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September 21, 2008  
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Kirkland Dog Food Review

Kirkland dog food made by Diamond is conveniently sold at Costco’s world wide.  The Kirkland product line has 6 dry food formulas designed to meet the individual requirements of specific ages of dogs. The Kirkland Signature Adult Dog Formula has two variances, chicken and lamb, which gives a healthy choice for hypersensitive dogs. The Kirkland dog food products are less expensive compared to other well-rated dog food brands however their prices does not compromise the quality of their dog food lines. Last time we checked it was 17.99-23.99 for a 40lb bag, depending on the formula. Due to the price many are lead to believe that this food is just another low quality dog food, however, we believe that Kirkland dog food falls in the middle of the food quality spectrum.

Compared to other budget-friendly dog food brands, Kirkland dog food formulas don’t incorporate corn, soy, or wheat among the first five ingredients. There is also no mention of unspecified animal by-products which are often from questionable sources that can further degrade the quality of the dog food.

Chicken and lamb are the main sources of animal proteins for Kirkland dog food formulas. This is a good protein source for dogs of all ages. Whole grains including brown rice and cracked pearl barley also form the basal ingredients.

Although chicken is an excellent protein source, it is used raw which means it still contains 80% water which is lost when processed, leaving only a small part of its original weight. This is probably the reason for the addition of the chicken meal which is a meat concentrate and contains 300% more protein compared to fresh or raw chicken.

Brown rice is a good source of complex carbohydrates which can be easy to digest after it has already undergone processing. Another ingredient that supplies starchy carbohydrate, fiber and other nutrients is Barley.

Chicken fat is a by-product obtained from rendering chicken. It is rich in omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid which are important in the different physiological processes of the body. It is important for dog food manufacturers to specify the source of fat in order to assess the quality of the ingredient. There are dog food manufacturers that list down this ingredient as “animal fat”.

Among the different ingredients, beet pulp has been met with skepticism because although it is a high-fiber ingredient, it is often used as inexpensive filler.

Other minor ingredients which contribute to the over-all nutrition value of the dog food include potato which is a good source of highly digestible carbohydrates; fish meal provides additional animal protein; flaxseed which is an excellent plant source of omega-3 fatty acids and soluble fiber.

There is no mention, though, of probiotics or beneficial bacteria which is present in many top-rated dog food products.

Customer Reviews

The most common feedback relates to the price of Kirkland dog food products -it is not every day that one can get a good quality dog food at such low prices. There are dog owners who agree that the high protein from quality meat sources is great for their dog’s hair coat, body weight, and energy—all these positive feedbacks even though their dogs were eating less compared to other dog food brands.

Negative feedbacks include diarrhea in first time users, manifestation of allergy symptoms, digestive problems that include vomiting, loose stools, smelly gas, and an upset stomach.

Please visit the links listed below for Kirkland dog food reviews by formula.

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Kirkland Dog Food Reviews

Kirkland dog food comes in four different formulas:

Kirkland Dog Food Consumer Rating

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284 Responses to “Kirkland Dog Food”
  1. LabsRawesome says:

    Hi Lindy, I would take it back to Costco. They will give you a refund. The food you bought in GREEN shrink wrap is the chicken and lamb, it is made by American Nutrition. My two dogs LOVE the new Kirkland cuts in gravy, in the BROWN shrink wrap. It is made by a totally different company, Simms pet care. It comes in chicken and beef. You should try that one, my 2 love it. 🙂

  2. Dukesdad says:

    We got Duke as a 5 year old boxer. He looked ok but was somewhat overweight. We were given a bag of Old Roy dog food by the previous owners. A friend recommended Kirkland brand. After just 6 weeks Duke’s weight dropped to a healthy 68 pounds, his coat developed a shine and he has the muscle tone of an athlete. I’ve used high end foods with past dogs but I really don’t see any benefit over the Kirkland brand.

  3. DogLover says:

    I logged on to this site because I need to find another food for my lab and all I read are comments from these women fighting with each other… I’m wondering what it has to do with dog food!!!!! Furthermore if you want to fight don’t do it on a public forum!!!!! People use this to find out information about DOG FOOD not peoples petty differences.

  4. LabsRawesome says:

    Hi Doglover, let someone call you a DUMBASS and see if you defend yourself, like Sue did to me, she also accused me and others of working for Diamond. She was an inflammatory TROLL.If you keep clicking “older comments” you can go back to the peaceful posts before the idiot called Sue showed up. 🙂

  5. Jennifer says:

    isn’t there a moderator for these forums for people who harass other people and obviously have too much time on their hands. i don’t even feed my dog kirkland but i’ve spent the last 15 minutes just looking at silly comments between two people bickering. this site needs a moderator!

