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Thread: Ataxia and Holistics

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    DefaultPlease Help!! My pup is going through the exact same thing!!

    I know it has been a long time since you posted this, but I really need help with my Sheltie / border collie rescue, Finn, that is having the exact same thing. He is 10 months old and has been having episodes since we got him at 10 weeks. His first was the night after his first vaccinations (coincidence??). Since then, he has them every few weeks, once he went 2 whole months but that was followed by three in a week. After many visits to the vet where honestly, they didn't really believe me and said he must have been ingesting something to make him intoxicated...I knew after a few times that was definitely not it. We did a liver shunt test, tested for the MRD1 gene, blood work and other tests and nothing. All clean. I started keeping a journal of when he had them, what happened and what was happening before the episode. No clear pattern or trigger is obvious. After the three in a week, we felt a neurologist was our only next step where he got an MRI and a spinal tap. All normal, a slight elevation of protein in his spinal fluid but nothing he was too concerned about. They labeled it "episodic ataxia" and said that it was something they have only seen a couple times. But offered no real suggestions for what could help him. There is a med but he suggested not going with that since his episodes are so far apart at this point and the med is very harsh....I think they also use it as a bird poison. Very frustrating but it was good to know he doesn't have anything like a brain tumor or anything. He was four weeks episode free until Saturday and is still not 100% today. Exactly the same as you described. You can see it in the eyes first.....once you have seen a few, you just know its coming. Then comes the head wobbling, the trunkeal swaying, the staggering....the panic in his eyes is the worse. It is so heartbreaking. He used to loose bladder control but has gotten better about that. He also used to fall but as he got older he does not fall over anymore. Some last shorter than others...some seem to last forever. It is so heartbreaking. If you are still on here and are willing to tell me how your story has progressed, I would appreciate it so much. I spent my weekend trying to make him feel better and my Husband and I are so depressed watching him go through this. A nasty side effect of all of this is that I think it is breeding some pretty horrible anxiety in Finn. He is very intelligent and I think it is starting to affect the way he lives his day to day life even when he feels okay. We are going to try to find a trainer who is willing to work with us on this part....we can't seem to get a hold of his anxiety level at the moment.....not to mention our anxiety of watching our new pup go through all of this. It is horribly sad. We try to "normalize" the episodes as not to make it worse on him, we hang around the house and try to do normal daily things. Trying to avoid the things that might frighten him but trying not to react to much to what is happening. This is been incredibly heartbreaking and frustrating since no one seems to know what is happening. I search online occasionally, especially since it has been given a "name". Your story is the only one that I have found that is even close. I hope you are still a part of this forum.....I would really appreciate any advice or insight you have since you have lived it. We want to do whatever we can to help him.....he is so sweet and such a smart, fun and active boy when he is feeling good. He comes to work with us every day and is a huge part of our life.

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    I haven't followed this thread, but from what you are saying and what sheltielover said, this sounds like vaccine related. All the symptoms are the same as common vaccine injury, AKA vaccinosis. I personally feed a prey model raw diet and don't vaccinate due to the possible dangers. I titer test to prove immunity. I suggest you contact a holistic vet on this. Traditional vets are going to avoid the vaccine subject, and want to try every drug known to man which is just going to lead to problem after problem. A holistic vet can/will use a different approach.

    Vaccine related damages tend to be permanent, especially immune related ones. But you don't know for sure until you see the right vet.

    Also, if this is seizure stuff, some breeds, herding ones in particular tend to have issues with them. So, it could also be a genetic breed related problem as well. But like I said, see the right vet for this.
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