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September 21, 2008  
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Orijen Dog Food Review

If you prefer a grain free dog food, Orijen should be at the top of your list of dog foods to research. Orijen is amongst the best grain free brands of dog food out there. Orijen produces food for your puppy, adult dog and even cats.

The reformulated Orijen Dog Food products have hit the shelves towards the end of 2010.  Compared to their old dog food recipes, the reformulated products have been noted to contain positive changes in terms of the amount and type of ingredients, particularly meat, which have been incorporated in each Orijen dog food formula. All Orijen products also possess a low glycemic index to help prevent or control Diabetes mellitus in dogs.

Orijen products are now formulated with up to 80% more meat and no grains. Quality is maintained by ensuring that the meat used in their products has not been previously frozen or raised in a farm. Rather, meat which is incorporated in each kibble Orijen product comes from the meat of game birds or free-ranged.

To add variety, fresh liver has also been added to most Orijen products except Orijen Regional Red which contains beef liver and Orijen Six Fish which does not contain any liver.

Although more than 80% of the ingredients are now completely animal-based, much of these are boneless in an effort to lower the mineral or ash content.

Orijen dog food products are grain-free. Instead, its carbohydrate component is obtained from sweet potato which is a good source of complex carbohydrates.

Orijen states that the fish meal which has been incorporated in their dog foods are preserved with NATUR-OX, which is a natural blend of Rosemary and tocopherols.

Since there is less meat meal concentrates which have been added, there is lower protein content in Orijen products. In the old formulation, the high protein content was linked to several deaths particularly those dogs which were not big enough to metabolize the high amounts of protein in the diet.

Many dog owners have positively rated Orijen dog food. High ratings were given to the dog food’s palatability as well as the different ingredients that make up each formula. This is one of the most highly rated and most recommended dog food brands that we have reviewed. We can confidently say that we believe that Orijen is one of the best dog food brands available.

There were also a few negative feedbacks from owners whose dogs throw up when their food was switched to Orijen. A few dog owners also reported of digestive upsets and skin problems after switching.

Although more expensive compared to most brands, many dog owners have commented how their dogs’ health improved and how pets suffering from skin allergies and digestive upsets bade goodbye to these problems upon shifting to Orijen.  Many also reported that their dogs now possess healthy shiny hair and do not suffer from any dental or digestive problems.

Please visit the links listed below for Orijen dog food reviews by formula.

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Orijen Dog Food Reviews:

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Orijen Dog Food Consumer Rating

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289 Responses to “Orijen Dog Food”
  1. Diana says:

    my dog loves orijen, she had bad skin allergies and her coat was a mess very itchy, the vet told me it was the food i was giving her (pedigree) i switched to orijen and she no longer ripps her skin out and her coat looks beautiful and shiny.

  2. Jess says:

    I still feed this along with one cup of the 6 fish at his am feeding. His pm feeding is this, mixed evenly with TOTW due to $$$. I still get meat for 2.15 a pound at Costco, so he gets about 60 grams of fresh raw meat a day as a after dinner snack. Gotta watch the fingers when feeding him meat, LOL. I think he could be getting issues (hotspots) with chicken so I am gonna start feeding the Wild Sierra Mountain because it contains zero chicken. I can’t afford the Red since it went up so much. We tried Kirkland but it did not work for Tony and gave the rest of bag to the pet adoption place here.

  3. Antonio says:

    Jess, you might want to look into Victors Grain Free. That’s what I’m feeding currently, but Nevermind I’m not sure it’s available over in your area, and also it does have Chicken in the formula.

  4. Lana says:

    We’ve used Orijen with our dog since we got him last year. He is a rescue dog- Black Lab with a skinny cross (greyhound? whippet? whatever…). His coat is super shiny (I never see any other Labs at the dog park anywhere close to his ‘gleam’), and he is a very energetic and athletic dog. He is slim due to his ‘breeding’, but the high protein content works wonders on how fit he is. One thing- the Regional Red gives him the stinkiest and most frequent farts, so we switched back to the Poultry and Fish formula. Our cats also eat Orijen and prior to this they were incredibly picky. Now, they will eat any of the Orijen formulas with no complaint. And they are in great shape.

