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October 7, 2008  
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Artemis Dog Food Review

Artemis dog food is made and manufactured by, Artemis Company. The company was Established 1998 and based in North Hollywood, California.

We highly recommend Artemis dog food and believe that is one of the best dog foods available.

According to its website, Artemis dog food products are tailored with a holistic approach to create… a food that balances all the necessary nutrients and support the natural healing process”.

The Artemis dog food line is subdivided into three main formulas—the Fresh Mix, the Professional Formula, and the Osopure formulas.

The fresh mix formula is designed to meet the specific needs of the different life stages and dogs which need special diets. Osopure has a power formula designed to meet the high protein requirements of pregnant and lactating bitches, and puppies. It has also an immune support formula.  There is only one Artemis professional formula.

Among the different variants and formulas of Artemis dog food products, chicken and/or chicken meal is often considered the main animal protein source.  Although raw chicken is a good source of protein, it still contains about 80% water thus when it undergoes processing, only about 80% of the meat is left. Since chicken meal is considered as meat concentrate, it contains much higher amounts of protein (approximately 300% higher than raw meat), however the problem lies in the fact that chicken meal is often made from parts of the chicken which have been deemed unfit for human consumption.

Other sources of animal-based protein include turkey and fish.  In their raw form, they also contain a considerable amount of water which evaporates or is removed when processing, leaving only a small amount of protein source.

Artemis dog food formulas also incorporate whole grain sources which constitute the carbohydrate component of the diet. Brown rice is an easily digestible complex carbohydrate. Aside from being rich in carbohydrates, barley has a higher glycemic index and is also a good source of fiber. Since millet is gluten-free, it is a hypoallergenic ingredient which is rich in vitamins B and other essential minerals.

Artemis dog food formulas also incorporate sources of omega-6 fatty acids such as chicken fat and certain fish oils. Glucosamine and chondroitin are also incorporated in some formulas to support bones and joints.

Some ingredients which have been met with some form of doubt include tomato pomace, beet pulp, canola oil, and garlic.

Tomato pomace is a by-product when tomato is processed into soup, catsup or juice. Although it has a high nutrient and fiber content, some sees it as an inexpensive filler. There is also a danger of pesticide residue when tomatoes which have been recently sprayed with pesticides are used for processing.

Although beet pulp is rich in fiber and, it is also considered an inexpensive filler.

Canola oil has been lauded for its omega-3 content but many still consider it as an unhealthy fat.

Artemis also claims the addition of probiotics to boost digestive and immune functions. Their products also incorporate chelated minerals that assures easier absorption and utilization of essential minerals in the body.

Customer Reviews

Many dog owners are satisfied with the quality ingredients present in Artemis dog food.  They reported that dogs given Artemis have better energy levels and better joint health.

Since quality does not come cheap, dog owners often gripe about Artemis being an expensive dog food. A few dog owners also reported of allergic reactions in dogs which can be attributed to chicken and/or skim milk.

We highly recommend Artemis and believe that it is a very high quality dog food produced by a responsible company.

Please visit the links listed below for Artemis dog food reviews by formula.

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Artemis Dog Food Reviews

Artemis Dog Food Formulas:

  1. Artemis Small Breed Puppy
  2. Artemis Small Breed Adult
  3. Artemis Medium/Large Breed Puppy
  4. Artemis Weight Management
  5. Osopure Artemis Small Breed Adult
  6. Artemis Agarx Immune Support
  7. Artemis Power Formula
  8. Artemis Maximal
  9. Artemis Fresh Mix

Artemis Dog Food Consumer Review

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18 Responses to “Artemis Dog Food”
  1. Robert says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of research on dog foods, sought various opinions from both vets and just other dog owners. Read through the well noted dog food advisor site and recently and another one that call themselves dog food analysis etc etc. I’m from Australia and recently acquired a beautiful 2 year old Jack Russell bitch. I have her for about 3 months now and started her on the supermarket Pedigree brand kibble, not knowing any better at the time (Note the artificial colouring assortment in the kibble – Might as well just feed her Mars bars). Anyway, I then thought I’d investigate what good foods exist. In the meantime I changed her food from Pedigree to Optimum (Australian owned brand I believe and endorsed by a vet’s TV show called Bondi Vet. I then was sucked in by a pet store rep on buying Purina Pro Plan which my bitch has just completed. While she ate all the above brands mentioned with out much physically changed appearance and energy levels other than her coat wasn’t as smooth and shiny as it is now when I’d first acquired her and when she was being fed Pedigree, she is now on what I finally believe after all my research to be amongst the top choices, Artemis Fresh Mix Maximal kibble. And what I’ve significantly noticed since weening her on Artemis, is that her stool is smaller and the frequency of her defecation had also decreased. I’m no expert, but I’ll bet this is a good thing! However her flatulence has somewhat increased just a little, but I put this down to the more natural ingredients in Artemis and don’t believe it to be a bad thing.

    From everything I’ve read and researched I’m a believer in grain free dog diets.

    However, from 2 different vets I’ve consulted, they’ve collectively recommended Science Diet, Royal Canin, and another Australian brand formulated by a supposedly and probably prominent vet called Vets All Natural. Whilst I have not tried Science Diet nor Royal Canin for my bitch, the negative reviews and opinions outweigh the positive ones for the 2 of the 3 latter mentioned brands. I haven’t heard or read any opinions on Vets All Natural from other sources as yet but I understand this one to be a supplement mix that one is supposed to add to raw meat before its construed as a meal for one’s dog. I prefer complete kibble formulations for the convenience and yet I want to have my bitch on the best possible. Time will tell whether I will stick with Artemis, but for now it appears superior!

    I just hope that the statement regarding that Artemis is not gamma irradiated when imported into Australia is true. Australian customs and more specifically, the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries advise that they have no reason to disbelieve Artemis’s Australian website statement of their non irradiation guarantee.

  2. Janice DeWare says:

    What a great resource for all of us dog lovers! I heartily agree that “premium, organic, and holistic dog food” is the way to go for your pet!

  3. Alex says:

    We were keen on raising our bullmastiff pup on a premium quality grain free food.
    We switched to Artemis from Orijen only because we got worried of the fast growth Sebastian had as opposed to his brothers who were eating other commercial food, and also because we live in a very warm country were 40% protein isn’t the best choice.
    After one bag of Artemis Medium/Large Puppy we had to switch to Acana Large Breed Puppy because of soft stool and smelly gas that we rightfully connected to the food he was eating.
    Now we are very happy to have a healthy 5 month old bully who weighs near 30kg.

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