  6. eugene says:

    it wont matter what you feed your dog sooner or later the vets
    are going to rob you blind VULTURES

  7. Barbie Dahl says:

    I used Kirkland food on my previous dogs for many years. One dog ate this food for about 2/3 of her life, and the other ate it for his entire life. They each lived to be teenagers, passing away at 16 and 14 respectively. They were big dogs, and most big dogs pass away around the age of 12 or 13.

    When they died, both dogs were healthy. They had great looking coats, and their fur was shiny.

    In fact, the oldest of the two, when we rescued her, she had rubbed the fur completely off her back. She had hot spots and severe itching. Her previous owners were taking her for Cortisone shots and just didn’t feel like dealing with her skin issues anymore. AFter a short while on Kirkland’s food, her hair grew back and she never had bald patches or hot spots again. She continued to have mild seasonal allergies, but this food did wonders for her. I liked it because it was a decent quality food for a single income budget.

    We recently adopted two dogs from the shelter, and I plan to transition them to this food, as well.

  8. cerusich says:

    Im going to be brutally honest. When I switched the kirkland and compared it to true blue I thought it was incedible that they could manufacture a product with such high quality ingredients for such a low price. BUT, once again I got a bag of food that was recalled. I JUST bought another bag 6-1-2012 and my dogs are refusing to eat it and have thrown up multiple times and seem lathargic and very apathetic. Not sure why some people on here are acting like they are a CEO for kirkland. If you had a good experience with the food thats badass. (As aforementioned, what they are offering is incredible for the price). I’ve read comments about people using it for their entire dogs life.

    For me, I dont think its acceptable that I go get a bag of dog food playing russian roulette and hoping that its ok. At the end of the day, the cheap dog foods with by-products probably arent the healthiest thing for your dogs but they’ve also never made my dogs sick.

    Oh and you’re not a dumbass. You’re just being incredibly egocentrically closed-minded. IF your dogs had gotten a bad bag of food, like many other peoples did I wouldn’t be vexed at you for complaining. Thats no different from you getting food poisoning from a retaurant and me listing to you fifty people that went there and were ok and berating you for not going back.

    …..and im out.

  9. Margie says:

    What kind of kirklands did you feed your dog. I have Mastiff and am not happy with food he is on even though breeder was feeding him that as a puppy.
    Thanks, Margie

  10. Jackman says:

    Anyone seriously thinking about purchasing either Kirkland or Nutra Nuggets dog foods, sold by Costco, should review the history of those products and the manufacturer with the FDA. As I am writing this I am watching my irish setter suffer end stage salmonella poisoning. Because I no longer have the bag of food, Kirkland Lamb and Rice to verify the production codes and confirm that they were included in the last recall I cannot say with a certainty that the batch that I have been feeding was contaminated. However,the only foods that my dog has eaten for the last several years have been the Diamond products. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about their history until very recently. I am going to be turning my Costco membership in, in the next few days. Right after I bury my dog.

  11. Gretchen says:

    Jackman…so sorry about the loss of your dog 🙁

  12. Joe says:

    I have a 12 lb miniture Schnauzer which I have been feeding for the last 5 months Kirkland Signature lamb and rice. I chose the food after reading many excellent reviews on various websites. My dog ate 1 cup per day and went to the bathroom 4 times a day. He always had mild body odour, even after bathing.
    Changed the food to Eukanuba Adult Maintenance. Store clerk told me to mix both foods together 50/50 at the beginning as the new food could upset his stomach. Dog ate only the Eukanuba and left the Kirkland.
    I have now been feeding my dog the Eukanuba for 2 weeks. We noticed he has more energy, stool samples are half the size and only twice daily. He eats 3/4 cup versus 1 cup. And after just one week NO MORE BODY SMELL. It may cost a little more, but remember you get what you pay for.

  13. Mary Cris Kohn says:

    I’m wondering what you think about Earthborn Holistic grain-free in comparison to Origen grain-free. Thanks!!

    Mary Cris

  14. Todd says:

    Mary Cris Kohn, what most people and REVIEWERS do not realize, is that chicken meal and other meat meals are 80% bone. If you doubt me go to Tyson and check out their meal and they supply a lot of dog food companies. I used to believe that meal form meat was better, because it was added dry. I now know and feel that SOME whole meat is mandatory in my dogs food. Primitive Natural contains no whole meat. It also contains tomato pomace and sodium selenite, 2 ingredients I stay away from. Orijen does not contain any bad ingredients and some real meat. With that said, you should add some real meat in your dogs diet no matter what you feed. Kirkland is made by Diamond and I would never feed anything made by Diamond or Natura pet..

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