Great Life Dog Food

Great Life Dog Food

Great Life Dog food is manufactured by “Great Life Performance Pet Products”.  The company was founded in 1996 by Elliot Harvey who has authored a number of books including “The Healthy Wholistic Dog”.

Great LIfe offers a variety of premium dog food formulas at competitive prices.

Benefits of Or Great Life Dog Food:great-life-foods

  • 40% protein, 20% carbohydrates
  • Grain-free products available
  • Uses high quality ingredients
  • No refrigeration needed
  • Meets all AAFCO nutritional requirements for all life stages.
  • Decent selection, including Buffalo, Free Range Chicken, Lamb and Salmon formulas.

Great Life Dog Food Formulas:

  1. Great Life Grain Free Buffalo
  2. Great Life Grain Free Free Range Chicken
  3. Great Life Grain Free New Zealand Lamb
  4. Great Life Grain Free Wild  Salmon

Great Life Dog Food Consumer Rating

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Have you fed Great Life Dog Food to your dog? Please let us know and post a comment and/or rating below!

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165 Responses to “Great Life Dog Food”
  1. Andrea says:


    Can anyone give me suggestions on food to keep a chihuahua’s weight down? I think his current food does not have enough protein and more filler so he has gotten quite chunky. It doesn’t help living here in Wisconsin over the winter :).

  2. Becky says:

    Andrea, although this is a Great Life blog, I personally would recommend Orijen. My daughter-in-law has four chihuahuas ranging in weight of 2.50 to 4.50lbs. and she swears by Orijen. She feeds them chicken/fish or all fish and they do GREAT on it. Hope this was helpful.

  3. cynthia says:

    I rescued a Chinese Shar Pei used for breeding with so many issues-allergies, yeast infections, ear infections, scratching, and loss of hair. After trying many diffrent foods and Vet visits I finally found Great Life Food, Greek Yogurt and Depro Medrol shots every 8 weeks. Wow-what a difference. She is so happy smelling everything, shiny coat, no more ear/yeast infections.

    Great Life is a one source food with no potatoes grainfree. The issue was all other dog foods are binded with potatoes which are carbs which turn to sugar and create yeast/ear infections & scratching.

    My shar pei loves the salmon & chicken from Great Life.

  4. Becky says:

    Cynthia, I would have been impressed if you had stated that just Great Life & Greek Yogurt improved your girls allergies! But after doing some reading about Depro Medrol, it seems that would/should have cleared up all of her problems (you might want to do some reading on this treatment). Actually, I know many people that have changed foods and have had dramatic improvements without the medications. It may be that you girls condition was so severe the vet felt he had no choice. Most of the really bad food reactions occur when the food is filled with corn, corn meal, corn gluten, wheat, wheat gluten, rice gluten, etc. Most of the “junk” manufacturers add all of the crap to fill in. That’s when the ear infections, scratching, and licking the paws occurs. As always, until Great Life steps up to the plate (on location of manufacturer) this old lady will stay clear!

  5. Paul says:


    It would appear that have not done your research very well. I don’t use Great Life, however I went to their website and discovered that their food is made at a private plant in Hamlin, TX. So I googled Hamlin, Tx and found that Pied Piper is the only pet food mfg. listed in that area.

    I also called Great Life and the girl that answered the phone told me that it was made at Pied Piper. Don’t understand why you keep making up stories about this company. Starting to discredit this website and your advise on food purchases.

  6. Becky says:

    Paul, your comments are interesting to say the least. I have personally checked the Great Life Dog Food website and in the last year and half the dialogue has changed at least 3x and when I called I was told two different stories. If they have actually changed it again, ooooops, my bad! Pied Piper is one of the worst manufacturing plants in the country. I certainly make mistakes, omg did I really say that???? Stories…….really, I believe if you took the time to check “old posts” on this blog you will see for yourself how many different people got different stories from Great Life when they called or checked into the company. The first time they changed their website they stated it was made near Midland, Tx. Oh, well, believe what you may I know for a fact that many people know the truth and have experienced first hand the misinformation on Great Life. Have a great weekend!

  7. Rudy says:

    I have a six month old Golden Retriever. She is a bundle of fun, but we have tried several different foods, she is fussy. And she either eventually goes off most, and often has loose stool. As she is hard to satisfy, I feed a wet dog food morning and night, and two small meals of dry food a day, Approx. total food about equivalent to 6 cups. She is about 50 lbs, apparently on track weight wise according to the vet. She looks good and has a nice coat. But I am wondering if anyone has recommendations for a high quality wet food. She seems to like Blue Buffalo Stew. Comments? Recommendations?

  8. Nan says:

    I’ve been using Great Life for years and I swear it keeps my dogs healthier longer. I just switch proteins periodically and go 4-5 months on each. For example, I feed them the Great Life Salmon during summer, Buffalo during the winter and the Chicken during the spring or fall.

