Orijen Senior Dog Food

January 13, 2010  
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Orijen Senior Dog Food

Orijen Dog Food is made and manufactured by, Champion Pet Food. If you prefer a high protein, grain free dog food, Orijen should be at the top of your list. This type of food is particularly good for very active working breed dogs.

Orijen Senior Red Dog Food Review

As dog’s age they become less efficient at metabolizing  proteins, and require fewer calories (particularly those from carbohydrates).  Orijen Senior Dog Food has been formulated with this in mind.  It contains high amounts of protein to help your dog maintain it’s lean body mass, and a lower percentage of carbohydrates and overall calories to ensure your dog maintains a healthy body weight.

As with all of Orijen’s foods, the Senior formula contains very high quality ingredients, with no grains or fillers.

Benefits of Orijen Regional Senior Dog Food:ORIJEN SENIOR

  • 40% protein, 20% carbohydrates
  • Grain-free
  • Uses high quality “free range” meat ingredients

This is the right food for you if:

  • You own an active, medium to large breed senior dog
  • You are looking for a high quality dog food with no fillers
  • Price & convenience are not a consideration

This is not the right food for you if:

  • Your dog is small and/or inactive
  • You are looking for a food that contains grains
  • You are on a budget
  • Your dog is allergic to chicken or Turkey

Have you used Orijen’s Senior Dog Food for your dog? Please let us know and post a comment below!

[tab:First Five Ingredients:]

First five ingredients of Orijen Senior Dog Food:

  1. Deboned Chicken
  2. Chicken Meal
  3. Turkey Meal
  4. Russet Potato
  5. Deboned Salmon

Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal and Turkey Meal are the first three ingredients  in this food and account for the majority of it’s protein content.

Russet Potato is the fourth ingredient in this food, and is the main source of carbohydrates in this food. They help provide your dog with energy.

Deboned Salmon is the fifth ingredient in Orijen’s Senor formula.  Salmon is an excellent source of protein and contains essential fatty acids that are important for your dog’s health.

Further down the list of ingredients there are more sources of protein (fish and eggs), and plenty of vegetables and fruits that provide your dog with the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants essential for optimal health.


Orijen Senior Dog Food Full Ingredients List:

Fresh deboned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, russet potato, fresh deboned salmon (a natural source of DHA and EPA), herring meal, sweet potato, peas, fresh deboned lake whitefish, salmon meal, fresh deboned walleye, chicken liver, fresh deboned turkey, chicken fat (naturally preserved with vitamin E and citric acid), whole eggs, fresh deboned herring, sun-cured alfalfa, salmon oil, chicory root, dehydrated organic kelp, pumpkin, carrots, spinach, turnip greens, apples, cranberries, saskatoon berries, black currants, choline chloride, psyllium, licorice root, angelica root, fenugreek, marigold flowers, sweet fennel, peppermint leaf, chamomile flowers, dandelion, summer savory, rosemary, sea salt, vitamin supplements (vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E, niacin, vitamin C, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, folic acid, biotin, vitamin B12), mineral supplements (zinc proteinate, iron proteinate, manganese proteinate, copper proteinate, selenium), Lactobacillus acidophilus and Enterococcus faecium fermentation product.

[tab:Guaranteed Analysis:]

Orijen Adult Dog Food Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min.) 40.0%
Crude Fat (min.) 15.0%
Crude Fiber (max.) 6.0%
Moisture (max.) 10.0%
Calcium (min.) 1.6%
Calcium (max.) 1.8%
Phosphorus (min.) 1.1%
Phosphorus (max.) 1.3%
Omega-6 (min.) 2.5%
Omega-3 (min.)
Carbohydrate (max.) 20.0%
Glucosamine (min.) 1400 mg/kg
Chondroitin (min.) 1200 mg/kg
Microorganisms (min.) 120M cfu/kg
Chicory root 700 mg/kg
Licorice root 500 mg/kg
Angelica root 350 mg/kg
Fenugreek 350 mg/kg
Marigold flowers 350 mg/kg
Sweet Fennel 350 mg/kg
Peppermint leaf 300 mg/kg
Chamomile flowers 300 mg/kg
Dandelion root 150 mg/kg
Summer savory 150 mg/kg
Vitamin A 15 kIU/kg
Vitamin D3 2 kIU/kg
Vitamin E 400 IU/kg
Vitamin B12 0.5 mg/kg
Thiamine 50 mg/kg
Riboflavin 40 mg/kg
Niacin 250 mg/kg
Pan. Acid (B5) 40 mg/kg
Pyridoxine (B6) 26 mg/kg
Biotin 1 mg/kg
Folic Acid 3 mg/kg
Choline 2700 mg/kg
Ascorbic Acid 55 mg/kg
Beta carotene 0.40 mg/kg
Taurine 0.3 mg/kg
T. Lysine 2.7%
T. Threonine 1.65%
T. Methionine 0.87%
T. Isoleucine 1.60%
T. Leucine 2.9%
T. Valine 1.9%
T. Arginine 2.9%
T. Phen. 1.6%
T. Histidine 0.85%
T. Cystine 0.5%
Sodium 0.4%
Chloride 0.6%
Potassium 0.65%
Magnesium 0.10%
Sulphur 0.4%
Manganese 14 mg/kg
Cobalt 0.47 mg/kg
Iodine 3.5 mg/kg
Selenium 0.5 mg/kg
Iron 200 mg/kg
Zinc 150 mg/kg
Copper 13 mg/kg

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11 Responses to “Orijen Senior Dog Food”
  1. Keri says:

    In your review above, you say, “This is not the right food for you if Your dog is small….” Why is that?

