Pedigree dog food

October 16, 2008  
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Pedigree Dog Food

Pedigree Dog Food is made and manufactured by MARS, Inc. Pedigree dog food comes in both a dry version and also a canned version. Pedigree also makes dog treats. You will find 8 different formulas of Pedigree dog food.

Pedigree dog foods come in eight different formulas designed to meet all the nutritional requirements for all life stages. Among the eight Pedigree kibbles, only two have been formulated to meet AAFCO nutrient standards.  Pedigree dog foods have received consistently low ratings because of the poor quality of its ingredients.

Among the ingredients used in all the Pedigree dog food formulas the base ingredients include ground whole corn, meat and bone meal, corn gluten meal, chicken by-product meal, and animal fat.

A good quality dog food should include ingredients that echo a dog’s diet in the wild. Although a dog is not considered an obligate carnivore, a huge percentage of its diet should be comprised of protein from animal sources.

Ground whole corn is not an ideal major ingredient of dog foods because dogs are not able to efficiently digest corn. In large amounts, corn has been associated with increased incidence of food allergies in dogs.  Another form of corn is corn gluten meal where the starchy component has been removed. Corn gluten meal contains protein, albeit an inferior source of plant-based protein.

Many dog food formulas have eliminated the use of chemical preservatives and artificial coloring which have been declared unwholesome additives however Pedigree has incorporated BHT and BHA as preservatives.

Whole grains are also added in the form of wheat and rice. The usual practice is to use feed grade wheat which is of inferior quality. Wheat has also been identified as one potential allergen in dog foods. On the other hand, rice has not been specified whether it’s brown, brewer’s, or even white rice. Different types of rice possess different qualities.

As it is, Pedigree dog food formulas are primarily corn-based with average protein from meat by-products and low fat levels.

Most customer feedbacks were fairly negative, although Pedigree did have some loyal supporters. Overall, this is not a brand that we would recommend.

Some voiced out fears that cheap sources of meat by-products may introduce toxic chemicals such as sodium thiopental or pentobarbital from euthanized animals which may have been purchased and processed for dog food.

Still others are questioning why most ingredients are unnamed or generic thus increasing doubts of the sources of these ingredients.

Some dog owners also reported that feeding Pedigree to their dogs resulted in skin problems and hair loss.

Please visit the links listed below for Pedigree dog food reviews by formula.

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Pedigree Dog Food Reviews

Pedigree Dog Food Formulas:

  2. PEDIGREE Senior Complete Nutrition Dog Food
  4. PEDIGREE SMALL BREED Nutrition Mini Crunchy Bites Dog Food
  5. PEDIGREE LARGE BREED Nutrition  Dog Food
  7. PEDIGREE PUPPY Food for Puppies Original Chicken Flavor Dog Food
  8. PEDIGREE Adult Complete Nutrition  Dog Food

Pedigree Dog Food Consumer Ratings

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121 Responses to “Pedigree dog food”
  1. terri says:

    I was given a full blood german shepherd a year ago. I was told by the owner that she had always been on pedigree and the vet said it was fine. Not knowing, I continued that food for her. She was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma a few days ago and she is only 2. Has anyone else had this problem?

  2. Jen says:

    I will never buy my dog pedigree dog food again. I went to feed him today and I grabbed some with my hand that fell on the floor. It was so dry , hard and jagged it cut my finger. I threw that junk in the Garbage and I guess ill be going back to some canned food till I find something better.

  3. Antonio says:

    Unfortunately Pedigree dog food is lacking in many areas, it meets the basic minimum nutrient profiles by most accounts. For the same price you can probably feed your dog some other better rated foods, like Victors, Diamond Naturals, and a few others that come to mind.

  4. Deepak Nopany says:

    I am unable to get my Pug to feed on Pedigree chicken & vegetable food. He prefers to even eat dried bread instead of the Pedigree pellets. Basically I feel that the food must be of poor quality and content because my dog is a voracious eater and hardly refuses anything

  5. Lisa says:

    I just rescued my dog about two months ago and decided to feed her Pedigree for Adults, I started to notice she started losing a large amount of hair and was developing a skin rash in various places, and she also seemed to have an upset tummy almost daily. I took her to the vet and when she asked what food I had her on and I responded Pedigree, she said to get her off of pedigree right away. I was surpriseed to find out pedigree is full of fillets like corn and wheat which is not good for your dogs. She gave me a list of natural dog foods like Blue Buffalo, EVO, Nutro and some more I can’t think of the of my head, I ended up choosing Blue Buffalo and the day I brought it home she went crazy for it. She eats her whole serving instead of a few bites here and there and I’ve already started noticing she’s not losing so much hair, her rash cleared and her tummy seems to be better. Please research Pedigree I was shocked at the comments I read from consumers about pedigree and most important I’ve learned to research dog food before you decide a food for Ur dog.

