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October 29, 2010  
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Horizon Dog Food

Horizon dog food formulas is manufactured and marketed by Horizon Pet Nutrition, a family-owned company based in Saskatchewan. The makers of Horizon Complete and Legacy dog food claim the use of only the best available local ingredients using their own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which enables them to have control of their inputs or ingredients and products.

Horizon Pet Nutrition has come up with three lines of premium dog food formulas—Amicus, Complete, and Legacy.

Amicus is the newest dog food formula line from Horizon. It is marketed as a superior grain-free kibble diet tailored for small breeds of dogs.

Horizon Complete is an optimum-balanced formula which combines human grade ingredients, essential supplements and antioxidants. There are five Legacy Complete lines available in the market. Four meet AAFCO adult nutrient profiles and one for growth.

Horizon Legacy is a grain-free pet food formula based on a raw diet philosophy. It is a super premium blend of fresh, human grade meats combined with vitamin- and mineral-rich fruits and vegetables, and supplements designed to meet a dog’s nutritional needs. The two Horizon Legacy product lines meet the AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages.

Unlike other grain-free dog food formulas, Horizon dog food products claim to have no fillers and potatoes as a carbohydrate source.

The main ingredients of Amicus dog food formulas include fresh human-grade turkey, chicken, salmon, and farm fresh eggs.

Horizon Complete Formulas contain chicken meal, whole grain barley, whole grain oats, and chicken. It also contains alfalfa meal, omega fatty acids, yucca schidegera, probiotics, prebiotics, and chelated minerals.

Horizon Legacy’s major ingredients include chicken, salmon, turkey, eggs, and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables like pineapple, blueberries and cranberries. .

It can be seen that the first few ingredients of each Horizon dog food line include protein-rich ingredients. Fresh sources of meat, that Horizon claims to be of human grade, are wholesome sources of good quality meat-based protein. The disadvantage of using fresh meat sources is the amount of water it contains. During processing, water evaporates leaving only a small portion of the meat in the formulation. On the other hand, chicken meal, turkey meal, and salmon meal are better sources of protein because these are considered meat concentrates containing almost 300% more protein than fresh meat sources. One important disadvantage with meat meals is that they are usually sourced from meat products which have been deemed unfit for human food. Thus a meat meal may contain non-wholesome ingredients including bones, tendons, entrails, and other parts of an animal’s carcass which cannot be used for human food.

Horizon dog food formulas also incorporate plant-based sources of essential nutrients including peas and flaxseed. These plant-based ingredients are also good sources of fiber that can enhance the digestion and elimination process. Flaxseed is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Pea starch is used as a natural binder for kibble. Pea fiber is a rich source of both soluble and non-soluble digestible fiber which is extracted from pea hulls. Aside from the beneficial effects of the fibers, Pea Fiber is added to increase the bulk.  Pea, whether incorporated as starch or fiber, can also add to the total protein content of the feed.

Flaxseed is considered as one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids and soluble fiber. One thing to bear in mind with flaxseeds is that they should be ground first before incorporating in the feed to ensure digestibility.

Chicken fat is a product of rendering. It is high in linoleic acid which is an essential omega-6 fatty acid.

Like any other premium dog food formulas, Horizon coats their kibbles with probiotics which are applied after processing. This practice ensures the presence of beneficial bacteria which can boost digestive and immune system functions.

Chelated minerals have also been added to enhance absorption and utilization in the body.

There are many positive feedbacks from dog owners who have given Horizon dog food formulas to their dogs. They single out the absence of fillers and the use of high quality ingredients with grain-free formulas. Dog owners also remark on Horizon’s palatability compared to high-quality dog food formulas. The only downside with Horizon dog food formulas, as stated by many dog owners, is the price which is more expensive compared to popular dog food brands in the market.

Overall, we believe that Horizon is one of the best dog food brands available and give this dog food our highest endorsement.

Please visit the links listed below for Horizon dog food reviews by formula.

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Horizon Dog Food Review

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  2. Horizon Legacy Adult Dog Food

Horizon Complete Dog Food Recipes:

  1. Horizon Complete Puppy Dog Food
  2. Horizon Complete Adult Dog Food
  3. Horizon Complete Senior Dog Food
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Horizon Dog Food Consumer Rating

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59 Responses to “Horizon dog food”
  1. Jess says:

    I have contacted Horizon about their change of formula and they are giving me the big run around and dodging the uestion in their Emails. As of right now I am not promoting their product. If you to their web site and look at the ingredients and then look here you can see they are a little different. A little different? If it is just a little different I can’t understand why they keep dodging the question. Here is my list and all these dog foods do not have puppy food.

    The A list
    1. Orijen.
    2. Evo
    3. Wellness Core
    4. Instinct
    5. Go, Grain free only.
    6. Acana, Harvest, Pacifica & Grassland only.
    7. Innova
    8. Blue Wilderness
    9. Taste of the Wild, wetlands & prairie only, Grain free
    10. Artemis
    11. Fromm
    Good quality for a low price

    1. TOTW
    2. California Natural
    3. Health Wise
    4. Kirkland, Costco

    The B list
    1. California Natural
    2. Now, Grain free.
    3. GO, free indurance,chicken,salmon only
    4. Merrick
    4. Evangers
    5. Timberwolf
    6. Wellness
    7. Solid Gold
    8. Canidae
    9. Health Wise
    10. Karma
    11. Nature’s Logic

  2. Goldie says:

    I don’t understand why Horizon Legacy will not tell us what the
    calcium / Phosphorus levels are in their food. I have been feeding
    the puppy formula for weeks 8 – 12 weeks old, But mixing
    it with Orijen large breed puppy, and also NOW adult grain free,
    and also a little bit of another food called LEGACY large breed puppy
    this Legacy is made by another
    different candian company called The Great Canadian Petfood.

