Cesar Millan dog food

October 18, 2008  
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Cesar Millan Dog Food Review

Cesar Millan, the renowned dog behavioral specialist, has a brand of organic dog food formula called “Cesar Millan’s Dog Whisperer”.  There are three dry dog food formulas that are currently available in the market and claim to be composed of “primarily organic, environmentally-friendly, and stringently-tested dog food products”.  Each product is said to be “signed-off” by Cesar himself and also comes with “Cesar’s Tips”, a list of benefits and instructions for the dog owner. Cesar Millan’s dog food brands are distributed by PetCo stores nationwide.

Organic chicken is listed as the first ingredient in both the canine adult and puppy formulas. Organic chickens are said to be produced by natural means without artificial supplements such as steroids which are given in intensively-raised chickens to promote growth. Aside from being an excellent source of meat-based protein, the meat of organic chicken does not have any harmful chemicals which can be passed on to the dog food and consequently to your pet. cesar millan dog food

As a dog food ingredient, it is used in its raw form which means it is still composed of about 80% water. Upon processing, this moisture is lost thus leaving only a fraction of the ingredient’s original weight as a source of protein. This is probably the reason why chicken meal is listed as the second ingredient.

Chicken meal is considered a meat concentrate which means it possesses 300% more protein that raw meat ingredients.

Some dogs are hypersensitive to chicken meat regardless of whether it is raised organically or not, thus this must be taken into consideration when looking for the best dog food formula for your pet.

Aside from organic chicken, all of Cesar Millan’s dog food products use organic ingredients which mean that they have been produced naturally without inorganic fertilizers and harmful chemicals. These organic ingredients include organic barley, organic peas, organic oats, organic brown rice, organic ground extruded whole soybeans and organic fruits.

Although these organic ingredients may be free from harmful chemicals and additives, their individual properties as a nutrient are still intact and can influence the nutritional content of each dog food formula.

Barley is a complex carbohydrate and is a good source of energy and dietary fiber that supports gastrointestinal tract health. Since it does not contain gluten, it is a better source of energy than corn and wheat which are known food allergens.

Peas are sources of plant protein and important vitamins and minerals including B-vitamins, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and manganese. Peas are also excellent sources of dietary fiber and carotene.

Oats also provide soluble and insoluble dietary fibers which promote digestive health. It is a complex carbohydrate with a low glycemic index which means it can help maintain stable blood sugar levels.

Brown rice is also called “hulled rice”, “unmilled” or “partly milled rice”. Only the husk or the outermost layer of the grain has been removed keeping the nutrient-rich germ layer intact. It is more nutritious than white polished rice.  It is a type of whole grain which is high in B vitamins and essential minerals.

Chicken fat is a product of rendering or extraction. It is rich in linoleic acid which is essential for health skin and hair coat.

Chicken liver is a rich source of protein, essential vitamins particularly vitamin A and minerals. It also lends flavor to the dog food thus increasing its palatability.

Brewers dried yeast is a source of protein that can boost the total protein content of the dog food. For some dog owners, it is viewed as an inexpensive dog food filler while there are others who think that yeast possesses anti-flea properties. Still other dog owners shy away from dog food products with brewers dried yeast because they think it can increase the possibility of bloat in dogs.

There are dog owners who are quite satisfied with how their dogs are doing with Cesar Millan dog food products. They like the fact that organic ingredients are used. However there are those who complain of the higher prices compared to other dog food brands of the same quality.

Overall, we believe this is an above average product. While we do not highly recommend Cesar Milan brand, it is an acceptable dog food and contains fairly good quality ingredients.

Please visit the links listed below for Cesar Millan dog food reviews by formula.