  2. Laura says:

    I have had my dog on Acana ( the sister company name to orijen) for a few years. As my dog is a jack Russel/ pug cross i have had problems with many dog food brands as they have grain. She, had skin irritations, bad breath, weight problems, and shedding problems. I switched to Orijen senior dog food a few months back and it has had the best results. My dog is 6 years old, going grey in the face and he energy levels had dropped a bit, but since Orijen……she is more playful then when she was a puppy, her coat is super shinny, her bowel movements are smaller and solid and well i think i got a new dog. i would recommend this brand of food for anyone that is looking to improve the quality of life for there dog. The food is not expensive and a little goes a long way since the calories are higher. 10 out of 10 i give this food.

  3. Jess says:

    Laura, Acana and Orijen are both made by Champion foods. They are made at the same facility by the same people. Both are great foods. Some dogs just don’t do good on some foods.


  4. Lisa says:

    My dog was deemed healthy prior to putting her on Orijen. She underwent a teeth cleaning, and due to her age, had to undergo all sorts of tests before hand. Everything, blood work included, came back fine. Also, over the course of her life, she’s had other draws which always came back clean. A few months later I put her on a “better” doog food brand, Orijen Senior. About a month later she was in the ICU due to accident. Because of this, blood was drawn and I was told her liver levels, alkaline & phosphatase and calcium levels of the kidney were all very high. I never would have know, as she showed no symptoms or distress. Immediately, she was put on 3 different liver support medicines. We had to follow up every month with more blood work to reassess. A few months into all of this, the vet advised that cancer could be present. This devastated me so I started researching this food. I learned how much protein is in the food and what that much protein could do to a body. I presented my concerns to my vet. She wasn’t as worried about the food as I was. Still her next labs came back the same. At that point, we decided to wean her off of Orijen and on to another brand. Once month later, and my dog aced her test! A clean bill of health. Her alkaline and phosphatase are still slightly elevated, but I’m told there’s nothing to worry about, we’ll just follow up with one more draw in 4 months. Had it not been for her accident, I never would have known of the damage this was causing her.

  5. Jan says:

    I tried Origen Senior for my dog who has extreme skin problems. Then I read that some dogs are allergic to chicken. Is this why my dog faired so poorly on Origen Senior? I have since switched to Pinnacle and she seems a little better. It is the wild duck/no grains and of course no chicken blend. It costs less than Origen. Time will tell if it is better, but I did read a review that stated their dog did better when switched from Origen to Pinnacle.

    It is frustrating and expensive trying to find out what she is allergic to.

  6. Ash says:

    Chicken may have been the culprit. As far as the better food, it ultimately is going to differ from dog to dog.

  7. Carole Gingrich says:

    Hi, Our dog at 12 was failing, liver and kidney and heart. Not knowing about a “good” dog food, she was on a food that I thought was OK. My son researched Orijen and decided to feed it to his 3 Cattle dogs. I decided to try it and 3 yrs. later our dog that had severe failing health is not failing anymore, proving this by before and after blood tests. She actually gained weight, her bowels are excellent and it gave her a new life. Me personally would swear by Orijen as I have seen what it did for my failing dog by seeing for nyself and also by blood tets.

    We now have 3 rescue cats and they are on Orijen as well.

    Thank you
    Carole Gingrich

  8. Maya Gruber says:

    I am finishing my first bag of Orijen Senior for my 12 year old black lab. I won’t be buying more. He smells terrible on this and has started to chew on his paws again. He does much better on Dick Patten’s Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Chicken. It also is much less costly, so going back is a no-brainer!

  9. Ted Levecque says:

    I just decided to go back to Orijen Senior for out two Labradors, one is diabetic, I know from before it really helped her score on the diabetic front, when I was feeding Fromm Senior she had a lot of “Gas” so if she still has it with Orijen I will know its the lack of grains that cause it, for over Thirty years of breeding I few Pro Plan and never had any problems with the Food, I can’t believe all the negative comments about Purina Pro Plan that I have read, Hey I am still learning and would love to hear comments.

    Thanks Ted

  10. Ted Levecque says:

    Correction in the Text of my last comment, it should read Fed not few!

  11. Lynnan kendrick says:

    So, for a 4 lb 7 yr old long haired chihuahua, which Origen , or acana, wld u recommend?
    I also have a 7 lb 1 1/2 yr old coton de tulear, which wld u recommend?
    Neither are very active…companions!
    They like to share each others food.
    I am at a loss…I’ve tried 3 varieties of acana…ranch land, grassland, & 1 w duck & fish. The last smelled & neither dog cared for it. The coton is more prone to loose stools than the chihuahua.
    It seems there is little concensus.
    What about nutro ultra – someone recommended it to me.
    Are these high protein foods to rich for them?

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