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October 27, 2008  
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Innova dog food review

Innova claims to be the first holistic health food for pets. Innova dog food products are manufactured by Natura Pet Products which is a relatively young company having been founded in 1992 by John and Ann Rademakers and Peter Atkins.

The makers of Innova dog food formulas claims to use only the best quality natural ingredients in order to take advantage of the inherent essential nutrients of fresh wholesome ingredients to satisfy the individual requirements of the different life stages.

There are eleven dry dog food formulas each designed to meet the individual needs of dogs of any age, breed, or special diet requirement. Four of these dog food rations meet AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages, while two formulas are designed for puppies and five dog food rations are formulated for adult maintenance.

The Innova dog food formulas are tailored based on a food pyramid pattern similar to the ones used in humans. Thus the five pyramid groups –grain, vegetables, dairy, fruit, and meat—are well-represented to make up one complete diet.

The main sources of animal-based proteins include turkey, chicken, beef, chicken meal, and lamb meal.  Raw meat contains about 80% water which is lost during the manufacturing process. When this happens, only a small amount of the meat is available as a protein source. Thus the manufacturers of Innova dog food incorporated meat meals which are considered meat concentrates that contain 300% more protein than fresh meat sources.

The grain component is provided by healthy whole grains such as barley, brown rice, and potato. Barley is a fiber-rich carbohydrate which is also a good source of healthy essential nutrients. It has a low glycemic index which can maintain the stability of a dog’s blood sugar levels. Brown rice is healthier than white rice and is much easier to digest. Potatoes are highly digestible sources of carbohydrates.

The vegetable component is made up of alfalfa sprouts, pumpkin, tomatoes and carrots.

Cottage cheese provides the dairy component while apples comprise the fruit component of the food pyramid.

Chicken fat, although not appealing, is rich in linoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids which are both important nutrients for the many physiological processes of the body.

Flaxseed is a source of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids and is also a rich source of soluble fiber. However flaxseed is almost indigestible for monogastric animals. Thus its incorporation as whole seeds in the Innova dog food formulas is often questioned.

Beneficial microorganisms have also been added to fortify the dog food rations and improve the digestive and immune functions of dogs given Innova rations.

Chelated minerals have also been added which ensures that they can easily be absorbed and assimilated and readily utilized in the body.

Customer Reviews

Although some dog owners may view Innova dog food with apprehensions because of the inclusion of grains, there has been no reports of allergies associated with any component of the Innova dog food formulas. Many owners report healthy coats and energetic dogs.

Innova has not been included in dog food recalls, but it received negative publicity when samples of Innova dog food tested positive for acetaminophen and cyanuric acid.

There are also dog owners who found that a gradual shift from one dog food brand to Innova is necessary to prevent digestive upsets.

Overall, Innova dog food formulas are of good quality and are generally recommended by our experts.

Innova dog food reviews

Innova dog food Formulas:

Innova Dog Food Consumer Ratings

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127 Responses to “Innova dog food”
  1. Jess says:

    Yes David, there are quite a few good dog food companies out there and here is a list I made up. I am gonna update this list in a few days because some things are changing.

    The A list
    1. Orijen
    2. Acana, Harvest, pacifica & grassland Only.
    3. Horizon Legacy
    4. Taste of the Wild, wetlands & prairie, ONLY.
    5. GO, grain free /Endurance Only.
    6. Fromm, 4 star.
    7. Merrick
    8. Wellness Core
    9. Blue Wilderness
    10. Acana, the rest of Acana products.
    11. Artemis

    The B list
    1. GO, the rest of their products.
    2. Evangers
    3. Timberwolf
    4. Fromm, the rest of their products.
    5. Instinct
    6. Wellness super 5 mix
    7. Now, Grain free.
    8. Solid Gold
    9. Precise Holistic Complete, Only.
    10. Natures Logic
    11. Pinnacle
    12. First Mate
    13. Kirkland or Natural Domain, Costco!(mainly because of cost)
    14. Now, the rest of their products.