  6. dschnell says:

    I was given a bag of Pedigree Adult commplete dog food by a friend. After given it to my dog for a few weeks my dog has got in sick. He has a lot of gas and very bad loose stool. Since he had been a the food for a while I did not think it was realted. I have talk my freind and they said that the same think happen to there dog. That why they gave me the food. They thought that maybe it was just there dog. If anyone has had the same promblem let me know. Now I have a fifty pounds bag of food that I have to get rid of.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I have been feeding my dogs Purina dry dog food and mixing in Pedigree canned dog food and both my dogs are sick. One has been vomitting with loose stools again after the first epidsode about two weeks ago. She actually spent one night in the emergency vet on iv fluids after having bloody stools and vomitting. The vet said it was gastroenteritis and should clear up in a few days with a rice and boneless skinless chicken breast diet. She also suggested fat free vanilla yogurt to add the good bacteria back into her stomache. The diet worked but as soon as I returned to her regular food the vomitting and diarhea returned, not bloody this time though. My older dog is very gassy and has been licking her legs until they are left with sores. I now think it is their food after reading everything online. Anyone else having the same issues with pedigree and purina? I am continuing the rice and chicken until they feel better and will definitely find a new food for them.

  8. Winnie says:

    Help!! I got a german shepherd at home BUT my mum keep on pushing me not to change ‘dogfoods’…my dog is almost a senior,my mum is Indonesia who doesnt quite care what their dogs eat! But I care really! I love my dog very much..i love him…i dont want him to be mum is quite on the pedigree because its everywhere and its cheap…she said the most horrible thing to me:”So what if your dog eats bad thing? He’s just a dog,if he dies then its okay!” I was begging my mum to change,i’ll do anything for it,i want it to live happily in senior age..but she said that horrible everyday i need to like shout “Eat,boy!”..I feel guilty here! I felt i’m not RESPONSIBLE TO BE A DOG OWNER! But people keep motivates me,they keep saying its my mum so anybody please just pray to my dog that he wont get any sickness and pray me for good luck! someday! When i’m not living with my mum i gonna get a gs of my own with good dog food!

  9. Ashley says:

    Hello everyone.

    If your feeding your dogs pedigree with other food right away and not slowing getting them used to a different food of course your pet will be sick. You can not just jump from one food to the next. If your pet has skin issues now it is probably allergic to something in the food that can happen with ANY food. I have had my dogs on pedigree from when they were 4 months old and NEVER had an issue. They nvet had skin issues or loose stool and only went to the vet for normal check ups and vaccines. It’s not the food. Some dogs prefer different food. They have a taste pallet as well. Try can be picky just like a child. The 2 dogs I have now have tried so many different high end foods. Blue buffalo try didn’t like and hey look that’s a top of the line food same goes for wellness. My dogs love pedigree. So don’t knock the food just because of loose stool and what not until you have went trough the proper way to get your pet accustomed to new food. Remember vets recommend you slowly work your way to a new food within a 10 day span

  10. Erica says:

    I continued giving my German Shepherd pup pedigree after being told that’s what he was being fed. My poor puppy had constant diarrhea once he was switched he was fine. Had a whole bag of pedigree dog food was thinking about donating the rest of the food but screw that no dog should be eating pedigree it’s garbage!

  11. Kathy says:

    Hi, same thing happened to my german shepherd when she was a puppy. I started to feed her with Pedigree for puppy and a few weeks later she lost all her hair and had a lot of skin allergies. I didn’t immediately realize that it was pedigree. I took her to the vet and was given medications and the VET suggested to stop feeding her pedigree. It was horrible, what Pedigree did to my gsd. I switched her to Solid Gold and everything went fine. I will never ever feed a junky dog food to any of my pets including Pedigree. Though Solid Gold is more expensive than the regular dog foods you’ll find in the Super market. I hope this helps Winnie

  12. Sue says:

    We unknowingly fed our dogs Pedigree Adult dry food for several years. Their coats were always dull, they shed a LOT and they had bad body odor. When someone recommended Kirkland brand food (made by Diamond Pet Food), we switched and have never looked back. Having four dogs, many cats and 8 horses, we can’t afford the highest quality, so Kirkland meets all their requirements and their coats are shiny once again. The b.o. is gone and they LOVE the taste of the food. We decided to gradually introduce the Senior food this past week, so will monitor them to see how they do. We have a 10 y.o. Shep/Husky, a 9 y.o. Chi/Pom, a 6 y.o. Lab, and a 4 y.o. Bichon/Dasch. All but the Chi are on the heavy side, so we are watching portions too now. BTW, this is a great informational site.

  13. Nancy says:

    We fed our beautiful Newfoundland dogs Pedigree dry food and both died before the age of five. One from cancer and one from liver failure after eating Pedigree dog food that was recalled due to being tainted with Chinese chemicals. We had three dogs that ate the tainted food, all three were made very sick and two died. I contacted Pedigree and their legal department wanted to know if I had any proof, if I had kept a bag of the bad food. I will never have anything from China in my home again.

  14. RenesmeeCarlieCullen says:

    @Deepak Nopany I have a pug who eats Pedigree just fine. On another note. People are saying oh I give my dog Blue and they have a shiny coat. Which my dog does. And they don’t have bad breath! I’m like I really can’t believe that because every dog I have ever met has bad breath no matter what they are eating!!!!!!! Unless you brush there teeth. All of my dogs have always eaten Pedigree and they were just the same, plus the vet says it is just fine!

  15. Rachelle Hayes says:

    Do NOT buy Pedigree. I have 2 dogs, both Lab mixes. My 5 year olds coat is coming off in chunks, his skin is so dry he looks like he has dandruff and he is always itching. My 3 year old has a shorter coat but its also coming out in chunks and his skins so dry he acts like he has fleas. I wrote Pedigree and told them I will never buy this food again. I just finished brushing my boys and am covered in fur, my older one has lost so much fur he now has patches. I know my boys don’t have anything wrong with them and its this food.

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