Eukanuba dog food

Eukanuba dog food review

Eukanuba is manufactured by a subsidiary of Procter&Gamble called Iams. The brand name “Eukanuba” was given by Paul Iams, which means “something supreme”. However, we do not recommend this dog food brand due to questions regarding the quality of its ingredients.

Another sore point is the inclusion of Eukanuba dog food in the 2007 melamine pet food recall. Although the manufacturer has taken steps to correct this mistake, there are still Eukanuba canned formulas and kibbles which may still be in the FDA recall list. Thus, dog owners should check with the list first before buying dog food for their dogs.

Eukanuba dog foods  are grain-based formulas which are combined with chicken as their main source of animal-based protein. There are many variants of Eukanuba dog food designed to meet the nutritional needs of different breeds of dogs, different life stages, and dogs with special needs.

Most Eukanuba dog food formulas have chicken and chicken by-product meal as the main source of protein. There are also those that incorporate turkey, lamb, or venison but these are incorporated as raw ingredients which means it still contains about 80% water that evaporates during processing leaving only about 20% of meat.

On the other hand, chicken by-product meal is a meat concentrate which means it has 300% more protein compared to raw meat sources. However, the question as to the sources of the ingredients arises. Being a by-product, the usual ingredients will include slaughterhouse waste and parts of the chicken which have been considered unfit for human consumption.

Being primarily a grain-based formula, a large percentage of its ingredients are carbohydrates.  Eukanuba incorporates any of the following carbohydrate sources in its dog food products— rice (brown, brewer’s), sorghum, corn (meal, grits), and barley.

Corn is not easily digestible and since the source has not been identified, there is a possibility that livestock feed grade corn has been used.

Brewer’s Rice is considered a poor cereal grain by-product while dried beet pulp is an inexpensive filler however it has also been associated with improving intestinal health.

None of the various Eukanuba dog food formulas contain chelated minerals and probiotics. Chelated minerals are easily absorbed and used by the body while probiotics provide beneficial microorganisms that will enhance the digestive process.

There is no sign of plant-based protein sources which could have contributed to the protein levels of the product.

Customer Reviews

One of the main concerns of dog owners regarding Eukanuba dog food products is its being an expensive dog food line, without the quality of ingredients to justify the price. There are also dog owners that cite the poor quality ingredients that contributed to digestive upsets and excessive weight loss of their dogs.

Allergies are the most common problems that dog owners report when feeding any Eukanuba dog food formula to their pets. They attribute this to the incorporation of corn and chicken, both well-known dog food allergens. Dog owners also report of alopecia or hair loss and low energy levels.

While we do not recommend this brand, we have heard numerous testimonials of readers who report that they have not experienced any significant problems when feeding Eukanuba dog food product to their dogs for many years.

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Please visit the links listed below for Eukanuba dog food reviews by formula.

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Eukanuba dog food reviews

Eukanuba Dog Food comes in a wide variety of different formulas. We are going to take a in depth at each formula. For more information on the following formulas simply click on the one you want to view.

Eukanuba Breed Specific Dog Food

Lets first start by taking a look at Eukanuba’s breed specific dog food formulas. Let me first note that breed specific dog food is nothing but a marketing scheme. A Boxer doesn’t need any different of a recipe than a German Shepherd. The breed specific formulas come in the following:

Eukanuba Special Needs Dog Food

Eukanuba dog food also comes in formulas that are marketed towards dogs with special needs. These formulas include the following:

Eukanuba Maintenance Dog Food

Eukanuba Maintenance dog food formulas include the following:

Eukanuba Small Breed Dog Food

Eukanuba Small Breed Dog Food is focused towards the smaller breeds. The Eukanuba Small Breed dog food includes the following formulas:

Eukanuba Large Breed Dog Food

Eukanuba Large Breed Dog Food is focused towards the smaller breeds. The Eukanuba Large Breed dog food includes the following formulas:

Eukanuba Premium Performance Dog Food

  • Eukanuba Premium Performance Active Dog Food
  • Eukanuba Premium Performance Sporting Dog Food

Eukanuba Lamb and Rice Dog Food

  • Eukanuba Puppy Natural Lamb & Rice Formula Dog Food
  • Eukanuba Weight Control Natural Lamb & Rice Formula Dog Food
  • Eukanuba Large Breed Natural Lamb & Rice Formula Dog Food
  • Eukanuba Adult Natural Lamb & Rice Formula Dog Food
  • Eukanuba Lamb & Rice Senior Dog Food

Eukanuba Naturally Wild Dog Food

  • New Zealand Venison & Potato
  • North Atlantic Salmon & Rice
  • Country-Grown Turkey & Multigrain

Eukanuba Dog Food Consumer Rating

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80 Responses to “Eukanuba dog food”
  1. Lynda says:

    I have also tried California Natural, Wellness, and Innova with the same results as Sandy. I have 5 large dogs, and most of them got diarrhea from the above dog foods. I use Chicken Soup For The Dog Lover’s Soul – getting good reviews, and the dogs like it.

  2. Symphonic says:

    Lynda – Chicken Soup’s not a bad food at all. It’s manufactured by Diamond and is clearly their second-best line, right after Taste of the Wild. Definitely worlds better than Eukanuba, and – if I’m not mistaken – quite a bit cheaper.

  3. Katy says:

    Quick question to whoever can HELP me the most!

    –> We just got our pug puppy this weekend and she is 10 weeks old. The breeder is reputable and both parents are CKC (Canada) Registered. Anyway, she was feeding them Eukanuba puppy food and she also cooks beef or chicken stew for them. Before we got the pup I’ve done a lot of research about pugs and dog food and everything in between because I just want the best for her. I researched about Eukanuba and I honestly have not found any good positive reviews about this product. Wellness apparently is good but I am having trouble finding them, not even PetSmart have them. I can only but online and the shipping is ridiculous! I also came across Blue Buffalo brand and apparently it’s good, does anyone agree??? Anyway, that’s the only great brand they offer in Canada that I don’t actually have to buy online and pay $50 on shipping. I found a lot of good reviews about the Blue Buffalo brand so I’ve decided to buy a small bag of it. I haven’t given it to my puppy…YET. How do I introduce him to this new brand?

  4. Chipp says:

    Jes where did you find that meat is bad for dogs? I’m in Tuskegee University of Veterinary Medicine and as far as my studies go meat is the best thing for dogs. It does not cause stones of and kind. If anything it prevents them. Some veggies like spinach do though because of their high oxalate content. High protein meat based diets of at least 55% are best for dogs. They ARE carnivores after all. Dogs don’t even produce the enzymes to break down starches or have the flat molars to even chew them with.

  5. bridget says:

    hi i have a problem with large breed puppy food Eukanuba, i have 2 Boxer/Bullmastiff , and they hate the food so i have to cover it with wet food, even then they will not eat untill they are very hungry, and they pass gas so much , is this food a low grade? my vet told me to feed them this brand? is there a really food that dogs fine good?, i taught this food would grow on them so this is bag #3, this is not good, help i want a food that my dogs is looking forward to there meal, thanks all

  6. kelly says:

    my puppy came to my home with beneful, after doing research i thought wellness would be a good brand to feed him, but he didnt like it and gave him bad diahrrea. my hubby bought eukanaba last weekend and his poop is much better now. no loose stools at all. i dont want to feed him bad food, but i cant have him pooping all over my house. i dont know what else to do.

  7. molly says:

    I am pulling out my hair~!!!!! My 9 month old St. Bernard has diarreah. I think I switched her puppy food to adult food too fast. I have been feeding her rice and hamburger for about 4 days now. It seems to be getting a little better. I feed her Eukanuba Large breed. My vet says it is good but after reading all this I am confused. She is also a VERY picky eater!!! I always have to add chicken or pork or wet food to the kibble so she’ll eat it. Any info you can give me will be greatly appreciated.!