    The C list
    1. Nutrisource
    2. Evo
    3. Chicken soup for the dog lovers soul
    4. Exclusive
    5. Pure Vita
    6. Canidae, Grain Free ALS, Only.
    7. Wellness
    8. Earthborn
    9. Annamaet, GRAINFREE ONLY.
    10. Organix
    11. Natural Balance, not all are good!
    12. Whole Earth farms, this well move up!
    13. Premium Edge
    14. Innova

  2. el says:

    Actually isn’t Champion Pet foods a 25 year old company, maybe they are following their old path again. Nobody had heard of them before 6-7 years ago I wonder why. People do your own research and be careful of web bloggers like Jess

  3. Jess says:

    Yea, that’s what I am. And you better be careful of someone like me, who actually does tons of research EVERYDAY. I see you are trying to bash, theee, best dog food made today. Funny how someone like you comes here and makes FALSE statements about such a good dog food. Do some homework you’ll find some answers to your FALSE STATEMENTS!!! Whats wrong, do you feed a crappy dog food and are now trying to justify it or are you just stupid.

  4. el says:

    Thank you for telling the people you are an Orijen web blogger. hope they pay you well for bashing other great companies like Evo. You make false statement. Orijen did kill cats in Australia and I backed it up and the pet store did have bone shards in the Orijen pet food and I backed it up. Orijen is made by Elmira, but they can’t say that because they lie and tell the public that they use local ingredients at their plant. Maybe in the beginning they did. And this is like Orijen’s 3rd 4th ingredient change which they do not state on thier bags or site. When will they make up their minds.

    Unlike your false statement about Evo using cheap ingredients where is your back up. If I was the Evo comapny I would sue you for slander and false accusations.

    See what you bosses Peter and Michelle have to say to this, you know the Orijen owners that sign your check.

  5. el says:

    You are saying that Kirkalnd is a better food that Innova. Check where Kirland is made. You know nothing about these companies, what research. HA. I hope no one listen to you and you so called “research”.

  6. Jess says:

    Poor little el. He really has no clue about what p & g is all about. Make up your mind is it the 3rd, 4th or maybe you could say 5th change. Maybe you could use the word slaughter, you really are something. I am not bashing Evo, but I know for a fact that Innova and California Natural are NOT the quality foods they were before p & g bought them out. You can go to any dog food forums and see more than one post of people that are having issues with those products. I personally had problems with C.N.!! I guess you are a little slow since you could not figure that I was being facetious with my blogger statement. That might be to big of a word for you. Oh gee Kirkland and Diamond vs Innova, Evo, C.N. and p & g. I would not trust p & g with pig food. I sure wish CHAMPION dog food “did” sign my check because then I would be working for a great company and not a low life company like p & g….Hey Peter and Michelle it’s pay day where is my check????

  7. Michelle says:

    Jess LOL,Who the heck is Peter?? I see the jackass that calls himself “el” is back again.Sorry el,but I’m not an “Orijen web blogger”.And I don’t sign anyone’s paycheck.I am a stay at home mom with a six year old son.Who just happens to have 2 dogs.If you have read ANY of my posts,you would know that although I do think that Orijen is a superior food,I don’t recommend it often because most people can’t afford the cost……myself included.These are the foods I use,and yes I do know who they are manufactured by,mostly Diamond.TOTW,Kirkland,4health,Merrick Whole Earth Farms.I am also a fan of giving my dogs real food,eggs,sardines,bits of meat,small amounts of veggies and fruit.

  8. Jess says:

    Michelle, I live in the suburbs north of Seattle. Anyway I took Tony down to a little lake because he loves to swim out after the tennis ball. As we were coming home (about 10:30am) I see 2 dogs jogging down the middle of the road. I keep thinking what the heck are these guys doing running loose. As we get closer Tony starts going nuts (not barking), which he never does, so I roll up his window and I look closer and it is 2 coyotes. Tony then tries to get out my window. No kidding, we had to stop because these 2 were moving so slow. It was so cool to be that close, about 30 feet. This went on for about a block when they finally went under a fence into a local golf course. What was odd is they looked well fed. It was one of the neatest things I have ever got to see and it was in the middle of a very busy suburb. I have lived here for over 50 years and I have never seen that. It was sooooo cool…..

