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Eukanuba dog food review

Eukanuba is manufactured by a subsidiary of Procter&Gamble called Iams. The brand name “Eukanuba” was given by Paul Iams, which means “something supreme”. However, we do not recommend this dog food brand due to questions regarding the quality of its ingredients.

Another sore point is the inclusion of Eukanuba dog food in the 2007 melamine pet food recall. Although the manufacturer has taken steps to correct this mistake, there are still Eukanuba canned formulas and kibbles which may still be in the FDA recall list. Thus, dog owners should check with the list first before buying dog food for their dogs.

Eukanuba dog foods  are grain-based formulas which are combined with chicken as their main source of animal-based protein. There are many variants of Eukanuba dog food designed to meet the nutritional needs of different breeds of dogs, different life stages, and dogs with special needs.

Most Eukanuba dog food formulas have chicken and chicken by-product meal as the main source of protein. There are also those that incorporate turkey, lamb, or venison but these are incorporated as raw ingredients which means it still contains about 80% water that evaporates during processing leaving only about 20% of meat.

On the other hand, chicken by-product meal is a meat concentrate which means it has 300% more protein compared to raw meat sources. However, the question as to the sources of the ingredients arises. Being a by-product, the usual ingredients will include slaughterhouse waste and parts of the chicken which have been considered unfit for human consumption.

Being primarily a grain-based formula, a large percentage of its ingredients are carbohydrates.  Eukanuba incorporates any of the following carbohydrate sources in its dog food products— rice (brown, brewer’s), sorghum, corn (meal, grits), and barley.

Corn is not easily digestible and since the source has not been identified, there is a possibility that livestock feed grade corn has been used.

Brewer’s Rice is considered a poor cereal grain by-product while dried beet pulp is an inexpensive filler however it has also been associated with improving intestinal health.

None of the various Eukanuba dog food formulas contain chelated minerals and probiotics. Chelated minerals are easily absorbed and used by the body while probiotics provide beneficial microorganisms that will enhance the digestive process.

There is no sign of plant-based protein sources which could have contributed to the protein levels of the product.

Customer Reviews

One of the main concerns of dog owners regarding Eukanuba dog food products is its being an expensive dog food line, without the quality of ingredients to justify the price. There are also dog owners that cite the poor quality ingredients that contributed to digestive upsets and excessive weight loss of their dogs.

Allergies are the most common problems that dog owners report when feeding any Eukanuba dog food formula to their pets. They attribute this to the incorporation of corn and chicken, both well-known dog food allergens. Dog owners also report of alopecia or hair loss and low energy levels.

While we do not recommend this brand, we have heard numerous testimonials of readers who report that they have not experienced any significant problems when feeding Eukanuba dog food product to their dogs for many years.

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Please visit the links listed below for Eukanuba dog food reviews by formula.

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Eukanuba dog food reviews

Eukanuba Dog Food comes in a wide variety of different formulas. We are going to take a in depth at each formula. For more information on the following formulas simply click on the one you want to view.

Eukanuba Breed Specific Dog Food

Lets first start by taking a look at Eukanuba’s breed specific dog food formulas. Let me first note that breed specific dog food is nothing but a marketing scheme. A Boxer doesn’t need any different of a recipe than a German Shepherd. The breed specific formulas come in the following:

Eukanuba Special Needs Dog Food

Eukanuba dog food also comes in formulas that are marketed towards dogs with special needs. These formulas include the following:

Eukanuba Maintenance Dog Food

Eukanuba Maintenance dog food formulas include the following:

Eukanuba Small Breed Dog Food

Eukanuba Small Breed Dog Food is focused towards the smaller breeds. The Eukanuba Small Breed dog food includes the following formulas:

Eukanuba Large Breed Dog Food

Eukanuba Large Breed Dog Food is focused towards the smaller breeds. The Eukanuba Large Breed dog food includes the following formulas:

Eukanuba Premium Performance Dog Food

  • Eukanuba Premium Performance Active Dog Food
  • Eukanuba Premium Performance Sporting Dog Food

Eukanuba Lamb and Rice Dog Food

  • Eukanuba Puppy Natural Lamb & Rice Formula Dog Food
  • Eukanuba Weight Control Natural Lamb & Rice Formula Dog Food
  • Eukanuba Large Breed Natural Lamb & Rice Formula Dog Food
  • Eukanuba Adult Natural Lamb & Rice Formula Dog Food
  • Eukanuba Lamb & Rice Senior Dog Food

Eukanuba Naturally Wild Dog Food

  • New Zealand Venison & Potato
  • North Atlantic Salmon & Rice
  • Country-Grown Turkey & Multigrain

Eukanuba Dog Food Consumer Rating

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80 Responses to “Eukanuba dog food”
  1. Bella says:

    Keep in mind that Vets, who have many more than “4 years education”, recommend foods that they in turn profit from. Some, not all, would recommend any food to make a buck. And these low – mid quality foods are the ones they push.