  5. Ted Levecque says:

    Just switched from Fromm to Orijen Senior, to help control Diabetes, also Insulin can now be purchased from a Drug Store rather than a Vet, as it is the Human Kind of Insulin called Humullin R. Will see how she does on this food, I was a little concerned at first over the high Protein content but after a lot of study with my Vet it seems to be okay

  6. Ash says:

    Lana, I had the same issue with the gas for the first 3 weeks when I started with the Red., Eventually it went away. This brand, especially the Red, seems to take a longer transitional period than most foods.

  7. Markalaw says:

    We really like how our little Cavalier has taken to Orijen. I have had her on it now for two years. But, those desiring to swtich to Orijen should be aware of two things. First, the transition from a non-Orijen product to Orijen took us about four weeks (gassy and loose stools). I now rotate among Regional Red (her favorite), 6 Fish, and Adult for variety, and because its all Orijen, I’ve not had the transitional issues. Second, the amount of food needed may not be as much as your old food. I found that the recommended amount of kibble I was feeding her with the old brand was too much compared to Orijen’s recommended amount by nearly 25%.

  8. Maija says:

    I’ve been feeding Orijen 6 Fish to my 2.5 -year-old Lagotto Romagnolo for half a year now. First everything was like a dream – stinky gas was no longer a problem like it used to be with many other foods that I tried. Nails and coat went remarkably better in really short time. Cutting the nails was always a nightmare with my dog: the nails went in to pieces and that was of course painful. Now it is just one of these things that has to be done, not worrying from my side and not panic & pain thing for my dog. After ear infection and antibiotics for that the gas problem has returned with more or less constant diarrhea. I think it has something to do with the right kind of bacteria in the stomach. Now the bacteria is just not in balance. Sea weed powder and yoghurt I’ve already tried. If someone has any ideas, I’d be very grateful…

  9. Terri says:

    My GSD did not do well with Orijen. We tried 6 fish and regional red. She was on Evo red meat and I wanted to get something else in rotation. She had stinky stools nd lots of gas along with itchy paws and stains on her hair around around her anal area. Now I have switched back to Evo fish and her coat is now gorgeous. No more itchy paws. I am now slowly integrating Nature’s Variety Instinct into her diet and she is doing quite well. No more Orijen for Shiloh.

  10. Will says:

    Question, has anyone just Googled ‘problems with Orijen’ I did and page after page of complaints come up from a variety of breed forums.

    Seems like this food is just an internet darling, but nothing more.

  11. Jessy says:

    I love origins products my dog is very healthy and she only gets three cups a day at 65 lbs a 30lbs bag will last her a month and a half. And my friends dog had skin cancers and wouldn’t eat he switched to origen after I told him about their product his dog is doing much better. Cancers spots are getting smaller and he is gaining wait can’t keep him out of the bag lol.

  12. misty says:

    Hi I have a 5 month old male yorkie. When I 1st got him I had him on science diet. About a 5 weeks ago I switched him over to Origen. He loves it but has lots of gas. The problem I am having is I was told that once you open it its only good for 40 days. I am buying the trial .88lb bags ( one a week) It would be cheaper to get small bag but I am worried about him getting sick if I dont use it fast enough. ANy suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

  13. Ted says:

    You guys know that Orijen sold out right? Bedford Capital runs it now, and the CEO is Frank Burdzy, a chemical company executive.

    Why when Natura was sold did everyone have a hissy fit but when you try to mention it on the forum the comment is removed?

  14. We have fed Orijen now for goingon 4or5 years to our Newfoundlands and we highly recommend it. I have haard some other breeders say it is too “rich” for their dog and caused stomach upset but all my dogs have always done well and they have a mixture of bloodlines. Was always worried about the high protein for our puppies but so far so good. We love Orijen!

  15. Sara says:

    About a month ago, I switched over my boy to Orijen, from Royal Canin Vet line for large breed puppies. My vet assured me it was balanced and worth the $90, yes $90 dollars for a big bag. After I did some research though, I realized the ingredients were not all that impressive. Corn was second on the list… So, we switched to Orijen which I did extensive research on. It’s made right here in Alberta, where we live, has amazing ingredients, and an over all great outlook on dog nutrition. Unfortunately, we will be trying something else next time we buy him food. He started off great, then slowly began to leave his meals unfinished, which never happened before. But the main reason is because he now gets awful, terrible, foul gas all the time, and his BM’s are just rank. I know it’s all the protein, but it can\t be comfortable being that gassy all the time… If any one has any suggestions please let me know

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