    This other Legacy has grain in it, but appears to be a not bad mixture
    and the Calcium and Phosphorus is good. I might now mix in more of
    this formula while the puppy is growing . Then switch back to full
    no grain after a year old or something

    The meat source in this Legacy by The great Canadian Petfood
    is 3 different sources: chicken, lamb, salmon.
    While it does have brown rice, oats, and barley, mixing it in
    with Horizon Legacy would help bring down the unknown Calcium / Phosphorus

  3. Jess says:

    Goldie, I have lost all respect for Horizon. They changed their formula big time and when I contacted them about it they “totally” dodged the question and gave me a big bull crap line.
    This el clown also doges the question, even when I produced the facts off their own website. The protein in this food went down because they dropped salmon meal down to #7 and moved turkey meal down to #5 and added another pea product to the main ingredient list.

  4. Michelle says:

    Goldie-If you want info from any company you can call them with your questions,it is better to call instead of e-mail because you are on the phone with them-they can’t really dodge your questions like they can on e-mail.Also I have had a couple of e-mails go unanswered.But I always get all my questions answered over the phone.

  5. Michelle says:

    Goldie-you really shouldn’t be mixing all of those different brands together on the same day.It is good to rotate foods every couple of months or even every time the bag is empty if you want to,but mixing foods on the same day is not a good idea.Check out this page it will explain why: http://www.greatdanelady.com/articles/do_not_mix_dog_food_brands.htm

  6. Michelle says:

    Goldie I took a look at the The Great Canadian Pet Food that you mentioned the “Legacy” I looked at the large breed puppy and the adult food.I found at least one problem,I just glanced over it quickly and saw a very bad ingredient.Menadione sodium bisulfite “source of vitamin k activity”.I personally wouldn’t use or recommend any food with this nasty ingredient.Here is a link to check out why,also make sure you look at the why is it bad section…. http://www.dogfoodproject.com/index.php?page=menadione

  7. Jess says:

    Michelle, I disagree with Linda. If I am feeding California Natural lamb I see no issue with mixing in CN Herring. Yes the puppy and senior should not be mixed, but that is a no brainer. You would never get me to believe it would be bad to mix Orijen adult with the Orijen red or the Orijen fish. Right now I am mixing a little Legacy in with my Orijen just because I don’t want the bag to sit so long. I also do not think it is bad to feed one brand in the AM an a different at night just as long as you are adding supliments/vitamins..

  8. Jess says:

    Also, am I losing it, because I do not see any Menadione sodium bisulfite in this product. I also went to their website and looked at their new formula and did not see any..


  9. Jess says:

    I found it


    I would not mix this heavy grained food with Orijen. 3 out of the first five ingredients was a grain and another was a fat. The Brown rice is fine but I am not a fan of the Dehulled oats and especially Dehulled barley.

  10. Michelle says:

    Jess-I never heard of “The Great Canadian Pet Food Company” I don’t know where she got this food from either,just for the heck of it(I would NEVER use this food)I went on their store locater,I was just curious because I had never heard of this food or company.Anyway I typed in my info on the locater and nothing came up,I went all the way up to 200 miles and nothing.Maybe she lives in Canada??? That was my fault I should have made myself more clear,I should have left a link to their website,I can see how someone would be confused since they are both Canadian companies and they both use the name Legacy…

  11. Mike says:

    Have you looked at Petcurean’s Go Natural Grain Free Endurance Formula? I used to feed Legacy; but since they rearranged their ingredient list, I’ve switched. Petcurean changed their protein leval too; but kept meat in the top of the ingredient list.

  12. Jess says:

    It is listed on the Home page as being newly reviewed. I certainly like it.

  13. Tabitna says:

    Jess be very careful on your lists of best dog foods. Be sure to check all of the ingredients. One of the main allergens for dogs is yeast and most people don’t know that. A lot of dog food companies try and hide yeast products by using fancy names. I avoid those because they are not being honest. Almost all of your reccommended products have yeast. Some were bold enough to disclose it, I applaud those companies. Most of them hid the yeast. If your dog has issues with food please take them to the vet and have them allergy tested. This will save you money in the long run. I had a dog that could eat corn all day long but couldn’t have beef or turkey and especially yeast. If you have your dog tested than you can find the food that is right for your dog and not play the guessing game. If you want a quality dog food, look for ones with limited ingredients. Try and stay away from yeast, it is not natural for dogs. In no specific order, after looking at the ingredients, I would prefer the below dog foods.

    First Mate
    Solid Gold – has a lot of ingredients that it really doesn’t need.

  14. Jeannette says:

    California Naturals NO more!
    I’ve recently been feeding my 3 dogs the California Natural Grain Free Venison and Potato.
    All 3 have food allergies and this food was really working out well. The past two bags I had received had kibble shapes that were round. In the past the kibble shapes were square. After some long research it appears that P&G has changed either the ingredients, formula, or quality of ingredients. P&G purchased this company in 2010. I contacted them and they had said the were NOT changing the formula. It now appears they have. NOT good! My dogs are now having symptoms of food allergies: Sneezing, vomiting, & diarrhea. This only started occurring after the kibble changed shapes. I’m very concerned the quality of this product and the other brands that were purchased at the same time (Innova, EVO, and a few more) have changed.
    This is very sad!

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