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Thread: Why I love this forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caty M View Post
    It's synthetic Vit. K, which causes liver failure in high doses.
    mmm, yeah don't see why its so controversial. It doesn't seem like something that should be added.

    Quote Originally Posted by wolfsnaps88 View Post
    A senior member posted a reply to me. I told them I feed raw so now they are using it against me. So, yeah, I may see what happens with the rest of that thread (which was about BAD ingredients in kibble...pffft) but then I am done going there. You can have the best topics for threads but it just takes a couple of jerks to ruin it.

    KittyKat, here is what it is:

    To be fair, I picked a link that shows both sides to the argument so you can make up your own mind if it is a good thing to have, like those people at the other forum suggest

    The Controversy Over Menadione in Dog Food

    I don't know though. If it is banned for over the counter use for people, how can it be ok to feed your dog everyday for the rest of its life?

    I got the whole salmonella/bone judgement over feeding raw too. LOL
    Yeah without studies I don't know why adding something like that would be good, it's an unproven man made product that can have bad results. Just another reason to avoid kibble though.... a half a dozen names for the same chemical additive...
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    I too think this is a great forum and I am fairly new here. I have not seen anything on here to make me not want to come back. I am on a couple other forums and they are well moderated as well and the people are civil. I have only seen a few times where threads have gotten out of hand and generally I stay out of them, but still sit back with my popcorn and read it. LOL
    One guy that has been a poster and different member on here numerous times made an account on one forum I am on and truly made it hell. He was rude and the one that thinks his way is the only way. I am thankful he was banned because IMO he brought nothing to the table. Biggest troll I have ever "seen." He claimed to have dogs, but we never saw pics of them or heard much about them and he only ever posted about foods.
    I just don't see why people can't agree to disagree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xellil View Post
    By the way wolfsnaps, I think it's kinda cute how you are almost apologetic for joining another forum :) - "honey, you were gone to visit your mother and your sister just stopped by to check on the kids and well.... it just happened!"
    I think its called loyalty. LOL

    I just thought it would be nice like it is here, everywhere. Pffft, nope.
    I have enough stress in real life, I don't need it on the interwebs too!
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