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June 16, 2010  
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The manufacturer of EVO dog food formulas, Natura Pet Products, credits itself with creating the “first ever grain-free, low carbohydrate dry pet food”.  The EVO dog food formulas are tailored to mimic the diets of dogs in the wild. The low-carbohydrate formulas were designed to help pets maintain healthy body weights and provide a diet for dogs suffering from Diabetes mellitus and other health concerns. In May 2010, Proctor and Gamble acquired Natura Pet Products. Natura Pet Products is also the maker of the following foods:

There are currently 7 EVO dry dog food products in the market. Four of these formulas have been designed to meet the standards of the AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages and two formulas have been made for adult maintenance (EVO Herring and Salmon Formula and EVO Weight Management Formula).

EVO dog food formulas are formulated based on a high-protein, low carbohydrate, and grain-free formulated to meet the dietary needs of pets with food allergies, overweight pets, and diabetic pets.

The first five ingredients in EVO dog food formulas are dominated by animal-based protein sources in the form of meat and/or meat concentrates. The various EVO dog food products may contain two or more of the following viable meat sources—beef, lamb, lamb meal, buffalo, venison, turkey, chicken meal, salmon, herring, chicken, and turkey meal.

Aside from protein-rich meat sources, EVO also incorporates plant-based protein to further increase the protein level of the dog food formula.

EVO formulas combine raw meat sources and meat concentrates to ensure that protein levels are maintained. Although desirable, fresh meat sources contain a considerable amount of water which can be lost during the manufacturing process leaving only a small fraction of its original weight. On the other hand, meat concentrates provide about 300% more protein compared to fresh meat sources.

EVO lives true to its quest to produce the first-ever grain-free, low carbohydrate dry pet food with potatoes as the main source of carbohydrate. Potato is a starchy complex carbohydrate with a low glycemic index which means it is able to control blood sugar levels.

Unlike certain dog food brands, Fish meal sources are named—herring meal or salmon meal.  These ingredients are also excellent sources of meat-based protein which can further add to the protein levels in the dog’s diet. Another point to keep in mind is EVO’s incorporation of ethoxyquin-free fish meals.

Linolenic acid and essential omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids are provided by chicken fat.

Probiotics are also incorporated. These contain beneficial microorganisms that enhance the digestion and absorption of nutrients while boosting the function of the immune system.

The minerals which have been added to the EVO dog food formulas have been chelated to make absorption and assimilation easier.

Because of the high protein content (about 48%) and EVO’s grain-free formula, many dog owners have favorable feedbacks. Most reported that their dogs have shinier hair coats, good body development, and tons of energy. Even dogs with sensitive stomach and food-based allergies do well with EVO. EVO is a low carbohydrate, high protein dog food that contains no grains. It contains plenty of vitamins,minerals, and Omega three and Omega six fatty acids.

Evo and all of Natura’s other formulas are considered high quality foods and are featured in the Whole Dog Journal.  None of their products contain artificial ingredients, fillers or by-products. In addition, they are also corn, wheat and soy free.

The negative feedbacks mostly arise from the purchase of EVO by Procter & Gamble, a company which has been associated with negative reputation among many dog owners.

Overall, we believe that Evo is one of the best dog food brand’s on the market today, its quality ingredients and high protein content make it a top choice. We strongly recommend Evo Dog Food.

Please visit the links listed below for Evo dog food reviews by formula.

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Evo Dog Food Formulas:

  1. Evo Turkey & Chicken Formula
  2. Evo Red Meat Formula
  3. Evo Herring & Salmon Formula
  4. Evo Weight Management

Evo Dog Food Consumer Ratings

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100 Responses to “Evo Dog Food”
  1. Minco says:

    I wish I’d done some research before subjecting my dog to two weeks of Evo. He ended up sick and lethargic, with chronic diarreah and vomiting after most meals.
    We promptly returned to our normal Hills Science Diet and a raw food mix… with immediate improvement.
    Far too many similar stories about Evo to ignore!

  2. Pete says:

    My now 6.5 yo labradoodle was happily on EVO for 4.5 years, but started having very loose stools a year & a half ago – just as P&G was buying Naturapet. Yes, they claimed they weren’t changing Naturapet’s formulas for a period of time, but nothing I ever read said they would keep the same ingredient “suppliers”. I’m guessing suppliers changed & lesser quality “ingredients” started coming here from China, etc. and even though the “formulas” stayed the same, we started having troubles. Switched to Taste Of The Wild and have had no problems in over a year…and no ear infections anymore either. I won’t buy a P&G pet food and expect they’ll do the same thing to Naturapet products that they did to Iams & Eukanuba…which is cheapen them.

  3. Caroline says:

    Rotating protein sources, finding a high fiber dog food, cal nat gf kangaroo has had wonderful results as an additional protien source for my dog as well as customers in the holistic pet food retail company I currently work for. In addition, feeding the correct amount for your dog does not stay the same throughout the life of a dog caloric needs for a dog change even on a day to day basis, just like you or I have different energy requirements. I highly recommend EVO, the senior formula as the salmon and herring formula.

  4. shelley says:

    I understand that you think EVO is one of the best dog foods, and at the same time I am wondering why you are not concerned that some of the ingredients come from China? Please advise.

  5. Rick says:

    My comments echo one of the others where my dog had the worst diahhrea ever, scabby sores formed on his head and eventually he quit eating it. A friend fed his dog from the same bag and the dog vomited. I sent a sample to company and they said no problems with the food. I will never feed Evo to any of my dogs again. Two thumbs down.

  6. Shifty says:

    I find it funny that you guys all have problems. It’s not the food giving your dog problems, it is more than likely you! I feed it to all my animals, and millions of others. P&G kept everything the same because, guess what? IAMS was where they learned their mistake, and they even said so. Natura still exists as Natura. Owned and operated, P&G is behind the marketting. That is it! They also have AIB superior rating, USDA certified foods, which has even more strict control on what enters the facility, and several ISO quality control specifications that there is absolutely nothing changed! And also, cite where you hear they get meat from China…I would love to know!

    Haters gonna hate..

  7. Dog Lover says:

    I have been feeding my dog evo chicken & turkey since before they were bought out by P+G and guess what? NO DIFFERENCE! The labels are the same, the ingredients are the same, it’s the same.
    They do not source any of their ingredients from China. I called and emailed them and got the same answer both times.
    So much BS rumors around about them before and after the buyout. Give it a rest already.

  8. Mastiffsrboss!! says:

    I switched my sensitive stomached mastiff over to EVO a week ago and have had NO problems at all. No diahrea, no vomiting (other then when he ate steak fat trimmings out of the garbage!! gggrrr)He is doing great on it.

  9. Joe says:

    I have been using Evo and am very satisfied with it! Think my dogs are too! And unless P&G changes the ingredients, which I can only trust that they will inform us by correcting the labeling, I will continue to use it. Even with the high price!

  10. In the know, says:

    I doubt this dog food well ever get back to where it once was but it might get better. Marrs is the maker of crappy dog food like Pedigree, Whiskas, Banfield and Royal Canin.

    Mars Inc. to buy Iams, Eukanuba and Natura pet food brands….


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