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October 28, 2008  
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Natural Balance dog food review

Natural Balance dog food formulas are better-known for its celebrity creator Dick Van Patten. Natural balance dry dog food formulas are tailored to provide a complete and balanced nutrition for dogs. Its different recipes are well-rated and each formulation is guaranteed to have meet AAFCO nutrient profiles to satisfy the nutritional requirements of all life stages. There are various types of Natural Balance dry food formulas—the Ultra Premium Formulas are designed for all life stages, that is, from puppies through adulthood; the Grain-Free Formulas are formulated for puppies and dogs with a history of food allergies; the new Alpha Dog Formulas are for puppies and adults; and the Synergy Ultra Formula.

We believe that Natural Balance produces a good quality dog food and do recommend this brand.

The ingredients of the various Natural Balance dog food formulas are derived from excellent animal and plant sources. The carbohydrate component may include barley, potatoes, rice, and oatmeal. All of these provide complex carbohydrates with low glycemic indices that prevent fluctuation of blood sugar levels.

What is another positive feature of Natural Balance dog food formulas is the variety of meat sources that they incorporate in their ingredients. Each formula may contain raw meat and/or meat concentrate from venison, bison, duck, turkey, fish, rabbit, lamb, and chicken. These animal meat sources provide excellent meat proteins that can sufficiently provide the needed protein requirement of dogs.

Some dog owners may have commented on the different appearance or colors of various Natural Balance dog food formulas. This is attributed to the fact that aside from meat, there are also different kinds of nutrient-rich vegetables which are also incorporated in the dog food.

Some of the vegetables which may be present include garbanzo beans and peas which are good sources of plant-based proteins. The addition of vegetables also increases the overall nutritional content of any formula of Natural Balance dog food.

Tocopherols which are good sources of Vitamin E are used as preservative while Canola Oil and chicken fat provide essential omega-3 fatty acids.

The addition of Inulin, a soluble dietary fiber found in tubers and roots, reinforces not only the carbohydrate content but also acts as a prebiotic to boost the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the dog’s digestive tract.

The Natural Balance dog food formulas also incorporate chelated minerals which means that the essential minerals can easily be absorbed and used in the body.

Beet pulp is a controversial ingredient in Natural Balance dog food formulas because it is often used as inexpensive filler. However, there are others who believe in the benefits of beet pulp on the health of the digestive tract and on blood sugar levels.

Customer Reviews

Most dog owners report of positive experiences with Natural Balance dog food formulas—dogs are said to have thick and shiny hair coats and maintain healthy weights. Many love the fact that the meat protein sources are of “human” grade.

Some owners may have reacted negatively on Natural Balance formulas with Sweet Potato as the first major ingredient.   There are also a few dog owners who reported that their dogs experienced digestive problems and suffered flatulence and loose stools.

Overall, we believe Natural Balance produces good quality formulas and recommend this brand.

Please visit the links listed below for Natural Balance dog food reviews by formula.

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Natural Balance dog food reviews

Natural Balance Dog Food Formulas:

  1. Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Original Ultra Ultra-Premium Dry Food
  2. Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Original Ultra Reduced Calorie Formula Dog Food
  3. Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance A.M.P. Ultra Active Dry Formula Dog Food
  4. Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food
  5. Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Venison Dry Dog Food
  6. Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Potato & Duck Dry Dog Food
  7. Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato and Fish Dry Dog Food
  8. Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula For Dogs
  9. Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Organic Formulas
  10. Natural Balance L.I.D. Potato & Kangaroo Dry Dog Food

Natural Balance Dog Food Consumer Ratings

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50 Responses to “Natural Balance dog food”
  1. christine says:

    As everyone has written, stay away from Natural Balance. They cannot even meet California “made in the USA” standards as their ingredients come from China. I tried the new cat food they have and it looks like cat vomit and smelled like it too. What are they thinking.

    And all the recalls!! It is time for the pet owners to unite and file a class action suit for all of our pets that have been harmed by this food…save your money and buy something else of better quality and truly made in the USA.

    Even the veterinarians and objecting to this food and some are tired of treating the poor sick cats and dogs due to this food…

    Want to save money??? Stay away from Natural Balance

  2. PAUX says:

    It is a toxic food. Pets react acutely or its adverse affects are accumulative, ending with liver damage, kidney failure or dying from bloat. They don’t even manufacture their own product, they have it subcontracted by other lage manufacturing companies, some with very bad track records…diamond. They also import some of their ingredients from China +. It is all about the money not the health of our furry friends.

  3. PAUX says:

    In response to “Jorge”, you apparently do not know much about toxins, or how they affect the body. Natasha, knows her dog and knows what happened to him. I also lost a dog to this brand recently. Their formula’s have changed, and some are very high on plant fiber and low on meat protein, this in itself will cause many health problems. They also use ingredients from China, what toxins could be present, industrial waste[?], (they have put it into animal feed). Zinc can be very toxic, so can copper. It is very evident that there is something very wrong with this brand. They spend more money in advertizing and merchandizing than they do on the product. So, inform yourself prior to putting others down for what they have experienced with use of this garbage they call quality pet food. For having 151 tests there sure are a lot of bad microorganisms and toxins that get past them.

  4. Yolanda says:

    I agree with PAUX above… one cares as long as they can make good money, they will kill our dogs…disgusting…..I can make my own dog biscuits and dog food at home, …at least I know what’s in it….

  5. AMY says:

    I love Natural Balance. My dogs are almost 5 months old. I have been feeding my 2 toy poodles Natural Balance Alpha – the Lamb, Chicken, and Rabbit grain-free formula for almost 3 months. They love it. I mainly started feeding this brand because one of them was a poop eater and I wanted it to stop. This food did the trick. All of the food totally digests. Their poop has firmed up and they dont mess with it anymore. I also use the Natural Balance L.I.T. treats – the sweet potato and Bison ones. Once again, my dogs are in love with the treats. Even though this is expensive food (my 12.5 lb bag costs $40) it is totally worth it.

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