  2. David Roche says:

    I had a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever whom I fed Eukanuba all its life, based on the recommendation of his breeder. He died at 9 yrs. of age due to osteosarcoma. The life expectancy of a Duck Toller is 12-14 yrs. I don’t know if his diet had anything to do with his early demise; he had no other health issues. But I was disappointed to see various unbiased reviews, not only from this site, which indicate that Eukanuba is an average dog food at best, while it is marketed as a high quality food. I now have another Duck Toller and am feeding him Fromm’s.

  3. Ted Levecque says:

    With regard to Iams & Eukanuba Dog Foods, ever since this Original Company was taken over, purchased from IMAS, it has got to be worse, anything to make money with re regard to the health of Dogs, buyer beware!

  4. JeniferRVT says:

    My name is Jenifer, and I work for Eukanuba. I would like to clear up some misconceptions about our food:

    Chicken by-product meal may include stuff that people have a cultural aversion to eating; but that doesn’t make it a bad source of protein. It is an excellent and complete source of protein because it provides each of the amino acids that are essential to good nutrition for dogs and cats.

    Not every chicken by-product meal is as good as ours. Our chicken by-product meal is muscle and internal organs (including intestines) that have been cleaned, dried, cooked, and ground. By industry definition, chicken by-product meal can contain the feet of the chicken – but that’s not an acceptable source of protein for us, so our suppliers make every effort to keep the feet out of our chicken by-product meal.

    It is true that chicken is a wet ingredient and chicken by-product meal is a dry ingredient; however, it’s important to remember that the guaranteed analysis for protein printed on our bag is measured from our finished product, not the ingredients as they go into the mix. Our laboratory technicians take samples off the production line as the kibble is dropping into the open bag. So the amount of water in the chicken at the start doesn’t matter because we are measuring the protein in the finished product–the kibble that will be going into our four-legged customers’ mouths.

    In fact, it’s a waste of time to compare the water content of ingredients at the beginning of the production line–that’s not what your pet will be eating. The important measurements are taken at the end of the production line, after the food has been processed and cooked. That’s what your pet will eat.

    Whole corn, such as corn from the cob, might be difficult to digest. However, we use high-quality corn that is finely ground (breaking up the outside bran covering), and cooked. When prepared in our manufacturing facilities, corn is highly digestible and provides dogs and cats with high-quality carbohydrates for essential energy.

    What is Brewers Rice? It is the small fragments of rice kernels that have been separated from the larger kernels of milled rice and classified as US #4 Brewer’s rice. Is there a difference between Brewers Rice and Rice Flour? Nutritionally, no. Rice kernels that are whole are used in the human food industry because of the appearance. Everyone likes to see intact, whole-grain rice. When those very same rice kernels are broken, it’s not as appealing to people. Those broken kernels are very good for the brewing industry, though. Hence the name, “brewer’s rice.”

    Chelation of minerals has not been shown to provide health benefits above and beyond non-chelated minerals in dogs and cats.

    Prebiotics are a nondigestible food ingredient that stimulates the growth or activity of one or a limited number of bacteria in the colon. All of the Eukanuba formulas contain FOS, a prebiotic. Beet pulp is a source of fiber in dog and cat diets. It is a moderately fermentable fiber, and provides bulk for normal feces and provide energy for cells lining the intestine. It also enhances intestinal health and is broken down by intestinal bacteria to provide short-chain fatty acids, an energy source for intestinal cells.

    Dogs can develop allergies to protein ingredients in their food, and there is a misconception that corn commonly causes food allergies. However, of the many dogs that regularly eat a food containing corn, only a very few will develop an allergy to corn. Approximately 10% of all canine allergies are due to a dietary ingredient. Of these, approximately 65% may be due to beef, dairy products, and wheat – none of which we use in our dry Eukanuba dog food.

    If you would like more information on any of our formulas, please email us: or call us 1-888-EUKANUBA M-F 9am – 6pm EST.

    Thank you! Jenifer,RVT

  5. Joe says:

    I have a 12 lb miniture Schnauzer which I have been feeding for the last 5 months Kirkland Signature lamb and rice. I chose the food after reading many excellent reviews on various websites. My dog ate 1 cup per day and went to the bathroom 4 times a day. He always had mild body odour, even after bathing.
    Changed the food to Eukanuba Adult Maintenance. Store clerk told me to mix both foods together 50/50 at the beginning as the new food could upset his stomach. Dog ate only the Eukanuba and left the Kirkland.
    I have now been feeding my dog the Eukanuba for 2 weeks. We noticed he has more energy, stool samples are half the size and only twice daily. He eats 3/4 cup versus 1 cup. And after just one week NO MORE BODY SMELL. It may cost a little more, but remember you get what you pay for.

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