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August 12, 2010  
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Dr. Tim’s Pet Food Company produces two dog foods, both intended for active dogs that require endurance and stamina.  Both their “Momentum” and “Pursuit” formulas are calorie dense, and contain quality meat ingredients.

At first glance both the Momentum and Pursuit formulas look almost identical as far as the ingredients go, but the difference lies in their macronutrient ratio.  Momentum 37% protein and 23% fat, while Pursuit contains 30% protin and 20% fat.

In addition, each formula is fortified with supplements and probiotics that the company claims will help “decrease the stresses that dogs’ bodies undergo in highly competitive situations that may produce stress diarrhea”.

We are happy to see that neither of Dr. Tim’s  formulas contain corn or soy products, or any artificial preservatives.

From Dr. Tim’s official website:

These athletic dog foods have been formulated through the combined efforts of a PH.D. canine nutritionist and a veterinarian experienced in athletic and competitive dog sports.

The company is releasing a new formula called “Kenesis” in September 2010.

Dr. Tim about Kenesis: It contains the highest quality, low ash proteins that can be sourced in North America and put through a low temp cook process so we can get a 95% digestability of the carbohydrates.  That really makes a HUGE differance.  Plus the vitamin mix we use, pre and externally applied probiotics”.

Dr. Tim’s Dog Food Formulas

  1. Dr. Tim’s Pursuit Dog Food
  2. Dr. Tim’s Momentum Dog Food
  3. Dr. Tim’s Kinesis All Life Stages Formula
  4. Dr. Tim’s Dog Food RPM Grain Free

DR. Tim’s Dog Food Consumer Ratings

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107 Responses to “Dr. Tim’s”
  1. tim hunt says:

    I believe an All Life Stage Food is what people should feed to pups. Puppy food is marketing, in my opinion. I would recommend Kinesis for your pup. Good luck.

  2. Julien says:

    We love these foods and they are the best we have ever used. Period

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