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Annamaet Dog Food

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Annamaet Dog Food Review Annamaet dog food products are manufactured and produced by Annamaet Petfoods, Inc. based in Sellersville, Pennsylvania. It was created by Robert Downey, an experienced breeder and racer of Alaskan Husky sled dogs. Their dog food formulas are a product of studying and observing the relationship between the diet and good health […]

Annamaet OPTION Dog Food

We are intrigued by the use of catfish in Annamaet’s products, after a review and analysis catfish seems to be an outstanding meat for dogs with some additional environmental benefits as well. While this is a fairly grain heavy dog food, we do not see any nasty ingredients, but we do recommend that if you […]

Annamaet EXTRA Dog Food

We really do not like seeing any kind of corn or wheat in dog food. We also would like to see Sodium Selenite replaced. This is a very grain heavy dog food and is very light in meat products. We do not recommend this dog food. Annamaet EXTRA Ingredient Analysis Chicken meal Ground corn Brown […]

Annamaet Salcha Grain Free Dog Food

With three very good meats and three other ingredients before the 1st fat we are confident about the meat content of this dog food. Ideally, would like to see Canola Oil, salt and Sodium Selenite removed or replaced, however, we do recommend this dog food and believe it is a great option that contains quality ingredients. […]

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