Zach’s Dog Food Reviews and Ratings

Zach’s Chicken and Rice Formula

This is a medium grade dog food. We do not like seeing 2 types of yeast, salt or Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex in a dogs diet. With just 3 ingredients before the fat this could lead us to believe there is a lot of meat in the food. We could find nothing on their website […]

Zach’s Regular Formula & 27/15

We do not like seeing Sorghum, corn gluten meal, 2 types of yeast, salt and especially Menadione sodium bisulfite complex in a dogs diet. Their website states that Zach’s is beef meal based nutrition for adult dogs requiring more protein, however, we believe that this is a relatively low grade dog food. Zach’s Regular Formula […]

Zach’s Premium Puppy Chicken & Rice Formula

During a study at Purdue University it was found that Chicken fat in the first five ingredients of dog foods was linked to bloat in some dogs. We do not like seeing 2 types of yeast, salt or Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex in a dog’s diet. With just 2 ingredients before the fat, this would […]

Zach’s Dog Food

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Zach’s Quality dog food products are corn-free and soy-bean free formulas that use only natural preservatives to guarantee the freshness and quality of every bite.  The company which is based in Breckenridge, Texas  is a relatively new player in the dog food industry. There are currently five Zach’s dog food formulas available in the market— […]

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