  9. Jess says:

    PS. It was Tonys 22nd month birthday yesterday. LOL, boy did I ever spoil him with some raw beef ANNNND I found out he flat out loves the freeze dried raw food. LOL, he really thinks he is getting a big time treat. I then got him some frozen raw from Vita Essentials (4.95 what a great price) and he damn near took my fingers off he loved it so much. I thought his poo would be bad but he did great.

  10. Antonio says:

    LOL, Jess you got a chance to see your first wild coyote yesterday? Man you’d really love a trip here to Arkansas LOL, we got plenty of coyotes for you guys to see running loose. I see your shepherd is nearing his 2nd bday congrats.

  11. Jess says:

    Antonio, I bet I would love it down there. But I do hate really hot and really cold weather. You can go about 70 miles east of where I live and see plenty of wild life and eastern Washington has tons of wild life. Dude this is the suburbs located between there pretty large cities in Seattle, BelIevue, and Everett. We do have raccoons and a few eagles down by Puget sound, but thats about it. When I was growing up you could hear the coyotoes and wolfs howl at nigh,t but man we have grown from a town of 15 thousand to a town of 250 thousand and all the towns around us have grown the same way. It’s just wall to wall people and most are illegal mexicans and black people. It is a real eye opener for those who have left and then come back here.

  12. Michelle says:

    Hey Jess,that’s really cool,too bad you didn’t have a camera.Wonder what the heck those coyotes were doing in the burbs? I saw a fox once at night,I had to hit my brakes and swerve to miss him.He was a beautiful little creature.LOL your still counting Tony’s age in months,just like a human baby.Wow,he’s almost Two already.TIME FLIES.

  13. Antonio says:

    My dog actually got to have a little fun exercise in the yard, while some might scream animal cruelty just keep in mind no animals were harmed LOL., but I hung a bird feeder on back of my property over the weekend (Saturday), and I guess since this morning sometimes the large population of black birds we have found their way to the feeder. My Dobie was running over the scretch of the property chasing them off while ignoring the sparrows and other bird species at the feeder, I thought it was kind of fun, but I was able to utilize his training while out by getting him to recall on command and keeping him in a sit/stay position while the birds were flying in and over head. It was actually pretty entertaining for a boring country day LOL.

  14. Zoe says:

    I am looking for a healthy puppy food for my 8-week-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. The breeders fed her Diamond Naturals Beef Meal & Rice, but based on what I am reading on this and other forums, it’s not a very good food. They were concerned about me transitioning her to Orijen because of the high protein and fat content. Is there something “in-between” Diamond Naturals and Orijen in terms of quality/protein/fat? I feed my cats Orijen and they seem to be thriving — but they are 10+ years old. Wondering what’s best for a young pup… any thoughts? I’m concerned about kidney function with high-protein diets.

  15. Jessica says:

    Hi i have a 9 week old Blue Heeler Lab cross. i have been doing a lot of research the past few days on dog food. my vet suggested Eukanuba Science diet Royal Canin and some stuff they sell at the vet. i was thinkin of putting him on Orijen Innova Wellness Go Taste of the wild Organix Fromm Solid Gold… as you can see thats a lot of different brands. i have currently narrowd it down as a lot of those brands i cant find anywhere here.
    all i can find here is
    Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Puppy Food( i have heard a lot of bad things about nutro so im not sure about it)
    Science Diet Large Breed Puppy Original Recipe
    Innova® Large Breed Puppy Food
    Wellness Complete Health Super5Mix Large Breed Puppy Food
    Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Formula
    Royal Canin MAXI Large Breed Puppy 32 Formula
    Authority® Large Breed Puppy Food
    Blue Buffalo Life Protection Large Breed Puppy Chicken & Rice Formula
    Nature’s Recipe Large Breed Puppy Food
    Organix Puppy Food Formula ( im not sure about this one as mmy vet said must be large breed specific)
    also found 1 store that sells Orijen.
    i did some reasurch and im not likeing the ones my vet sugested. 🙁
    what one do you guys think is best?

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