    You also should use Great Life’s Enzymes Pro+. I star them off as puppies on it. They never get fleas and their skin and coats are gorgeous.

    You might also want to try Honest Kitchen’s dehydrated raw. I started using a tablespoon mixed with their Great Life kibble for breakfast and dinner and their coats look like they’ve been polished.

    None have ever had skin or coat problems.

    By the way, I also tried Orijen for awhile with one of my older dogs who had a genetic thyroid problem, but it really didn’t do anything.

  9. Antonio says:

    Nan, What facility manufactures Great Life? I didn’t realize they have been out for such a long time. I’ve been using a brand named Victors and have had pretty dang good results w/o using any additives or supplements on my dogs and the coats are super slick and shiny.

  10. Jess says:

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  11. jane says:

    I have been using Great Life for a while but I find alot of what is in the cans are greasy thick goo and I do not know what it is . I was told that Evangers cooks the food and cans it . I am not to happy with it anymore and have to find something else or start cooking

  12. Jack Jones says:


    I am a long time buyer of Great Life dog food. I just recently found out that Great Life has been lying on their labels. Great Life lists a meat as the first ingredient on all of their dry foods eg:
    Lamb etc.

    In reality they use dehydrated meats in all or their foods eg:
    Dehydrated Buffalo
    Dehydrated Salmon
    Dehydrated Lamb etc.

    This was exposed on another review site, Dog Food Advisor under the Great Life Grain Free (Dry) review.

    Great Life is trying to cover this up and every time I ask about it on their Facebook page they delete my question.

    For me this is about trust. I had trusted Great Life to list the ingredients in their foods accurately on their labels. For whatever reason they have been lying on their labels for at least as long as Pied Piper Pet & Wildlife has been making their foods.

    Pied Piper has no refrigeration at their dry food plant and only uses dried meats in ALL of their foods. Pied Piper cannot produce a dry food with fresh or frozen meats.

    Thank you,
    Jack Jones

  13. Kristie says:

    I was feeding my dog Great Life Chicken Dry Dog Food, and decided to give him a treat by getting some of the Buffalo. He ended up so constipated that he didn’t have a stool for a week. I had to take him to the vet who gave him 2 enemas on 2 separate visits to unplug him. He was close to going in for surgery. I am not sure what happened, but the x rays showed his large intestine distended and blocked. The vet said this is very unusual to get blocked in the large intestine. I am changing dog foods, but what do I change to? Calif Natural claims to conduct all these quality control tests, but now I see they are in a class action suit.

  14. John Cartwya says:

    I have been feeding Great Life buffalo to my two Boston Terriers. They love the stuff. The last two bags of food I bought had a very strong rancid smell. The company replaced the first one and I exchanged the second one. The company said it eas a manufacturing problem–bags were accidentally punctured. If this problem reoccurs, I will need to change to a different product.

  15. chergui says:

    We recently changed our 8.5 yr old labradoodle, Otto, to Great Life Grain Free Buffalo for several reasons: terrible skin breakouts due to allergies leading to skin yeast infections and itching, weight gain, lethargy, arthritis, occasional vomiting. Otto has probably been on at least 5-7 different types of kibble since birth. The last kibble has been Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Buffalo or Venison with Sweet Potato with just about a tablespoon of Grandma Lucy’s Buffalo. This past year his above symptoms have increased significantly, and it was affecting his activities and life style. Otto has been allergy tested 2x, and he is allergic to so many foods. I began researching a buffalo or venison food without grains, rice, or potatoes (he’s allergic to rice and grains, and potato is so starchy and increases the skin yeast infections). Well, I finally found the Great Life Grain Free Buffalo. I bought it at a high-end pet boutique in Denver. The product was very fresh as it flies off the shelves in this particular store. OMG!!! This was the first kibble EVER that Otto eats that he doesn’t need coaxing with organic vegetable broth or grilled buffalo. He loves the taste of it. So far, no vomiting! In one month’s time, he has lost 5 pounds…YAY!!! He’s running up and down the steps. He’s begging to play fetch. So, his exercise tolerance is way up, his weight is way down, he’s more active in general,his skin is sooooo much better and clearing to the point of no scaley patches or itching, and his digestion is much improved. We just got another labradoodle puppy (Ziggy, 3 months old). I’m in the process of changing him from Canidae (breeder’s choice) to the Great Life Grain Free Chicken. He seems to love it too. The breeder told us that he wouldn’t eat the Canidae without adding some wet Canidae to it. Ha! I’ve been slowly adding the Great Life; I started with a teaspoon in each feeding; Ziggy gobbles it down. No wet food needed. According to, this brand is rated very highly. You can go there to read why. And you can go to to read all about Great Life Grain Free products (ingredients and guaranteed analysis).

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