How Commercial Dog Food Is Made

November 23, 2009  
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Have you ever wondered how commercial dry dog food was made?  Checkout the video below to see the entire process…

What are you thoughts on the manufacturing process? Post your comments below!

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17 Responses to “How Commercial Dog Food Is Made”
  1. Junie says:

    I know fresh raw food is alway advocated by the health conscious. The thing is, I take care of other people’s dogs for them while they are away. And I’ve seen dogs on BARF that do poorly, their poop is very watery and the dogs are constantly having diarrhoea. On the other hand, I’ve taken care of some old dogs are on commercial veterinary approved food, and they look very good for their age and their poop is not smelly.

    So it is confusing. On theory BARF seems wonderful. Yet, in real life, not all dogs do well on this diet. To each its own.

  2. Kevin says:

    The music playing in the manufacturing plant video above seems like they are doing something naughty. And they are– very artificial process.

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