    I was looking over the website at the ingredients for Pet Tao, and I really didn’t see anything that justified the extremely HIGH cost. It’s basically a raw diet, with a HIGH price tag on it.

  14. Scarlett Jones says:

    Actually, Antonio, the price is not that high compared to other Raw Diets. The new canned version is a great less expensive product!!

  15. Antonio says:

    @ Scarlett,

    I know that cost is relative depending on a person’s finances, but I find it a bit rediculous that even using the Pet Tao canned diet it would cost me $235-$250 per month on feeding 1 dog. That price doesn’t cover my pug’s cost. I mean I can feed food like Orijen for a muchhhhhh less price. The Regional Red is only $60 for the large size bag in my area.

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