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  1.'re fine. :)
  2. Ok thanks I'm just so dumb about these things.
  3. we are friends. no worries :)
  4. I couldn't live without a dog either. I have thought that through as well. What happens to my dogs if something happens to me. It's a horrible thought but one that all dog owners should consider. Mine would go back to my parents. My stepdad loves hounds and Dude was with them for the first 7 years of his life because I lived there.
  5. When we decided on a hound, we did consider bloodhounds. Hahaha. I LOVE Borzois! I'm still trying to convince my husband that he loves sighthounds as much as I do. The only ones he really likes right now are Irish Wolfhounds and Scottish Deerhounds. I want to own all of the previously mentioned breeds, a greyhound, a saluki, another rottie, another dobie, another dalmatian, a dogo argentino, belgian malinois, Amstaff, bull terrier, english mastiff, cane corso, chesapeake bay retriever, english foxhound... I could go on and on and on... Hahahaha. I'm either going to have to be really rich with lots of land or I'm going to have to live a VERY long life!
  6. We have already narrowed down our next dog to 4 breeds. Hahaha. This has been the official 4 for some time now: Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, Dogue de Bordeaux, or Neapolitan Mastiff. Depending on how the contract goes I have already found a dane breeder. Davishire Danes. I LOVE their mantle male, Beowulf. One of his male pups is beautiful too. Bordeaux breeder? I found one last week and thought I would ask about Mateo's breeder... Same breeder I had already decided I loved! The contract is perfect: I can keep him intact and have full registration and full ownership! Now I have to find a wolfhound breeder. We have one up north a little bit. We got to meet one of the dogs (totally by chance) at our local natural dog store. He is enormous! As for Neos, we are going to try to find a breeder who leans more towards the old fashioned neos. Much healthier. They actually used to look similar to Cane Corsos. I'm so excited. And I hate that I have to wait so long!
  7. Definitely. Hahaha. It would be nice to have though to look back on in the future when that dog is gone. I really wish that I had thought of it sooner. what made me originally think of doing it was that youtube video where the parents took a picture of their daughter every day for 10 years and they made a slide show out of them that flips through the pictures really fast. It's amazing because in just a few minutes you watch this infant grow into a 10 year old girl.
  8. I saw their pictures. They were of Zuri next to a big bottle, right? I wish I had started when he was a pup. We have plenty of pictures but not many of him in comparison to something. Haha. It's definitely something I will do with all future pups. I DO have his growth marked on the wall though!
  9. Did they take the same picture of them every day or every week or something? That's what I meant to do with Buck but it didn't happen. That's what I am DEFINITELY doing with future pups. It would be interesting to even start now because he will fill out so much over the next year. And with showing, that's why I picked an easy breed. They are the type of dog who is supposed to be able to go straight from the job to the ring. Minimal grooming. None of that long hair. Haha. (I accidentally managed to put this on MY page, not yours!)
  10. Oh, he is. He is HUGE now compared to what he was when we got him. His 8 week self could walk under his current self's belly without back touching belly. It's crazy. He went from short, chubby, puppy legs to long, lanky teenager legs. Next time I post pictures, I'll post one of him at 8 weeks right next to a current one.
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I am married and have three dogs Basset Hound,Bullmastiff and Pit Bull.I grew up on a ranch.
My dogs and I still help on the ranch
I do different part time jobs.



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