Canidae dog food

October 18, 2008  
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Canidae dog food

Canidae dog food is considered to be a premium brand of dog food – being both highly rated and respected. While we do not have it ranked at the top of our recommended list, we have received many positive customer reviews of Canidae. It comes in 6 different formulas with five formulas certified suitable for all life stages and one (Canidae Platinum dog food) tailored as a weight loss formula and for senior and geriatric dogs. The makers of Canidae dog food claim their products to be “formulated for Puppies, Adults, Working Seniors (PAWS). Canidae comes in 6 different formulas that gives you a chance to mix it up. Canidae dog food is sold in 5lb,15lb, and 30lb bags.

Canidae is an all-natural dog food formula that uses only high quality meat meals from chicken, lamb, fish, and turkey. All of the meat meals have been processed in a human grade facility to ensure  nutrient-dense products which can sufficiently supply the animal protein requirements of any age or breed of dogs. Meat concentrates are said to contain almost 300% more protein compared to their fresh raw forms.

Among the six recipes, only two have grain-free formulas, while four incorporate whole grains and diversified carbohydrates for a ready energy source.  Viable sources of carbohydrates include brown rice, white rice, and rice bran. These are ready sources of energy for dogs.

Peas are also a good source of plant protein and natural fiber. Protein content of peas is often counted as part of the total protein content of the product.

Oatmeal and barley are sources of starchy carbohydrates and fiber. Oatmeal is a natural source of B-vitamins and is mostly gluten-free. Barley help provide stable blood sugar levels in dogs.

The company also claims the incorporation of essential vitamins and amino acids, chelated minerals, natural herbal preservative, viable microorganisms, and enzyme to help breakdown of cellulose.

Chicken fat provides the essential fatty acids which are needed for healthy cells.

The addition of tomato pomace is quite controversial in that although it has high fiber and nutrient content it is a cheap pet food filler that can be possibly include pesticides which can be found on the tomato’s skin before it underwent processing. Tomato pomace is a by-product when making tomato juice, soup, and catsup.

Ocean fish meal is another controversial ingredient. Although it’s a good source of protein, being a meat concentrate, it does not specify from what species of fish it has been obtained and from what specific parts of the fish. Most fish meals which are being used as feed ingredients are by-products of commercial fish processing.

Probiotics have also been added as coating for kibbles. These are beneficial microorganisms which can help boost the functions of a dog’s digestive and immune systems.

Chelated minerals boost the digestion and absorption of amino acids.

Looking at the over-all picture of its ingredients, it can be said that more than half of the formulation is made up of carbohydrates with only a below average amount of protein.

Customer Reviews

Satisfied users of Canidae dog food favor the use of the Platinum formula as it was effective in helping their pets lose weight in a healthy manner. Some dog owners also observed that the high grain formula worked well for dogs with sensitive stomachs. The lamb formula comes highly recommend for dogs which are experiencing diarrhea with the chicken formula.

Some negative feedbacks from dog owners whose dogs were given any of the Canidae feed formulas include elevated liver enzymes, diarrhea, itching, and hot-spots.  Vomiting of undigested food has also been a common problem particularly for new switchers suggesting the need for an adequate adjustment period to ensure that the dog’s digestive system gets used to the new ingredients. When switching to Canidae dog food it is suggested that you switch over gradually. Switching over to quickly can lead to digestive and stomach problems. A good plan is to mix Canidae dog food with your older dog food brand. Mix 80% old and 20% new and gradually increase the Canidae for a smooth transition.

Please visit the links listed below for Canidae dog food reviews by formula.

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Canidae Dog Food Review

Canidae Dog Food Formulas:

Canidae Dog Food Consumer Rating

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105 Responses to “Canidae dog food”
  1. Rosie says:

    I have three pugs & two yorkies. The oldest pug is very sensitive to anything with beef or wheat in it. Had been using Eagle Pack Holistic chicken & rice for almost four years until they switched something in it this past winter. He is a very picky eater & I had tried many different brands with no success until I had bought the Canidae ALS. He ate it pretty well until I noticed he was looking pretty skinny. Took him to the vet & the blood tests showed his liver enzymes were elevated. I had lost one pug during the whole fiasco with dog food a few years back & do not wish that upon anyone. During the trial with the Canidae brand, I had also dog sat my son’s ten year old pug & he got diarrhea for four days. What is wrong with dog food companies that really do not care about the welfare of our little fur babies-only about their profits?
    Switched back to Eagle Pack for sensitive digestion & now he’s doing great.

