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    QuestionReading the body language

    I would like to have some tips on how to read the doggie body language. Here's why: I took my gentle type collie x pup for a walk in the off leash area. We met a bunch of people with dogs. Nika still has lots of play in her at 11 months, so she picked out a beautiful husky/shepherd x and they started play fighting. I noticed that his fur on his back was standing up, but he wasn't playing aggressively at first. Then he rolled Nika over and while she was lying down (on her tummy) he positioned himself standing over her. He wasn't touching her, but she crouched under him, not moving, and it looked like he was saying "I'm alpha dog." She seemed to understand that, but as soon as they resumed playing it changed and he attacked her. I didn't expect that! We pulled them apart and Nika had her ear ripped about 3/4 of an inch.
    Question: what are some aggressive signs so I can save her from future mishaps.
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