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December 27, 2008  
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Blue Buffalo Dog Food Review

Blue Buffalo dog food is formulated with natural ingredients and a combination of active nutrients and antioxidants which have been incorporated in a patented secret formula known as LifeSource® Bits. Its manufacturer states that it uses a holistic approach in Blue dog food recipes in order to satisfy the nutritional needs of each age group of dogs.  Its main ingredients include meat, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. In an effort to adhere to their claim of being 100% natural, no poultry by-products, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives were added. No wheat, corn, soy was added to avoid any hypersensitivity reactions in some dogs.

The manufacturers of Blue Buffalo dog food have come up with four varieties of dry dog food. Each product is designed to supply the required daily nutrients of specific age groups of dogs. These four dog food formula include the BLUE Life Protection, Longevity, Wilderness, and Basics. Blue Buffalo Wilderness dog food brand is often regarded as the best of the bunch.

Blue Buffalo dog food recipes feature deboned chicken, lamb or fish as the major ingredient. Whole grains including brown rice and whole barley, and sweet potato are incorporated as the main sources of energy. Garden vegetables and fruits are also included to provide the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Other important components of Blue Buffalo dog food include the inulin-rich chicory root which is a good source of soluble dietary fiber and prebiotic that promotes the growth and multiplication of beneficial bacteria within the dog’s gastro-intestinal tract. Special probiotics have also been added to the kibble to enhance digestive and immune functions. Chelated minerals promote better assimilation and metabolism of protein in the body.

There are certain ingredients which are considered as controversial in that their effects and importance as a feed nutrient has been questioned by some experts.  Canola oil is known for its omega-3 content however some consider it as an unhealthy fat. Tomato pomace has been incorporated because of its high fiber and nutrient content however there are those who consider it as just inexpensive filler for pet foods.

To prolong the shelf-life of its products, the manufacturers of Blue Buffalo dog food used Rosemary, an all-natural preservative which is safe and organic.

Many dog owners who are using Blue Buffalo dog food formulas claim that their pets are much more energetic and are not prone to digestive problems. Their pets’ hair coats are glossy while the skin remains healthy and protected against seasonal itching and allergies. Dog owners whose pets suffer from skin allergies also reported favorable results after having made the switch from their old dog food to Blue Buffalo.

While still fairly highly recommended and of good quality, the reputation of the Blue Buffalo line of dog food formulas has been slightly tainted due to a recall of specific products which have been suspected of containing excessive levels of Vitamin D. Although Vitamin D is an important feed nutrient, some dogs show hypersensitivity reactions to the high levels resulting in lethargy, increased water consumption and increased frequency of urination.

Please visit the links listed below for Blue Buffalo dog food reviews by formula.

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Blue Buffalo Dog Food Reviews

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Formulas:

  1. BLUE Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Dog Food for Puppies
  2. BLUE Lamb and Brown Rice Recipe Dog Food for Puppies
  3. BLUE Large Breed Formula Dog Food for Puppies
  4. BLUE Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Dog Food for Adult Dogs
  5. BLUE Lamb and Brown Rice Recipe Dog Food for Adult Dogs
  6. BLUE Fish and Sweet Potato Recipe Dog Food for Adult Dogs
  7. BLUE Large Breed Formula Dog Food for Adult Dogs
  8. BLUE Small Breed Formula Dog Food for Adult Dogs
  9. BLUE Weight Control Formula Dog Food for Adult Dogs
  10. BLUE Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Dog Food for Senior Dogs
  11. BLUE Wilderness Dog Food
  12. BLUE Organics Dog Food
  13. Blue Buffalo Basics Grain-Free Turkey & Potato

Blue Dog Food Consumer Ratings

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215 Responses to “Blue Buffalo Dog Food”
  1. Standardpoodlebabee2 says:

    Did something happen to the Wilderness Grain Free formula? Duck and
    Salmon Grain Free to be exact.
    My 2 year old standard poodle is so sick!
    Her primary diet was RAW until May 2012, and I relied on this formula during very busy periods (as RAW can be time consuming) and boarding.
    She was used to eating this kibble food since 5 months old.

    In May 2012, she developed extreme diarrhea with blood.
    A few Vet visits cleared her of parasites and any other ailments. I honestly thought she contracted Parvo at the kennel bc on this particular visit I
    paid for the extra ‘playtime’ in the common grass area.

    She would recuperate during her home cooked (chicken/rice) meals. I never went back to RAW bc of my schedule and also bc her GI tract was too sensitive for the bones.

    I switched to another protein and the same. She is used to this since I would buy her one bag salmon and the next time duck since 5 months old bc I read this is good for food allergy prevention.
    The normal rotation was 6 weeks on the largest bag.

    Regardless, we were done with this food. Petsmart does take back the food and honors a full refund if your pet does like it for those that do not know, btw.

