Orijen TUNDRA Dog Food Review

Orijen TUNDRA Dog Food RecipeOrijen Tundra dog food formula is prepared with local and fresh ingredients from the Yukon waters, Bering Sea and Canada. It is guaranteed to keep your dog strong and healthy. It has an abundance of nourishing meat and essential minerals and vitamins needed for a healthy life. It is low in carbohydrates and supports healthy blood sugar levels. It is suitable for all dog breeds.

Orijen TUNDRA Dog Food Ingredients Analysis:

  1. Goat
  2. Venison
  3. Mutton
  4. Bison
  5. Whole arctic char

Goat is a red meat and considered a good source of protein.

Venison contains essential amino acids and is rich in iron.

Mutton provides essential vitamins and is a good source of protein.

Bison is high in protein and is considered a high quality ingredient.

Whole arctic char is a good source of EPA and DHA which is important for the proper function of your dog’s nervous system and immune system.

Orijen TUNDRA Dog Food Ingredient List:

Goat, venison, mutton, bison, whole arctic char, whole rabbit, duck, whole steelhead trout, whole pilchard, whole alaskan cod, goat meal, venison meal, alaskan cod meal, mutton meal, blue whiting meal, red lentils, green peas, duck fat, herring meal, pollock meal, garbanzo beans, yellow peas, alfalfa, dried kelp, pumpkin, squash, cod liver, goat tripe, goat liver, mutton liver, mutton tripe, venison liver, venison tripe, carrots, spinach, apples, pears, cranberries, freeze-dried elk liver, freeze-dried venison liver, freeze-dried bison liver, freeze-dried goat liver, zinc proteinate, mixed tocopherols (preservative), juniper berries, rose fruit, dandelion root, elder flowers, marigold, chicory root, dried Enterococcus faecium fermentation product.

Orijen TUNDRA Dog Food Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Crude protein: min. 38%
  • Crude fat: min. 18%
  • Crude fiber: max. 5%
  • Moisture: max. 12%
  • Calcium: min./max. 9/2.2%
  • Phosphorus: min./max. 1.5/1.8%
  • Omega-6: min. 1.8%
  • Omega-3: min. 1.4%
  • DHA: min. 0.5%
  • EPA: min. 0.4%
  • Ash: max. 9.5%
  • Glucosamine: min. 600 mg/kg
  • Chondroitin: min. 800 mg/kg
  • pH: 5.5


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