California Natural Dog Food

California Natural Dog Food Review

California Natural brand dog food is produced by the Natura Pet Products company. Natura Pet Products is also the maker of the following foods:bag of california natural dog food

  • Evo
  • HelathWise
  • Karma
  • Mother Nature
  • Innova

California Natural’s line of dog foods contain only one source of each macronutrient, with none of their formulas including any artificial ingredients, fillers or by-products.  In addition, they are also corn, wheat and soy free.

This line of dog food formula’s is excellent for dogs with sensitive stomachs or food allergies.

California Natural dog food products are formulated based on the philosophy– “less is more”.  The manufacturers designed individual food formulas to meet the nutritional requirements of different life ages of dogs including those with special diets and hypersensitive issues with particular food ingredients.

California Natural has 13 dry dog food formulas which are designed for dogs with allergies thus they are using various ingredients to reduce, if not prevent, any incidence of digestive problems and food allergies.

The main ingredient of California natural dog food formulas is meat. The type of meat for each formula depends on the specific nutritional needs with which the formula has been formulated. The various dog food formulas for adult dogs use either of the following rich protein sources—lamb, chicken, venison, herring, and salmon. For puppies, the major meat sources include lamb and chicken.

Compared to other dog food brands, California Natural lives by its philosophy. It has a limited ingredient list in an effort to keep off common allergens in the dog’s diet.

One interesting aspect of the protein component of California Natural dog food formulas is the fact that meat sources are incorporated as meat meals such as chicken meal, lamb meal, or venison meal. Meat meals are considered meat concentrates which contain almost 300% more animal-based protein compared to raw or fresh meat sources. Almost eighty-percent of raw meat is made up of water which disperses upon processing.

Brown rice is a nutrient-rich grain with on the rice hull removed. It is a rich source of nutrients including B-vitamins, fatty acids and magnesium.

California Natural dog food also has grain-free formulas that incorporate peas or potatoes. Peas are an excellent source of digestible carbohydrates and of vegetable protein. It also contains substantial amounts of Vitamin A.  Potatoes are good sources of complex carbohydrates, B-vitamins, magnesium, copper, iron, potassium, zinc, and niacin.

Sunflower oil is one of the highest sources of linoleic acid which is rich in essential omega-6 fatty acids responsible for healthy skin and coat.

Pea fiber comes from pea hulls and is considered both an insoluble and soluble fiber which is very important in promoting normal bowel health.

All of California Natural dog food formulas have met AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages and adult maintenance.

However, there is no mention of probiotics or beneficial microorganisms in the dog food formulas. The current trend in dog food formulas is to apply a coat of probiotics on kibbles to further boost digestive health and performance.

Customer Reviews

There are many positive reviews from dog owners who switched their pet’s food to California Natural. Dogs which have been previously besieged with intestinal and bowel issues have improved significantly.

However, many dog owners question the absence of probiotics. There are also those who doubt if California Natural can still maintain the original quality now that it’s under the P&G formula.

Please visit the links listed below for California Natural dog food reviews by formula.

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California Natural Dog Food Formulas:

  1. California Natural Grain Free Chicken Meal Adult Dog Food
  2. California Natural Grain Free Lamb Meal Adult Dog Food
  3. California Natural Grain Free Venison Meal Adult Dog Food
  4. California Natural Lamb Meal & Rice Adult Large Bites
  5. California Natural Lamb Meal & Rice Adult Small Bites
  6. California Natural Lamb & Brown Rice Adult
  7. California Natural Low Fat Rice & Lamb meal Adult
  8. California Natural Herring & Sweet Potato Adult Dog Food
  9. California Natural Salmon & Sweet Potato Adult
  10. California Natural Lamb Meal & Rice Dog Food
  11. California Natural Chicken Meal & Rice Dog Food

California Natural Dog Food Consumer Ratings

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33 Responses to “California Natural Dog Food”
  1. Mary says:

    I have been feeding all my show dogs and rescues California Natural. This past summer/fall I had a bag of Chicken and Rice dog food that was 1/2 one type and 1/2 another mixed in the same bag. I called the company and got a free bag they said no one else had issues. I found that hard to believe. I wonder how this happened and how many others had issues. I have also been having diarrhea with many of the dogs off and on. I go through a large 35lb every other day. I think I may make a change to another food. Everyone should also be aware there is a recall of on diamond food. They also make other popular brands. I think I am just going to start making it myself.

  2. Jeannette says:

    California Naturals no more!
    I’ve recently been feeding my 3 dogs the California Natural Grain Free Venison and Potato.
    All 3 have food allergies and this food was really working out well. The past two bags I had received had kibble shapes that were round. In the past the kibble shapes were square. After some long research it appears that P&G has changed either the ingredients, formula, or quality of ingredients. P&G purchased this company in 2010. I contacted them and they had said the were NOT changing the formula. It now appears they have. NOT good! My dogs are now having symptoms of food allergies: Sneezing, vomiting, & diarrhea. This only started occurring after the kibble changed shapes. I’m very concerned the quality of this product and the other brands that were purchased at the same time (Innova, EVO, and a few more) have changed.
    This is very sad!

  3. Amy says:

    My dog has been on California Natural for 4 years and was doing wonderful until about a month ago. Now he’s vomiting almost every day. I’m convinced its the food. I will be switching immediately! Its so disappointing and discouraging to have to go through these problems. WHY WHY WHY must they cheap out? Will losing all their customers be profitable??? I hope I can find another brand that he can tolerate.

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