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    DefaultNo beef or chicken

    I have a little 1 year old "Schnoodle" that is starting to itch quite a bit. I do not think he has a food allergy, but I am doing everything I can to try and cut down the "itchies" I do not want to put him on medications if possible. does anyone have some recipes with duck or salmon?? I also give him a scoop of "canine complete" everyday.

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    I doubt very seriously that your dog is allergic to beef or chicken. Dogs are carnivores and as such are just not often allergic to any animal protein. It would be like a cow being allergic to grass.

    Why not just feed whole raw duck and whole raw salmon? There is absolutely not one single ingredient in "Canine Complete" that your dog needs. It is a complete rip off and waste of money. It MAY be what is causing the "itchies".

    Note: If you feed whole raw salmon from the north west Pacific area, it needs to be frozen for a few weeks pryor to feeding.

    I also don't understand why you are trying to fight a non-food allergy with diet.

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    Uins could try some bull frog meet. Tater will shair wid ya.

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