  2. Vaish says:

    Do you mean Eagle pack that has corn and wheat germ meal in it. I am happy for your dogs as they are doing great on this crap food.

  3. Laurie says:

    I just tried Canidae for the first time because my private pet supply store recommended it since all the service dogs in the area seem to use this brand. Something had me check reviews. Now I am totally terrified to continue using the food. My dogs (13 yr shep./rot mix and a 1.5 yr lab/greyhound mix see to be doing o.k. on it but it’s only been a week. I just went out tonight and got my old standby that while it isn’t the best high quality food out there I know they are o.k. on it. Maybe I’ll check the Canidae website for comments, etc.

  4. Ginny says:

    Shan – I’d love the $$ from TOTW, but nope I’m not a PR person or associated with them. As for exporting, that’s a DUH! They have to ‘cause they are losing so many US customers. Check the Internet for the customer complaints, Dog Food Analysis for their (PC correct) warning about complaints, Amazon for customer reviews, store announcements that they are no longer selling Canidae as a result of Customer complaints. If your local market is shrinking, export as much as you can to keep your market share. I don’t know what Canidae’s bottom line really looks like, but I checked out the 2010 complaints on the Internet tonight and the complaints are still growing. As for Canidae’s website (and their responses to my emails concerning this issue) all I can say is it’s like déjà vu with BP’s response to the issues in the Gulf or Toyota’s response to the acceleration problems – aka there is no problem…it’s a transition issue….not all dogs react the same…it’s a change for the better….and so on.
    As for Canidae killing pets – I for one came to close for comfort to losing one of my pack to Canidae. It was only a fluke I discovered the problem (due to a minor, unrelated injury), ran tests, and switched foods immediately. It took months to get my 110 to 120 lb boy that dropped to under 90lbs, and the rest of my pack that lost 15-20+% of their body weight, back to health – all experiencing explosive diarrhea, vomiting, hair loss, weakness/exhaustion, etc. – along with major Vet bills during this recovery period. I’ve turned my back on Canidae (after years of raving about their products), and I will never look back! If you continue rotating you boys on their kibble, you may be only delaying their negative response – in my case, it took 2-3 months feeding exclusively Canidae to bring my pack down.
    Kinda a separate question here (to everyone – not just Shan) –
    I’m a little confused – Really?! I know there are brand loyalties, but why after numerous complaints/reports of problems with Canidae from 2008 thru 2010 would anyone risk their pet’s health and feed it to them? I know I was talked back to Canidae by my feed store, then when I had problems they ‘fessed up that they had had several Customer complaints and sales had fallen off. After the ‘pet food scare’ we all found out there really aren’t any tough regs on the industry, and recalls are still going on – heck Iams and others put recalls out this week. OK, I jumped from Canidae initially because of what I found on the Web – then got talked back into it with really BAD results. I know I’ll never make that mistake again – maybe that’s the answer? Until you personally live through it you don’t believe it and mark it off to ‘wackos’ or animals with pre-existing conditions. Oh well, just thought I’d ask. I know I’ve had a ‘lesson learned’ now in my life and won’t make that mistake again.

  5. Kathryn says:

    My 6 1/2 year old Brussels Griffon terrier, came to us on New Year’s Day 2008. He’d been in rescue for 18 months, and fed exclusively on Canidae. Since he was used to it & doing well we have kept with it. He never had any health issues until about 4 months ago when he began chewing & licking his paws & genitals. I’ve also seen his stools start to look watery. Vet just gave him a clean bill of health, suggested we look into changing his food as it appeared he’d developed a sensitivity to the Canidae. I’d already figured that was the next step, that confirmed it.

    I found this site when I started researching new food. I haven’t chosen a new one yet, as there is so much to look at. I will be looking at the suggestions here. Would value suggestions. I have no problem with ordering online, though it would be nice if our final choice was available at All Pets Club, PetSmart, Petco, or Agway. Deliveries can be dicey in our neighborhood. I know, probably wishful thinking. But one can hope. The most important thing is to get my little guy on food that won’t have him itching!

