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July 5, 2010  
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Canines, just like humans, can also suffer from food allergies in their diet and thus require to supplement their diet with hypoallergenic foods. If you are concerned about whether your dog has severe food allergies, it is recommended that you change their diet as soon as possible. High quality, hypoallergenic dog food, recommended by your vet or a professional, can assist you in trying particular food brands or formulations. Symptoms from food allergies include indigestion, skin irritation and gastrointestinal problems. The most common food allergies include beef, chicken, corn, dairy products, eggs, soy, wheat and yeast. In addition, lactose intolerance is also suffered by some dogs, however, is less common. This dog food is generally nutritionally balanced and made with recipes and ingredients designed specifically to promote vitality and wellness in pets.

Hypoallergenic dog foods are generally free from substances which are likely to trigger canine allergies. Dog food manufacturers have developed hypoallergenic formulas which do not aggravate intestinal distress or skin allergies. Hypoallergenic dog foods can be easily purchased from leading supermarkets as well as veterinary health care facilities and pet stores that specialize in pet care products. Ideally, determining exactly what ingredients and foods trigger allergies in your dog can be achieved successfully through a process of trial and error. You can determine which substances trigger allergic reactions easily by seeing if your dog reacts to certain foods or common allergen he or she digests. If your animal’s symptoms subside, you can be assured you have determined the food allergen in their diet. You can easily pinpoint which food allergen is causing the allergy by initially switching to a high quality hypoallergenic dog food. Thus, by working backwards, you can determine the cause of the symptoms. Food allergies are not only limited to the major ingredients evident in the foods, but also preservatives, colorings, flavourings and the plethora of chemicals used in the production of the food.

Hypoallergenic dog foods are now readily available from leading pet food manufacturers including Addiction pet Food, Health Pro, Hills Prescriptions, Holistic Blend and Purina. While they vary in price and ingredients, hypoallergenic dog foods generally contain ingredients which do not trigger food allergies. Food formulas are generally both holistic and hypoallergenic and free from all fillers, meat by-products, harmful additives and preservatives. Higher end hypoallergenic dog foods are full of nutritious vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and essential oils that are needed to keep your pet free of allergies. In addition, some products contain omega fatty acids for healthy skin and hair.

Nowadays, hypoallergenic dog foods can also treat clean teeth and freshen breath. These specifically formulated foods can avoid the triggering of many types of common canine allergic reactions. They often are served with a full line of supplements designed to promote optimal pet health. Honest Kitchen, a company which manufactures dehydrated raw organic pet food, produces hypoallergenic dog foods which are 100 percent human food grade. The entire product line is made from organic grains and meats that are free from hormones and antibiotics.

A recommended hypoallergenic dog food is the Flint River Ranch Lamb, Millet and Rice formula (or the Trout and Potatoes). As it does not contain wheat, corn, or chemical preservatives (all of which are common causes of allergies), you can be assured that it can be commonly used to determine food allergies. As it is only available by ordering online, its distribution process is quite stringent. It is promoted as a “fresh” food product with premium nutrition and no chemical preservatives, thus minimizing the vitamin losses that occur when food sits on the shop shelf. Ultimately, you must be sure to consult with your veterinarian if you suspect your dog has food allergies, particularly if the symptoms do not diminish significantly within a few weeks of making a change to their diet.

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18 Responses to “Hypoallergenic Dog Food”
  1. Sally says:

    I’m trying to get both rescue dogs on the same food. One has had a lot of problems with allergies to chicken, the other to soy. I don’t want to feed them cheap worthless dog food. I’m finding LID Natural Balance to be good but the cost in prohibitive to me as a senior retiree. $60.00 a month is too much for two small Doxies. So I’m trying Nature’s Recipe fish and potato and gradually mixing them. The soy allergy was easy to spot. It was a vegetarian food they both loved and no chicken but the soy allergy immediately started scratching like crazy, i knew what it must be so i stopped it and went back to the Natural Balance until I could do some research. She stopped itching and her dandruff stopped in one day. Now she is fine again but I still want to get away from the Natural Balance. I’d like to have them both on the same food.

    It’s very hard on me and them. I feel so sorry for them when they start itching. The chicken allergy has had ear infections and sore feet and welts on his tummy. Now I’m wondering if it was the chicken since we took out the lawn and those symptoms have stopped for him. I’m just confused now, if they are allergic to chicken does that also mean the chicken fat? One comment was her dog was allergic to chicken but not chicken fat because being allergic to chicken protein is different than fat. I’ve never had a dog allergic to anything before and it’s driving me crazy. I thought my allergies were bad but these two can’t tell me how they feel. Now the soy one has trouble with her stomach gurgling or growling until I give her pepto bismal. This is really getting to be ridiculous. I think I know why they were in a shelter.

    Years ago I had a Doxie that would not eat dog food, she would only eat people food, she ate what we ate and never was sick, only went to the vet for her rabies shot and she lived to be 16. She chose from her dish what she wanted to eat and how much, she never went over 13 pounds and was healthy and never needed a dental. My vet was a friend of my brothers and he kept wanting her.

  2. Abby N. says:

    I don’t know what we would have done without the Natural Balance dog food we found for our Collie. Her system couldn’t tolerate anything and she was scratching non-stop until we put her in the LID sweet potato & fish formula. Didn’t think she would like fish but she most certainly does!

  3. Teresa says:

    Taste of the Wild Dog Food has been a lifesaver with us and our dogs…we have one that is allergic everything you could name…a bit pricey but worth it. They don’t eat as much..nothing but meat and veggies in this dog food and it satisfied them!

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