Beneful Original dog food

November 2, 2008  
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Beneful Original dog food Review

Beneful Original dog food is made and manufactured by Nestle Purina. Beneful Original is the most popular among dog owners who feed Beneful dog food. While some think Beneful Original is good for their dogs, the ingredients tell a different story.

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[tab:First Five Ingredients:]
First five ingredients of Beneful dog food:

  1. Ground yellow corn
  2. chicken by-product meal
  3. corn gluten meal
  4. whole wheat flour
  5. animal fat

The first ingredient of Beneful Original dog food is Ground Yellow corn. Corn has been linked to many different problems within dogs including yeast infections to allergies. Corn is often difficult for dogs to digest and offers no nutritional value. We usually never recommend a dog food brand that contains corn.

The second ingredient Chicken By-Product meal is also one we try and stay away from. Its hard to determine the quality of this ingredient. Chicken By-Products are usually lower quality parts of the chicken that are rejected for human consumption.

Again Corn shows up as the third ingredient. It shows up in the form of a Gluten meal, which basically means after everything that may be nutritious has been removed from corn, they take whats left over and call it Gluten Meal.

Whole Wheat flour is the fourth ingredient. This ingredient is also one we don’t want to see in dog food. Whole Wheat flour is one ingredient that has been linked to numerous cases of dog allergies.

The fifth ingredient, Animal fat is an ingredient in which it is impossible to correctly identify the source. When you can’t identify the source usually this means that it is of lower quality.

With all these unwanted ingredients in the first five ingredients it would be hard to recommend this food to anyone. People are drawn to this food due to the cheaper price. One must think about the future. Ingredients in Beneful dog food have been linked to cases of allergies. Allergies = Vet Visits and Vet Visits = $$$. Your dogs food is an investment of your dogs health.

Beneful Original Dog Food Full Ingredients List:

Ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour, animal fat preserved with mixed-tocopherols (form of Vitamin E), rice flour, beef, soy flour, sugar, sorbitol, tricalcium phosphate, water, salt, phosphoric acid, animal digest, potassium chloride, dicalcium phosphate, sorbic acid (a preservative), L-Lysine monohydrochloride, dried peas, dried carrots, calcium carbonate, calcium propionate (a preservative), choline chloride, added color (Yellow 5, Red 40, Yellow 6, Blue 2), DL-Methionine, Vitamin E supplement, zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, Vitamin A supplement, manganese sulfate, niacin, Vitamin B-12 supplement, calcium pantothenate, riboflavin supplement, copper sulfate, biotin, garlic oil, thiamine hydrochloride, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine mononitrate, folic acid, Vitamin D-3 supplement, menadione sodium bisulfite complex (source of Vitamin K activity), calcium iodate, sodium selenite.
[tab:Guaranteed Analysis:]

Beneful Original Dog Food GUARANTEED ANALYSIS:

Crude Protein (Min) 25.0% Calcium (Ca) (Min) 1.1%

Crude Fat (Min) 10.0% Iron (Fe) (Min) 200 mg/kg

Crude Fiber (Max) 4.0% Selenium (Se) (Min) 0.2 mg/kg

Moisture (Max) 14.0% Vitamin A (Min) 10,000 IU/kg

Linoleic Acid (Min) 1.5% Vitamin E (Min) 100 IU/kg
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8 Responses to “Beneful Original dog food”
  1. Max D. Dog says:

    This is the worst dog food I’ve ever had my dog on. I thought that by all the great commercials implying its actually healthy that it actually would be. Since starting Crapaful my dog has lost hair, had to eat twice as much (as there arent enough nutrients) and has even tried coprophagia as means of trying to get the nutrients which this lacks. I can honestly say I will never give this to my dog again.

  2. dog food watcher says:

    this is the most amazing food- the ingredients are incredibly awful, even a highly uneducated person should be somewhat startled at the idea of feeding this stuff to a dog; but so many people are SO taken in by the commercials. It’s amazing. I guess it’s the “dog food of the gullible”. Purina must make a fortune in profits off selling this nightmare food even with the cost of the advertising campaign. Poor dogs. Makes you wonder who at Purina hates dogs so much to come up with this junk.

  3. Jean/4 Max and Rodney says:

    Purina foods have never been good value. You would get better off for your dog if you buy store brand cat food. I have had 4 dogs. Every time I rescued a new dog, I would recive free cupons for Purina Beniful and now their new
    healthy grouth formula. None of which I would use. None of which I would even give to another dog owner. I did not have to read the ingrediants on this site I read them on the newest bags as well as the others before. I was unimpressed by the word corn-meal and bi-products. I buy no food that starts with a list including bi-products. or rice prodcts. My husband and I will not eat a all beef hot dog it to us is no diffrent it is a food made of bi-proiducts. If they are no good for us. Why would we feed them to our dogs. (kids)

  4. Brad says:

    We call it “BENAWFUL”, we like crapaful too!

  5. Jess says:

    This is terrible,,,the crap killed my dog and just think,,, Ol roy is even worse.

  6. Garry says:

    This is a terrible dog food. My dogs have to eat twice as much of this to be satisified. I started mixing it with fat to get rid of it but am thinking I should just toss it

  7. Wuk says:

    My 2.5 year old pug started out on puppy chow, then to this crap and developed a corn allergy over the last 6 months. Someone told me to get her off of it (8 months ago) because of the corn but I wanted her to finish the 37.5 bag before I changed. I had to switch fast because she had 3 bald spots and a bloody tail from scratching and chewing herself. Changed to Wysong, that has been a life saver.

  8. Amanda says:

    my 9 dogs love beneful and are all heathly with no allergies or weight problems.

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