  6. Jess says:

    My guess and it is just a guess, that it could be the grains. I would buy a small bag of a something without grain in it. I feed Orijen but it is pretty spendy, but I feel it is the best dog food made today. Finely ground fresh raw beets or a can of pumpkin dog food well help stiffin up the poo(pumpkin works the best). I keep both around because my dog eats anything and everything, especially at the beach. Here is a list of some good dog foods. Taste of the wild is most likely the best price and my dog just loves the wetlands.

    The A list
    1. Orijen
    2. Acana, Harvest, Pacifica & Grassland only.
    3. Blue Wilderness
    4. Wellness Core
    5. Go, Grain free only.
    6. Acana, the rest of Acana products.
    7. Taste of the Wild, wetlands & prairie only, Grain free
    8. Artemis
    9. Fromm
    10. Instinct
    11. Evo
    12. Merrick, before grain.
    13. Horizon Legacy

    The B list
    1. California Natural
    2. Now, Grain free.
    3. GO, free indurance,chicken,salmon only
    4. Merrick
    4. Evangers
    5. Timberwolf
    6. Wellness
    7. Solid Gold
    8. Canidae
    8. Natures Logic
    8. First Mate

    12. Kirkland, Costco

  7. Sam Young says:

    My husband and I rescued a husky/rott puppy 4 months ago and last month she was old enough to switch to an adult food, she and our 2 year old golden had been eating each other’s food and I wanted to switch to one food for the both of them. I went to my locally owned pet store and they immediately recommended Canidae ALS. I have to tell you that my experience with this dog food has been traumatic. Our puppy developed SEVERE diarrhea after we transitioned her to the ALS (14 day transition so not it was not just a change in her food) I immediately took her to the vet and assumed she had a stomach virus we administered antibiotics and sensitive stomach dog food. She became better and the vet said to transition her back to the canidae (again 14 day transition) and as soon as she started eating full meals of the ALS she had bloody diarrhea and loose stools 6 times a day. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. My parents are sheltie breeders and stupid me, I did not consult them when choosing this dog food, I went on the advice of someone that I thought knew better than me and the vet didn’t say anything negative about canidae when I asked him if it could be the food making her sick. All of her tests have come back negative, there is nothing wrong with her physically. She was a perfectly wonderful puppy before we put her on this TERRIBLE food. When I noticed our 2 year old golden not eating her food (had never been a problem for her before) I knew that it had to be the Canidae. I started doing research and found that SOOO MANY other dog owners are having the exact same problems and symptoms. I am switching our puppy off of this terrible crap immediately. The pet store just kept telling me to add pumpkin to her diet to firm up her stools, maybe she had a gluten allergy (so I would buy the more expensive gluten-free canidae product) is going to get an EARFULL from me. This has been going on for 2 months now and I feel just terrible for my puppy. Switching to Wellness or back to Nutro, which is what our golden was on before any of this started.

  8. Jess says:

    2 months is way to long. Try Taste of the Wild-wetlands, but if you can afford it Orijen is awesome. Check out some of my posts I leave a list of good dog foods. Keep in mind some dogs just don’t do good on certain foods. It’s not that they are bad foods, it is just that some foods don’t agree with some dogs. California Natural is a brand that usually works with all dogs.

  9. Kate says:

    After almost lossing my dog in 2009 from the “Improved” Canidae dog food formula, I have concluded the only safe food to give your pet is a meal you have prepared yourself. It is a little more time-comsuming, but not bad once you begin and you may also find yourself eating healthier food. It may cost a little more than commercial dog food, but not more than the $1,200 vet bill I had to pay. Canidae’s ingredients may look great in theory, but what they did to my dog was lethal. If your pet gets sick, consider the food you are feeding him. The dog food companies don’t rush to admit there is a problem. It takes many dead pets, many screaming owners, and some lawyers before a dog food company comes clean.

  10. Kathleen says:

    Despite all the drama posted here, plenty of dogs (including mine) do very well on Canidae and have for several years. Before Canidae, I tried Wellness and absolutely could not get a formed stool from any of my dogs in spite of a gradual transition. The company didn’t really care. Does that mean that Wellness is in concert with the devil? No, it just means it’s not for my dogs. Similarly, Canidae may not be for yours. But Canidae has kept my dogs healthy and in good condition for years. There isn’t one perfect dog food. Try a food and continue with it or abandon it as dictated by your pet’s condition.

