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September 30, 2008  
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Acana Dog Food Review

Looking for information on Acana dog food? If so, you have come to the right spot. We will give you an honest opinion of each and every dog food. If you would like to discuss proper dog food nutrition with other dog lovers, visit our forum at: Acana dog food is produced and manufactured by Champion Pet Foods. Acana dog food comes in 3 different categories. Acana produces some of the best dog food formula’s available and is highly recommended by our team.

In an effort to provide the required nutrients of pets living in today’s modern lifestyle, Acana pet foods are formulated to be high in protein and low in carbohydrates for better digestion and absorption in the carnivore digestive tract.  Acana pet foods claims to fame include its fresh regional ingredients and pet food products which have been certified by the Government of Canada as having met every international regulation or standard set for pet food. The manufacturers of Acana pet foods claim that their pet food formulas are made from high quality ingredients are delivered each day and obtained only from reputable sources.

Acana’s pet food formulas are based on 5 natural principals—ingredient freshness and variety to match the natural diet, high in animal proteins, low in grains and carbohydrates, rich in fruits and vegetables, and tonic herbs to strengthen the body and spirit. All ACANA pet food formulas contain at least 3 of the best farm-fresh ingredients which are found in the region including free-run chicken, steel-cut oats, fresh whole eggs, russet potatoes, wild-caught flounder, organic sea vegetables, pacific  salmon and fresh Northern walleye.

Aside from freshness, the manufacturers of Acana pet foods used a variety of meat proteins from several sources including small mammals, eggs, birds, and fish. Different sources of protein provide variety and better match the dog’s natural diet in the wild. Compared to carbohydrates, high amounts of animal proteins are much better metabolized by a dog’s digestive system. To provide for natural vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients which are required  by different ages of dogs, 20% of Acana pet food formulas are made up of locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Acana dog food has several formulas designed to meet the variable needs of different ages of dogs. Whether the formula is designed for puppies, growing dogs, or adult ones, the first five ingredients of Acana dog food include plenty of meat with minimal amounts of grains.

Tonic herbs and botanicals are also incorporated in the feed formulation to help eliminate toxins from the body and preserve the optimum functions of organs and tissues.

In our opinion, Acana is one of the very best dog food brands available, we highly recommend it. Among the different dog food formulas, Acana Ranchlands Dog Food gained the highest customer ratings. Although the price is quite high, you get value for money quality with a total of 8 meats providing a total of 31% protein level. Another plus for some dog owners—their dogs often feel less hungry.

The combination of meat and whole grains in their puppy formulas has gained favorable feedbacks although chicken fat has been identified as a predisposing factor of bloat in large dog breeds. The amount of Omega 3 oils is just enough and many dog owners have reported that aside from having no problems finishing up their food, their dogs have beautiful hair coats.

There are dog owners who reported their pets having frequent bowel movement even though they had gradually changed their old dog food to Acana. In contrast there were also those who reported their pets experiencing constipation with Acana Premium Adult Dog Food. Some remedied this problem by giving a lot of water with the dog food.

Please visit the links listed below for Acana dog food reviews by formula.

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Acana Formula Dog Food Reviews:

Acana Puppy Diet Dog Food

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  2. Acana Puppy Junior
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Acana Adult Diet dog food

  1. Acana Adult Small Breed
  2. Acana Premium Adult
  3. Acana Adult Large Breed
  4. Acana Duck and Bartlett Pear

Acana Special Needs

  1. Acana Sport and Agility Dog Food
  2. Acana Light and Fit Dog Food
  3. Acana Senior Dog Food

Acana Balanced dog food

  1. Acana Ranchlands Dog Food

Acana Dog Food consumer ranking

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203 Responses to “Acana Dog Food”
  1. Cathie says:

    I have a 18 weeks old cocker bichon puppy. The breeder feed him nutrisource when he was 8 weeks old but I changed it gradually with Science Diet Healthy Advantage Puppy dry food when I got him since that what I got from Vet. After eating the SD puppy food for 6 weeks he will go potty right away with lots of poop and he’s itchy all the time though I give him bathe weekly. After doing my research on puppy food I changed him to Acana Ranchlands Dog Food. It’s been a week now. I noticed he had less poop and less itchy. He also eat less. Though it’s a bit pricey but I am happy with the result. I also feed him a home cooked food from the recipe online every weekend. I will continue feeding him Acana Ranchlands dog food.

  2. Sharon says:

    I used this dog food because my friends labs coats were the shiniest I have ever seen. My dogs coats really improved and I fed less than supermarket junk. My dog’s (all three) had good stools and do very well. I saw another dog with an outstanding coat quality and her owner also uses Acana. I would recommend this brand.

  3. Sarah says:

    I changed my almost 7 year old lab to Acana Ranchland from Eagle Pack (aprox 1 month ago). He has skin allergies and we weren’t sure if they were seasonal or due to the food. He absolutely loved this food but he has really bad gas now, should I continue on this food or should I chnage him to one with less protein? He is not overly active either. It hasn’t solved the skin itch probem either – but maybe he needs to be on it a bit longer to see results?

  4. Dan Rossi says:

    My dogs LOVED this dog food “Navy Blue Glossy bag”, …. untill they chaged the packaging. After 3 years I am now looking for a new dog food.
    Did they change the reciept???

  5. Judy says:

    My dog had very bad allergies with many other dog foods. He licked his feet constantly leaving them brown on his light coat. Since being on Acana his paws are back to his very light yellow color and does excellant on it. I buy the Lamb and apple or Ranchlands. They are both great and do highly recommend this dog food. A very happy customer.

  6. Sharie says:

    We have 2 GSD’s – 5 and 8yrs old. Weswitched to AcanaRanchlands on a reccommendation from my nephew who also has 2 GSD’s and lives in Calgary where Acana is from. They love it and are never as hungry now. The problem we are experiencing now is “smelly butts”!! We just bathed them both top to bottom but the smell lingers – badly. Anyone else had this problem?
    Assume they need to have their espective anal glands expressed at vet- yuck>

    Anyone else have this problem – suggestions?

    Thanks from Toronto

  7. Lisa C says:

    Hi…GSD puppy was on Ranchlands at breeder and dumb me switched him to Blue…cold turkey (disclaimer…have owned several puppies and have done this and never encountered the diarrhea from this) anyway, lots of diarrhea…finally vet put him on Purina EN canned food and some rice…this took about a week and then decided to go back to the Acana except this time it was suggested I give him the Lamb and apple because it had a more appropriate protein content than the ranchlands. Have started the weening…with a little diarrhea again (expected) and am looking forward to this switch. Has anyone used the Lamb and apple?

  8. Janey says:

    What are your feelings regarding Acana’s new formulas now being made in the USA?

    I have always felt the Champion food line to be the very best. However I have my doubts about the new formulas being made at the DogStar Kitchens.

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