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Cesar Millan Dog Food

Cesar Millan dog food can be found at you local Petco. Cesar Millan dog food comes in 3 different formulas:

  • Dog Whisperer by Cesar Millan Puppy Formula Dog Food
  • Dog Whisperer by Cesar Millan Canine Adult Formula Dog Food
  • Dog Whisperer by Cesar Millan Canine Weight Control Formula Adult Dry Dog Food
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20 Responses to “Cesar Millan dog food”
  1. Patricia Allen-Tester says:

    cesar dog food is good for all of my dogs and my puppy. All of my dogs like this dog foods. The dry and the cesars Entrees.two of my small dogs like the Cesar double delights treats.I like that they’re made with no articial colours or flavours.

  2. Patricia Allen-Tester says:

    cesar dog food is good for all of my dogs and my puppy.

  3. Becky Flug says:

    I cannot help but wonder what it is that Patricia really “likes” about this food. Is it just that her dogs “like” it and “eat” it so it must be good for her dogs? After all my min-pin will cat food if I let her but I would not say that it is especially good for her.

  4. Alice Davis says:

    keep in mind that cesar milan believes in exercise and controlled play and challenges. while i don’t use his food because my dogs are not as active as his are, i can see why he would use more carbs and starchy carbs than protein. his dogs go into the mountains and through the hills for four hours every day and that’s before breakfast. i’d want a bunch of oats and barley too, after that.

  5. Nicole says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy it?

  6. mitzi says:

    A food with only about 2 meat ingredients? Come on, Caesar! I have not looked at the ingredient list or the manufacturer, but I would say this sounds like another grain heavy, middle-of-the-road dog food. Probably made by Purina, ick!

  7. Carole says:

    After having given Brach, the mixed Aussie, various dog foods over the course of 4 years we tried CM’s Weight Control formula. After 4 years of various consistencies of poop and indigestion, Brach reacted well to Cesar’s food. Firm poop, good weight control, activity consistent–finally an organic food that works! Alas, PetCo has discontinued selling Ceasar Milians dog food where we live. We are totally bummed. We are trying a new organic–so far, not impressed as dog has a decrease in energy and alas, loose poop.

  8. Jess says:

    Try one of these brands

    Blue Wilderness
    Taste of the Wild
    Natrures Logic
    Natures Variety
    Solid Gold
    Blue Buffalo
    California Natural

  9. Is the Cesar Millan dog food the same as the Cesar brand? I saw it advertised on the Animal Planet website which hosts Victoria Stilwell, who generally disses the Dog Whisperer and I thought it was ironic. But maybe the two brands are not related, although I would think there might be some copyright issues. See http://www.cesar.com. BTW, I feed my dog mostly Purina brand kibble, but he also gets raw Beef Hearts and marrow bones.

  10. frett says:

    great food cesaris a genuis i luvhim and his advcehasalways been useful

  11. Madison says:


    I only tried the water.. and my dogs LOVED it! I went to look for it in the stores and found the stores I go to have discontinued it?? I wonder why?

    To carole

    I have a min pin who has the same problem yours did.. loose poops.. appetite was even a problem.. is she going to eat today? is her doody soft? she is VERY small , at the time she was a pound a three quarters. super iddy biddy.. she is my pride and joy..today she is 6 pounds.. and I use science diet.. and for a while I used the one at the vet for sensitive intestines.. it was called vet. choice or something like that.. I use science diet closer in distance to buy and it works the same.

    well if anyone knows why stores are discontinuing his product please tell me/us..

  12. John says:

    Look. It may be named after the dog whisperer, but it’s not MADE by him. Don’t get me wrong. This food is OK, but it’s not the best.

  13. Kristy says:

    No, Cesar Millan dry dog food and Cesar Little dog “canned” food and the double delites treasts are NOT made by the same people, the Cesar canned food and their treats are a HORRIBLE food and you should never ever consider feeding them!!! Even if you DO feed cesar’s dry food. I was worried people would get the two confused when Cesar first came out with his dry dog food line.

  14. Michelle says:

    I was watching The Dog Whisperer and guess what he feeds?? Embark!!! LOL he doesn’t even use his own brand!! He’s is a great dog trainer…but I can’t say that this food is all that good.

  15. Jess says:

    Ya, his crap made my bad 20.

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