  11. Ricki Martini says:

    Hi Guys,
    My small breed poodle has been scraching his body, behind his ears, and biting his paws recently.His hair also looks wiry and kinda stiff. I am wondering if I should replace Canidae grain-free salmon with some other alternative brand such as Avoderm. The reason I had been using Canidae salmon was because I thot it must be good for his skin and hair. Really like to have your advice and suggest brands to replace Canidae.

  12. Mel says:

    I would advise Royal Canin, they have a poodle specific diet which has been formulated for that specific coat. A lot of time when they are biting their paws it is allergy related, which is hard to determine which is causing it. BUT if the hair is stiff and wiry (for a healthy poodle it should not be). It is dietary deficiency. Alot of people assume that the omegas are what give a nice a coat, and they do. But that being said if minerals and vitamins and specific amino acids are not in adequate levels you will not grow a good enough coat to see the effects of the omegas. With Royal Canin they are the LEADING pet nutrition research company. Meaning basically they are really the only company on the block that knows what makes a good diet (it is not the ingredients that are important but what nutrient the animal gets as these are what are used day to day to live). Alot of new companies are playing the market now a days, meaning grain free, holistic, and they are not doing their research to ensure that by taking these ingredients out they are meeting the higher demands of the animal. All company’s have to meet AFFCO regulations, but AFFCO is more maintenance (survival) not longevity and the added perks of a nice soft and silky coat. A good company also ensures that specific amino acids are present as these dictate coat growth and color (among many other things), even the form of the minerals (inorganic vs. organic) are important, and alot of new company’s are not doing their part to ensure they meet this they are just promoting ingredients – which is never good! even in human food (yet is happens all the time)!
    So I would honestly suggest Royal Canin!

  13. linda greenfield says:

    reviews of many brands of food are scarry. a lot of them go back 2 or 3 yrs.with so many out there how can a company stay in busness if they are selling crap food. dogs like us have different food requierments, so if it doesn’t work for your dog, don’t feed it. this does’t mean the food is no good. another thing i question is the no grain foods as i do not feel they have been fed long enough to realy see the long term results. i do not know how any one else feels but i think the dog food industry is out of control. the wt. amount keeps going down, the price up and for those who pay attension the amount that you need to feed has also gone up. i am just starting to feed canidae so time will tell and i will get back with a review

  14. Dee says:

    Hello after reading all of the comments here. I am scared to even feed my dog dry dog food or any dog food not made by me. I think I will have to just introduce him to different dog foods and go from there. However, I did try Blue Buffalo when he was a pup, and he did okay on it. My dog is a chocolate lab and he’s my furry son, I hate to see him get sick when he gets older. Now if I can change that I will. Thanks for the comments

  15. Sandra says:

    I adopted a small terrier mix January 2011 and was told at the shelter that they fed Canidae Lamb and Rice. She was underweight at 10 pounds and within a short time her weight came up to 14 pounds which she maintained. They figured her age at the time to be 8 years old.

    About a month ago I bought a new bag and she refused to eat it. She would sometimes take a couple of pieces if I stood there and practically handed her one. I mixed it with cottage cheese. She eagerly ate the cottage cheese and left most of the Canidae. I started feeding her chicken and rice which I cooked and she eagerly ate that immediately.

    I only feed her a scant quarter cup of kibble so figured she’d be hungry enough to eat it. She did ingest some that was mixed with the chicken, rice mixture or with cottage cheese.

    She became lethargic and was lying in corners as if to hide. She would chase her beloved tennis ball for a few minutes, but not as she once did, non-stop.

    Then, about 2 weeks ago as she was chasing the ball she exploded with dianrea. I have never seen as much come out of an animal, plus the consistency was not like any other I’ve seen in dogs, and the odor was unbelievable. No dog feces smells as that did.

    I stopped the Canidae and have been feeding her strictly home-made food except for a few biscuits which I checked out. She once again seems like a dog much younger than her years, eats her food with gusto, and eliminates on her original predicatable schedule.

    I did look up the number on your site and it said something about an “X” being in the code. There was an X, but I know nothing about the other numbers.

    I’m in Southern California and see no recall or indication of a problem for this part of the country on the news releases.

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