    This is what my standard poodle developed after May 2012 on Wilderness Grain Free Duck & Salmon variety.
    Bloody diarrhea with bloody discharge (gone after I stopped feeding)
    Scratching (all the time)
    Biting her skin
    Coat dry and brittle (she is in full coat poodle Continental)
    Hair falling out and more mats
    Bald spots
    She has that ‘red/copper color’ stain (her coat is cream) where her body fluids (saliva, urine, feces) come in contact, e.g. Around the mouth, belly, bathroom spots, inside the tail, paws, etc.
    Her pink skin is red and irritated.
    Lots of little scabs and flecks (not flea poo) the color red and black on her skin.
    She does not have fleas and is on medication. I use Capstar when necessary. Usually after visiting foreign places.
    Anal glands leaks (Horrible stink and watery mess)

    Stinking gas and some loud burps she did not have before.
    Supposedly, after eating your dog should let out a big burp (kinda like a baby) to push out the air it ingested during their eager feedings, and she always did this.
    Now, I will hear more gurgling in her tummy that comes out of both ends during relax times.

    Honestly, her coat looks like a wiry thinning mess. Luckily, she did Not developed (or ever has) tear stains. I do keep her very clean and use baby wipes after she uses the bathroom every time since she is an inside dog cuddling with me everywhere. She does enjoy staying clean. Lol, she stops by the trash bin to get wiped before jumping in her bed to get her treat. She is so cute!

    I just wanted to post this since this was a good food to get easily at Petsmart ( if you cannot get to a feed/specialty store), But felt like responding to Sue.

    For those that want to know I switched to Organix Chicken & Rice and this stopped the diarrhea BUT not the Skin problems I mentioned in my list.
    I also do not like this food bc she poops it right out! About 1-2 per times 1.5 cup feeding.

    I usually fed 3 cups daily (my dog is hard to gain weight and very hungry) on Wilderness and always got a healthy poop once a day!

    So, now we are on the hunt for another dog food that is not too rich and hopefully Grain
    Free again.

    During this time, my poodle stayed at active energy level and NEVER lost her appetite.
    She loves to eat but hates diarrhea!

    (Yes, we know about yoghurt and canned plain canned pumpkin).

    Any suggestions?

  2. Standardpoodlebabee2 says:

    I forgot to add she did vomit her food when she was going thru her diarrhea cycle on Wilderness Grain Free.

    Organix Chicken & Rice does not make her vomit or give her diarrhea.
    Just a lot of poop of 2-4 times a day for only 3 cups of kibble.

    Wilderness Grain Free used to be 1 healthy daily poop per 3 cups of kibble.

  3. I have a boxer puppy, six months old. I switched to Blue Buffalo on recommendation from a Petsmart employee. He told me that I would see a difference in his coat. His coat did became shiny and softer within 2 weeks BUT it gave him terrible, smelly gas and bloody diarrhea. I would NOT recommended this “premimum” and very expensive food!

  4. sheryl goodfellow says:

    every time tried blue buffalo on my dogs, a rottie and a bouvier, they had terrible diarrhea. maybe from the canola oil…after checking several other brand with good reviews, and same problem, I am avoiding any kibble with canola oil. Chicken fat seems to be okay. I found out that canola oil products are not that good for people either.

  5. Deborah Clemens says:

    I founded and run a rescue for northern breed dogs, specializing in dogs with fear aggression. I have 3 full blooded Siberian Huskies and one Samoyed mix, along with various fosters thrown in…I have had my dogs for over 6 or 7 years on BB wilderness and their longevity and they seemed to be thriving. Until 3 years ago when all four of mine and a foster became deathly ill….all were bleeding profusely from the rectum, and throwing up. signs of weakness and lethargy, loss of appetite and many trips to the vet. It took my vet of almost 10 years to realize it was the Blue Buffalo food almost killing my fur family. She took one look at the ingredients on the back of the dog food bags and told me the phos. levels were way too high….I cold turkeyed them off BB and gave them very bland diets. It took them all about two months to pull out of the illness. Time lapse of almost four months of dealing with how ill all were from first sign of a problem until we solved it being the food….unfortunately for my husky/Samoyed (a rescue that had an already compromised immune system from 3rd stage heartworms that he had when I pulled him from a high kill shelter two years prior to this), he wasn’t as lucky as the other four and he was diagnosed 3 months after being so ill with BB food with early signs of renal failure. He has numerous health problems now and his prognosis is not good. I will never feed any dogs Blue Buffalo brand food again…I contacted the company twice during this four month nightmare and the rep was rude, and would not even tell me she would take my dogs’ symptoms to the nutritionists to have them look into the issues…she told me it couldn’t be their food…. for more information on this food and the symptoms and outcome of other dogs and even cats that were ill at the same time as mine and many died of kidney failure. go to Consumer Advocate website and search Blue Buffalo dog food complaints. please heed my warning,,,,,

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