Life’s Abundance Dog Food

Life’s Abundance Dog Food Review

Life’s Abundance dog food products are formulated by a veterinarian and tailored to incorporate ingredients that work together to provide dogs with highly nutritious, wholesome, and perfectly-balanced meals.  The manufacturers of Life’s Abundance dog food formulas claim to “use a ‘fast-cook’ process at low temperatures to help preserve the nutritional value of each and every wholesome ingredient”.

Life’s Abundance has two dry dog food formulas—Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food for Puppies & Adult Dogs and Life’s Abundance Weight-Loss Formula for Adult Dogs. The first formula meets the AAFCO nutrient profile for all life’s stages while the second formula is tailored to meet the nutritional needs for adult maintenance.lifes_abundance_dog_food

Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food formulas are free from any corn ingredient and wheat products. The manufacturer also claims that there has been no addition of artificial flavors or colors.

Major ingredients include chicken meal, catfish meal, eggs, chicken fat, whole grains including ground brown rice, oats groats, fruits and vegetables.

Unlike some dog food formulas, Life’s Abundance formulas incorporate chicken meal instead of generic and controversial poultry meal. Knowing the source of the meat meal can help better assess the value and quality of a certain dog food formula.

Chicken meal is an excellent source of meat-based protein. It is considered as a meat concentrate which means that it contains about 300% times more protein compared to raw meat sources. One cause of concern though when chicken is part of a dog food formula is the occurrence of food-based allergies in dogs which are sensitive to poultry meat.

Just like Chicken Meal, the incorporation of Catfish Meal rather than the generic fish meal signifies a better and more wholesome protein source. Catfish is another form of meat concentrate thus its presence contributes to the total protein value of the feed.

The carbohydrate fraction of the diet is made up of whole grains including brown rice and oat groats.

Brown rice is a complex carbohydrate with a low glycemic index. It is important in maintaining the stability of a dog’s blood glucose levels. When cooked, brown rice is easier to digest and absorb in the body.

Oat groats is another whole grain cereal which is a good source of stable energy for the dog. It is a form of oats which has only undergone minimal amount of processing.

Chicken fat is a by-product when rendering chicken. It is abundant in linoleic acid, which is a form of omega-6 fatty acid. This type of fatty acid protects the body cells from the effects of radicals and oxidative processes in the body.

Dried beet pulp is a fiber-rich ingredient which is a by-product of sugar beet processing. The ingredient is often controversial in that some look at it as being an inexpensive dog food filler. However, dried beet pulp has been recognized to contribute to intestinal integrity and beneficial effects on the blood sugar levels of dogs.

Brewer’s dried yeast is a by-product when making beer. Aside from containing about 45% protein, it is also a good source of various healthy nutrients. Brewer’s dried yeast has been considered controversial by many dog owners because it has been associated with incidence of hypersensitivity reactions and allergies in dogs which are sensitive to yeast. Yeast is also believed to increase the risk of bloat, a critical condition in dogs that can be fatal when emergency veterinary treatment is not given immediately. However, yeast is believed to help protect the dog from fleas and boost the functions of the dog’s immune system.

Canola oil is viewed by many as an unhealthy fat however it is a rich source of important omega-3 fatty acids. Some dog owners also shy away from dog food products with canola oil because it can come from genetically modified rapeseed from Canada.

Probiotics have been added to provide beneficial bacteria that can help boost digestive and immune functions.

Chelated minerals are also present which makes these minerals easier to absorb and use in the body.

Favorable reviews from dog owners involve the absence of any plant-based protein sources and a substantial amount of protein from meat sources particularly meat concentrates. Some dog owners are also concerned with giving their dogs a grain-based, high protein diet.

Overall, we believe Life’s Abundance is a quality dog food and would recommend this brand.

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3 Responses to “Life’s Abundance Dog Food”
  1. I have been using Lifes Abundance for almost 2 years. I have four dogs (GSD, Border Collie & 2 Havanese) All of my dogs had issues…my Shepherd remained @15lbs underweight and people would say…”why don’t you feed that dog!!” My Border Collie licked his feet raw till they were red, my male havenese would pull his hair out of his feet and his rear end!! I tried food after food..high quality & organic and nothing worked….until Life’s Abundance. My Shepherd began gaining straight away…it took a while but then my B.Collie stopped licking his feet!! Zeke stopped pulling hair from his feet but continued to pull it from his side near his rear…until about 5 months ago. I think with Zeke it became a habit and whenever we would leave him, he would revert back to pulling his hair…I use Life’s my puppies when they are weaned and they have beautiful coats and eyes. You might view them all on my site and even check into the Life’s Abundance page. There is also an old blog the simplifies how to read dog food labels. Check it out!!

  2. Casie J says:

    Love the food, the only food that didn’t give my dog indigestion, gas, puking and/or diarrhea. He has been thriving on it for about 10 months now, could not be happier. It is well worth the extra price for shipping, to see that he is happy, comfortable and not in distress. Also I have noticed that his coat has gotten softer and glossier after his yearling shed and adult coat with this than his puppy coat on other foods. I highly reccomend it.

  3. Lisa says:

    We have been feeding and recommending this food for 9 years. It started with our dog Storm who could barely stand or sit due to his hip and elbow dysplasia surgeries all before the age of 1. He was 8 years old and in pain. We started him on the Agility formula and food and within 2 months he was no longer in pain. He started to run around our 5 acres with our younger dogs and lived until 11 1/2 (which is great for a 100 pound plus dog with hip and elbow issues). I truly believe these two products gave us the extra 3 1/2 years with him.

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