  8. daviston85 says:

    for years i was told that eukanuba was one of the best dog foods around recommended by all types of vets now i here ppl on here basically calling it trash. my question is why should we believe you over a 4 year education n these fields?

  9. ASZ says:

    I feed my pom puppy Eukanuba and he loves it. He’s very picky and won’t eat wet food. I’ve started adding chicken to his kibble and he pushes it aside to eat the kible first. I think Eukanuba is great. His stool is always solid and he is very regular. I would recommend it to anyone.

  10. Nikki says:

    Goodness, I have no idea what to feed my dogs. I already pay like 50 for my active dog’s food, but it is Eukanuba and is appearantly really bad for him. Better dog foods do cost less, but the cost a little less for a LOT less food. What do I do? What is a brand of dog food that is better but isn’t going to have me bankrupt?

  11. Michelle says:

    Nikki, here’s my list of budget friendly foods. Costco’s has Kirkland signature 40lbs for $25.00.Tractor Supply has 4health 35lbs for $29.99.Canned 4health is .99 cents.Whole Earth Farms (Merrick) is 35lbs for $35.00.Taste of the Wild is grain free 3olbs for $40.00 can be found at independent pet stores/feed stores and also Tractor supply.Diamond Naturals 40lbs for $29.99 can be found at the sames stores as Taste of the Wild.I have personally used all of these foods and rotate them in my dogs diet.They do very well on all foods listed.I have 2 large dogs and also look for foods with good ingredients that won’t break the bank.Also I have heard good things about Victor’s dog food and would love to try it,but it is not available in my area.You could check their store locator and see if it is available in your area,if so this looks like a very good food with a decent price tag also.

  12. Nikki says:

    I found one, that if it works out correctly, will alow me to feed less to my really active, small stumached dog. Trying to feed him is crazy. He may run like a horse, but he is a very lean dog and cannot consume enough dog food to keep weight with his crazy running. First I had him on pedigree, in which he was eating enough for a 120 pound dog and he only weighed 50 pounds… Then Eukanuba Premium Performance, and he eats the amount for a 70 pound Highly Active dog, but only weighs 60. That is four cups a day, and he can barely finish it. He often leaves alot behind that my other dog is growing fat off of because she is the exact opposite: Big stomach with less activity. So my dad and I finally decided on Blue Buffalo, which if it takes less to keep him fit will make the cost change very minimal from what he is eating now. But I’ve been reading on some ver bad cases with Blue, and have become a little afraid to use it. We started him on it yesterday (being gradual, of course) and he seems just fine. I hear alot about gas and diariha, but since he is an outside dog and only uses the bathroom in our acre of woods, it is difficult to determine how he is stomaching the food…

    But thanks Michelle! We are also trying to change my smaller dog’s food too, so it’ll be nice to find good food that won’t be as expensive as my other dogs’. His has always been more expensive because he is so active, but we have been able to keep hers relatively cheap so far. But after reading up on pedigree from different sites, we felt she needed a switch.

  13. Woof says:

    to think i thought of approving Eukanuba! I will never ever feed it if i can help it

  14. jedo says:

    im from philippines and here eukanuba is doin really great specially to ambull and pitbull. i had my 3 months old pure american bulldog and for his first two months he’s been eating raw meat and rice and now that i switched to euka he has gain muscle faster and he is very active now..

  15. Laveda Lopez says:

    I have fed my 17 month old puggle Eukanuba lamb and rice all of his life. He has been very hyper and has a hard time settling down.
    One day last week it dawned on me that he acts like my kids did when they had too much sugar.
    I researched and found that the food was loaded with corn and grains which turn to sugar. I changed him to Blue Wilderness salmon and brown rice and in 4 days I see the difference in him. He sits still. He is happy to see me when I come home but doesn’t jump on my and go crazy. And his poop is still normal and easy to pick up. I’m angry that I didn’t research this long ago and paid so much for the Eukanuba dog food.

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