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AvoDerm Dog Food Review

Avoderm dog food formulas are known for incorporating an unconventional ingredient in dog food—California avocados.  The dog food brand is formulated and produced by Breeder’s Choice Pet Foods. The company started out as a producer of frozen pet meals in 1947 which later expanded to include kibble and biscuits which have been oven-baked and packed with nutrients that exceeded the minimum nutritional requirement for pet foods. Today, Breeder’s Choice continues to produce their “all-natural oven-baked pet foods and treats” in their Irwindale facility.

In 1982, AvoDerm pet foods came into being as a result of an excess supply of avocados at a local farm. The company capitalized on the skin and coat-restoring properties of nutrients present in avocados to come up with their flagship product that has become one of their best-selling dog food line.

Avoderm dog food products have been tailored to meet specific AAFCO nutrient profiles for different life stages.avoderm dog food review

Not all AvoDerm dog food formulas have a meat-based protein source as its first ingredient. While some AvoDerm dog food formulas have chicken meal, there are those which have peas or ground whole rice as their first ingredient.

Chicken meal is a valuable source of meat-based protein. It is a meat concentrate which means it contains 300% more protein than fresh meat sources.  However, chicken has been linked to cases of canine food allergies thus dog owners whose dogs are hypersensitive to chicken shy away from any AvoDerm formula that contains any form of chicken.

Another meat-based protein which is a common ingredient in AvoDerm dog food formulas is salmon meal. Although it does not follow chicken meal as the next major ingredient, salmon meal is usually included among the first five ingredients. Aside from being a good source of protein, salmon meal is also rich in omega-6 fatty acids which are essential components in important body processes and safeguard the integrity of body cells.  Salmon meal is also considered a meat concentrate.

There is one AvoDerm formula with Peas as the first ingredient. Peas are good sources of plant-based proteins and fibers.  Putting it as a first ingredient may not be a good idea since dogs are primarily meat eaters and compared to meat sources, protein from peas is relatively of inferior quality.

Whole rice is a complex carbohydrate which is a good source of energy.  Brown rice is of better quality than white rice because the layer which contains the essential vitamins and minerals are still intact. With white rice, the outer layer has been removed thus stripping rice of valuable nutrients.

Oatmeal is a gluten-free whole grain cereal from ground oats. It is a natural source of B-vitamins and digestible fiber.

Rice bran is an inferior protein source that can, however, boost the protein level of a dog food formula. A by-product of the rice milling process, rice bran is also a rich source of natural vitamins and minerals.

Flaxseeds provide good sources of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids and digestible fiber particularly when they are ground into a meal.

Chicken fat is a rich source of linoleic acid, a type of omega-6 fatty acid which plays an important role in physiological processes of the body. It is a product of rendering.

There are several controversial ingredients in certain AvoDerm dog food formulas which have been consistently pointed out by concerned dog owners.

Avocado is not a common ingredient in dog food products. However, many AvoDerm dog food formulas incorporate California avocado because it possesses nutrients which are excellent for maintaining a dog’s shiny hair coat and healthy skin. But there are others who view the inclusion of avocado in a negative light because of concerns regarding the potential toxicity which, for the most part, lack sufficient evidence to be of much cause for apprehension.

Tomato pomace is another controversial ingredient because it is often viewed as an inexpensive filler of pet food products. It is a by-product when tomatoes are processed into catsup, soup, or juice.

Many dog owners are happy with the fact that using AvoDerm formulas on their dogs resulted in shinier hair coats and healthy skin. There are also fewer reports of hypersensitivity reactions with AvoDerm dog food products.

Please visit the links listed below for Avoderm dog food reviews by formula.

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Avoderm Dog Food Formulas:

  1. AvoDerm Natural Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Puppy Food
  2. AvoDerm Natural Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Adult Dog Food
  3. AvoDerm Natural Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Adult Dog Food
  4. AvoDerm Natural Vegetarian Adult Dog Food
  5. AvoDerm Natural Brown Rice, Oatmeal and Chicken Meal Formula Lite Dog Food
  6. AvoDerm Natural Chicken Meal, Brown Rice and Oatmeal Formula Senior Dog Food
  7. AvoDerm Natural Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Large Breed Adult Dog Food
  8. AvoDerm Natural Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Large Breed Puppy Food

Avoderm Dog Food Consumer Rating:

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69 Responses to “Avoderm dog food”
  1. Michelle says:

    Anna, I don’t get the reasoning behind your post. Your dog doesn’t eat this food, and he is 13yrs 7 months and 3 days old. SO WHAT? What exactly is your point?

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi Jess, why don’t you come over to Dog food Advisor? It’s a really popular site, their are a lot of people over there that could use your expertise. Antonio even shows up on there. One thing though, you have to talk nice or they’ll kick you off. Hope to see you over there! 🙂 P.S. I post as LabsRawesome on that site. 🙂

  3. maegan says:

    I searched for a dog food recommended to help my poodle cross who has several allergic responses to ‘normal’ food (red rimmed eyes, inflammed ears, itchy coat, inflammed gums). His groomer suggested Kirklands at Costco, but I don’t have a Costco card, so I asked my local pet store owner and he recommended Avoderm lamb and brown rice. The change was Amazing!!!! Within a few weeks his coat lost the inflammed look, his ears were a healthy pink. All was great…then I saw that my local pet store had Blue Buffalo on sale and thought I would try it. 2 months later my poodle cross looks inflamed again and my lab has had awful gas since the day I switched them to blue buffalo. Just ordered a bag of Avoderm off Amazon and will be transitioning them back to it pronto. Loved Avoderm!

  4. His buddy says:

    Michelle, I can a sure you that Jess is pretty much done trying to help people out.

  5. shotty says:

    avoderm made my chihuahua constipated, and she absolutely hated it… would only eat it if forced. just saying. just switched brands and i hear her chomping happily away, bowel movements much more regular.

  6. Kathleen says:

    I have had my Boston Terrier on Avoderm for a while, but have now decided to switch. He has persistent and chronic gas, not sure there is a correlation. However, worse, is that I’ve gone through exchanging several bags because of cobwebs and worms in the dog food. Pricey brand and questionable quality. Glad to read the reviews because now I have made up my mind to switch to something else. Thanks dog lovers for posting valuable info.

  7. elvia gomez says:

    I would like to hear fm people who own enlist bulldogs . I am looking for a good dog food for my 3 yr old bulldog . He is eating nutro natural choice the lamb n rice but every night he throws up bile !!!!!PLEASE HELP !!!!!

  8. Anna says:

    My dog is on 2 foods right now, Natural Balance Organics and Avoderm Chicken Meal & Brown Rice. I’ll be switching him over to the Beef Avoderm kind soon. Now my dog is 14 years 5 months 2 weeks 4 days old.

  9. Kari says:

    My Shih-Tzu will vomit on nearly ANY food. The only food so far she has done well on is the Avoderm. She eats it happily, very rare vomiting, never any diarrhea, fantastic coat, and healthy muscle.

    I HIGHLY recommend it for Shih-Tzus (from my personal experience).

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