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October 29, 2010  
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Merrick Dog Food Review

Merrick dog food products are formulated based on the company’s mission statement “comfort for the soul”. The Merrick Pet Foods, Inc. is a family-owned business that started out as a manufacturer of natural dog treats. Merrick claims that all their products have undergone a very simple process to ensure that the nutrients are retained as much as possible without the addition of artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors.

It was only in 2003 that Merrick started a dry dog food line originally composed of six different formulas. They have added one dry dog food formula to the six original ones. Merrick’s existing dry dog food gourmets include Campfire Trout Feast, Cowboy Cookout, Grammy’s Pot Pie, Puppy Plate, Senior Medley, Turducken, and Wilderness Blend. All these formulas have been tailored to meet AAFCO nutrient profiles required for all life stages.

We recommend Merrick’s dog foods and believe that they produce some of the highest quality formulas available. While it is an expensive option, we believe that that quality warrants the higher price.

The main ingredients of Merrick dog food products contain a major protein source that combines fresh or raw meat with a specific meat concentrate. A Merrick dog food formula may contain one or two of the following meat sources—buffalo, chicken, trout, beef, salmon meal, lamb meal, turkey meal, chicken meal, and pork meal.

In formulating their rations, they paired up a raw meat source with a specific meat concentrate to maintain the protein levels of the dog food. Fresh meat sources such as buffalo, chicken, beef, or trout contain high levels (approximately 80%) of water which evaporates upon processing leaving only a fraction of the original raw ingredient. Meat meals are considered meat concentrates that contain almost 300% protein than raw meat sources. It is good to note that the meat meals used Merrick dog food products are specified and not like some dog food products that use generic meat meals. Sources of ingredients are very important in order to determine the quality of the dog food.

The fish meals are said to be ethoxyquin-free.  Ethoxyquin is considered a dangerous food additive. Trout and fish meals contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids which are essential in many physiological processes of the body and to maintain healthy hair coats.

The carbohydrate component of Merrick’s dog food formulas is comprised of pearled barley, oat meal, and ground rice.  These are whole grains which are also excellent sources of fiber and B-vitamins. Oatmeal is made from coarsely ground oats and is mostly gluten-free. Gluten-rich ingredients in dog food have been linked to allergies in dogs.

Probiotics have been added to infuse beneficial microorganisms into the dog food. Chelated minerals are also present for easy absorption and utilization of essential amino acids.

Customer Reviews

Many dog owners like the fact that Merrick dog food products do not contain common food allergens such as corn, wheat or soy. There are many dog owners who shifted their dogs’ diet to Merrick to alleviate and/or get rid of food-based allergies.

Most negative feedbacks are centered on digestive disturbances that a dog may have when switching dog food brands. Some owners reported their dogs having loose stools and emitting foul-smelling gas. This is especially true for dogs with sensitive digestive systems.

We strongly support Merrick dog food and believe that this is one of the better dog food brands for your dog. Their updated formulas are a welcomed improvement and the company continues on a great path.

Merrick Dog Food Reviews

Merrick dog food formulas:

Merrick Dog Food Consumer Rating

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110 Responses to “Merrick dog food”
  1. Michelle says:


  2. Patty Hauer says:

    My dog had food allergies for 9 years and couldn’t find a food to relieve them and I tried a quite a few of the “QUALITY” foods. Started him on the Cowboy version of Merrick and it was the best change I’ve ever made. He hasn’t had a breakout since I got him fully switched on to it. I actually had to cut back the amount I was giving him because he has gained some unneeded weight but that would be the only negative I’ve found with it. I would much rather pay a little more for the food than pay for the vet bills!

  3. Lolita's Mom says:

    I’ve been feeding Wellness Core Reduced Fat Dry to my little Chiweenie for 2 years along with Merrick 5-Star Canned Food as a topper…she is VERY healthy and everyone (including the vet) compliments her on her soft and shiny coat and bright eyes….she has no digestive or urinary problems whatsoever and her breath is so sweet, never stinky …I think this is the BEST food combination one can give their dogs.

  4. Michele Walck says:

    I have been feeding my dog the before grain for years now and it is great. Merrick just raised their prices on it and it is crazy! I am so upset! I would buy the 11 pound bag and it would cost me $24 and some cents. I goto buy it last week and it was $32 and some cents. That is not good. Now it has one more pound so it is a 12 pound bag, it is a new design (graphics) on the bag and the did add a couple more grams of protien. This still is not right. That much of a price hike for that. I even called the customer service to ask them about it and the girl I talked to couldnt even believe that the price was raised that much. They are going to lose alot of good customers because they want to get greedy.

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